Karol Rosa (9-2) takes home the 145 pound belt via TKO at Favela Kombat 29 in Rio – Event Video, Recaps and Clips

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – One of the top ranked women’s featherweights outside the U.S. MMA big leagues took center stage at Favela Kombat 29 as 23 year old Karol Rosa (9-2, #32 World Women’s Featherweight) added another stoppage victory to her resume and took home the promotion’s 145 pound belt. Two more promotional champions were also determined at the gala – read on for results and highlight clips, plus links to full video for Favela Kombat 29’s pro main card.


Favela Kombat 29 Women’s 145 Title Fight:

W: Karol Rosa (9-2, #32 World)
TKO3-Ground Strikes
L: Tamara Leorde (1-1)

Already one of the more credentialed female featherweights outside the major promotions, Karol Rosa took on a less experienced opponent in Tamara Leorde and dominated their title fight.  After a round of feeling out and reasonably well-matched kickboxing, Rosa began to force Leorde into the clinch where she landed flurries of offense against the cage. At the end of round 2 Rosa scored a takedown, and she went straight back to that tactic to start round 3.  Once she got to side control Leorde was in serious trouble, as she had no means to pry the more experienced Rosa off of her.  Rosa took advantage by landing consistent ground strikes.  The end result was a giant hematoma emanating from Leorde’s orbital – just over two minutes into round 3, the referee waved the fight off due to the eye injury. This was a strong performance from Karol Rosa, who already owns a win over Invicta vet Marian Morais and seems like a natural fit for any of the major US promotions’ featherweight (or bantamweight) divisions.


Favela Kombat 29 Bantamweight Title Fight:

W: Diego Silva (9-4, #262 World)
Technical Sub – Guillotine Choke, Round 1
L: Henrique Souza (8-9)

After losing two bouts on the road against quality Russian bantamweights in winter 2017-18, globetrotter Diego Silva returned to Rio for his first appearance on Brazilian soil since mid-2016. “Magrinho” backpedaled early on while Henrique Souza chased him across the cage with consistent pressure. That relentless forward movement proved to be Souza’s undoing when Silva cracked him with a counter combo including a right hand that left the underdog down on the mat about two minutes into the fight. From there Silva softened his man up with ground strikes before grabbing onto Souza’s neck and choking him out cold. Clinical work from Diego Silva, who has now won fights in four countries (Brazil, Spain, Finland, Portugal) over the last two years.


Favela Kombat 29 Featherweight Title Fight:

W: Alberto Pantoja (22-11, #371 World BW)
Five Round Unanimous Decision
L: Clodaldo Lima (3-2)

Rio-based Clodaldo Lima had the home crowd on his side, but the Team Nogueira trainee didn’t have the tools to make much headway versus Alberto Pantoja in this five round title contest. Lima spent five rounds working the fight into the clinch, and while he was good at forcing Pantoja to the wall, he couldn’t get much offense off. Pantoja scored multiple takedowns and spent a fistful of minutes in top control; Lima managed one legal takedown, along with an illegal cage grab assisted takedown that earned him a point deduction in round 2. The penalty proved to be a moot point as Alberto Pantoja took care of business with a dominant, if low risk, unanimous decision win.

Full Pantoja vs Lima bout is cued below:



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Favela Kombat 29 Undercard Highlights

195: Vladimir Garcia (1-1) badly wanted to get this fight to the ground, as he tried to drag Xandy Vieira (2-0) down from back waistlock position. When Garcia switched to a leglock try, Vieira dropped a nuclear hammerfist that scored him another first round TKO after turning the same trick in his pro debut.

155: Aldo Pereira (6-3) spent round 1 on the verge of taking out Team Nogueira’s Maicon Almeida (1-1) with flush punches. The start of round 2 was a different story, as Almeida pressed Pereira into the cage for much of the frame. As soon Almeida ran low on energy, Pereira reversed position and slugged away for the TKO against the cage at 4:15 of round 2.

Plus the Favela Kombat prelims included this fantastic KO captured by @Jolassanda:


Full Favela Kombat 29 Event Video is Here!



Posted by Web Esporte TV on Saturday, June 16, 2018


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