Khabib Remains UFC Lightweight Champion Amidst Post Fight Chaos

“The King is back”…. The return of Conor McGregor, the former 2 weight world champion returns to meet the current King of the division, Khabib Nurmagomedov. McGregor and Khabib have a well-known long history, which includes a pre-weigh in altercation at UFC 205 and the infamous UFC 223 bus incident. Words have been spoken, family members and teammates have been brought up, both men had belts on their shoulders for the stare-off , but now the talking is over, the weight is made and the cage door is locked. Only one can come out on top, IT’s TIME…

Round 1 begins with McGregor pressuring Khabib against the cage and a stuffed takedown attempt by Khabib. McGregor continues to stuff the takedown but Khabib eventually brings him down. McGregor puts his back up against the cage and uses his weight for pressure on the cardio of McGregor. Khabib controls the pressure with around 2 minutes left in the round, McGregor continues to avoid damage but is using a decent amount of energy trying to control Khabib. The round ends with Khabib on top of the Notorious.

Round 2 takes off with McGregor and Khabib standing in the middle, Conor attempts a knee but Khabib opens with a huge right hand that wobbles McGregor and as the two exchange Khabib goes for a successful takedown, doing what he does best, controlling on the ground. Nurmagomedov continues throwing big hooks while controlling the fight, Herb Dean looked as though he might step in but Conor does enough to continue the fight. McGregor rises to his feet with only 30 seconds remaining in the round and the round finishes with a clinch.

As the fight goes deeper, we begin round 3 with both throwing jabs  in the middle of the cage. Conor goes for some body shots and backs Khabib up to the cage. Conor lands a knee and Khabib takes the clinch to the fence again, as the clinch breaks both continue landing jabs and hooks at will. As they stand face to face, eyeing each other down in the center of the octagon. The round ends with Khabib holding McGregor in the clinch, as they exchange words on the way back to their corners.

Championship rounds begin here in round 4. We begin with a missed combo from Khabib, and a hook from McGregor. It doesn’t take long for a Khabib takedown to ensue. McGregor attempts to regain composure and stand up but is put back down. Khabib holds McGregor down with under 3 minutes left in the round. Khabib looks to gain full mount but Conor scrambles to avoid that disaster. Khabib continues to the pressure and takes the back of McGregor, to which he attempts a rear naked choke, which did he did not get, more of neck crank under the chin and McGregor taps, Khabib regains his title!

After the fight was finished, Khabib jumped over the cage and ran at McGregor’s team, and especially at Dillon Danis. As the melee ensued someone jumped into the cage and attacked Conor McGregor from behind, landing a decent hook on The Notorious. It appeared Conor was exchanging punches with someone from Khabib’s team before that. This caused even more melee in the cage, and McGregor is escorted out of the cage and Khabib needed to be calmed down by teammates Daniel Cormier and Luke Rockhold. Dana White asked Khabib to leave the cage without giving him his belt, to avoid a continuous disaster in the crowd. Bruce Buffer had to announce the winner with no fighters in the octagon. WOW, we need some answers in what just occurred, one thing that is for sure is Khabib Nurmagomedov is STILL lightweight champion of the world.

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Author : Joe McDonagh (Joe_mcdonagh6)

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