Karl Roberson: “I’m A Danger To Anyone In The Middleweight Division”

Karl Roberson (6-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) was successful in his debut in November of this year, beating Darren Stewart by Rear Naked Choke in the first round in impressive fashion. Roberson is a promising up-and-comer in the middleweight division and is really looking to make his way up in the division.

Hey Karl, first of all, how did you get into MMA?
I started boxing a little when I was younger. Me and my coach didn’t really see eye to eye so I went looking for another gym and I stumbled into real elite, which is now killer bee, and I was introduced to kickboxing and MMA.”

What was your job before you got into MMA, or are you still working somewhere else?
Before MMA I was a security guard at an alternative school, and now I’m fully into MMA and not working.”

How did you get the nickname “Baby K”?
Baby K has been my nickname since I was little. My dad always said I was little killer so came the name Baby K”

You have a well-known background in kickboxing. Do you think that has helped you succeed in your MMA career?
My background in kickboxing helped and held back my career. It helps because I had a name and promoters knew I would fight and put on a show, on the other hand, since I had a name fighters didn’t want to take the risk of a loss so it was hard to get fights.”

What is your favorite striking technique and grappling technique?
“I have two favorite striking techniques, elbows and high kick. My favorite grappling technique is an armbar.”

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In your whole career, you haven’t fought anyone with a losing record. Was that the plan you had, to fight the best competition you can get? If so has that only made you more prepared for fights, correct?
Here I am in the sport to be the best so I want to fight the best and having that mindset. I’m more prepared for every situation, anything anybody can throw at me.”

Although being a highly touted fighter on the feet, you actually hold 3 submission wins in your career. That has to give you some huge confidence in your overall ability. How do you think you fair on the mat with most of the middleweight division?
“I’m fully confident in my overall abilities and I’m a danger to anyone in the middleweight division.”

Who are you training with currently and who are some of your main sparring partners? Any of the guys in your camp you believe are ready to make the jump to the UFC?
My main training partners are Corey Anderson, Rex Harris and Shawn Teed, a young upcoming prospect, and Rex been in the game for a while. And he’s been ready, he’s just waiting on the call from the UFC.”

You have fought at light heavyweight a few times in the past. How is the cut to 185? Are you gonna possibly pursue the light heavyweight division in the future or do you like where you’re at in the middleweight division?
Now with the help from the UFC pay, myself and my man Clint, to cut is a piece of cake and I’m focused on the middleweight division right now. After I conquer that anything is possible.”

You went from winning in front of Dana White on the Contender Series in July to making your official debut in the UFC in November. How great did it feel to make your debut and more importantly get the win?
“It felt natural, like everything was in place, how it was supposed to be and I was ready. This is exactly what I was supposed to be doing and all my hard work paid off. Felt amazing.”

When are you wanting to get back in the Octagon? UFC 222 is March 3rd in Vegas, would that be a card you would want on?

I’m looking to fight late January, early February if possible, on the Boston card or North Carolina card.”

Hopefully we get to see Karl Roberson on one of those upcoming cards.

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