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Kris Moutinho looks to ‘stand and bang’ at CES 50

After two straight losses, Kris Moutinho wants to make a statement

Kris Moutinho (4-2) is set to face Alfred Jones (3-3) in a Bantamweight showdown at CES 50 on Friday, June 15th in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Moutinho is coming into this bout on a two-fight skid, both losses by way of submission. He is looking to get back in the win column with a successful performance tonight. Moutinho’s aim is to showcase his skills while putting on a fun performance for spectators.

“I’m still young, I’m just looking at those for what they are,” Moutinho told MMA Today when speaking of his last two losses. “I see what I did wrong in those fights and just improve. Losing is something I really don’t like but right now it’s just about putting on a show. I don’t want to go out there and not be able to live up to my potential. This fight is going to show what I’ve been working on and where I’m really at. My head is clear, I’m focused, and I’m just ready to go and put on a show.”

Moutinho currently cross-trains between BST MMA & Fitness, Tri-Force MMA, and Lauzon MMA. Some of his training partners include prospects like Randy Costa (3-0), Richard Santiago (6-1), and Dinis Paiva (11-6) who is headlining the CES 50 card against Andre Ewell (12-4).

“Everybody I work out with is a killer,” Moutinho said of his teammates. “I got one of my main training partners, I’ve known him since the seventh grade, Richie Santiago, he’s one of the top 125/135ers in New England. I got Jose Lugo, I got a bunch of upcoming amateur fighters. I got the best talent in Massachusetts, and the best talent in New England to train with and it’s an amazing feeling.”

He also trains with elite-level fighters out of Lauzon MMA such as UFC’s Calvin Kattar (18-3), Rob Font (15-3), and Kyle Bochniak (8-3). 

“It’s amazing,” Moutinho continued, “When I go over to Lauzon’s I spar with Rob a lot. I’ve sparred with Bochniak a lot so it’s awesome to get to train with some of the high-level UFC talent. They’re all killing it so it’s a really good feeling to see where I’m at and gauge my progress.”

Although Moutinho’s background comes from wrestling, he anticipates that himself and Jones will have a predominantly stand-up fight. He has confidence in his striking but has also been focused on improving his wrestling and jiu-jitsu during this camp. 

“I feel like I’m gonna be the stronger fighter, I’m gonna be the better, more technical fighter,” he said. “He’s going to try to stand up striking, I feel like his last fight he didn’t really shoot too much. That’s what I’m looking for, to stand and bang. I think my hands are better than anybody’s so that’s where it’s going to be. I’ve been working on my wrestling, getting it back to where it used to be, and focusing on my jiu-jitsu and I’m a completely different person this time around.”

Originally, the goal for this fight was to secure an opponent at a 130lbs catchweight, however; there was no luck finding an opponent. In the future, the Milford, Massachusetts native hopes to make his way back down to 125lbs.

“I’m not really big for 135lbs, I’m pretty small,” Moutinho explained, “I really should be fighting at 125. I’m not cutting too much, it’s just easy to make weight. Even the two fights I lost I didn’t feel outsized, I didn’t feel weaker, I didn’t feel anything like that. I was gonna start making my way down, I was trying to go 130 and see how my body felt going down a little bit more.

I haven’t made 125 in about three or four years. I was trying to do that but couldn’t get an opponent at the catchweight. Probably for my next one I’m going to try again, if not I’ll just make the jump to 125 and see how it goes.”

While he is still early into his professional career, Moutinho maintains a full-time job in a paint factory while training to keep himself financially stable. His goal is to be fully emersed in combat sports as his livelihood, which includes fighting, training, and coaching.

“I work ten hour days every day,” Moutinho said, “I go to work, then I go train. It’s hard to balance other things in with my life because I am working so much. I’m trying to get to a point where I don’t have to work as much and get this fight thing off the ground. This is what I want my life to be, and all the things that are involved with it. Right now it’s not paying the bills so I just gotta keep going, keep pushing, doing what I have to do and get where I need to be.”

“Thank you to my teammates, my coaches, everybody who has supported me over the years, all the gyms, Lauzon’s, Tri-Force, my gym BST MMA. All the people that are involved in my fight career, and my girlfriend.”


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