KSW 45 Results & Clips: Phil de Fries retains 265 gold, Roberto Soldic reclaims his 170 belt

London, England – Polish MMA power KSW made a grand return to England for KSW 45 and brought along many of their nation’s best fighters for an evening of pageantry and, most importantly, world-class fisticuffs.  Featuring domestic stars like Karol Bedorf, Michal Materla, and Olympic medalist Damian Janikowski, plus British heavyweight champ Phil de Fries and South African welterweight kingpin Dricus du Plessis – read on for notes & clips on all the KSW 45 action!



KSW 45 Heavyweight Title:


Phil De Fries (16-6, still KSW champ, #39 World)

Sub-Americana, Round 1

Karol Bedorf (15-4, #62 World)

After eating a few shots, defending KSW champ Phil de Fries elected to charge forward and take down longtime ex-champ Karol Bedorf for most of round 1.  Bedorf offered plenty of movement from bottom but couldn’t get any purchase on his submission attempts.  Things turned violent with 30 seconds left in the round as De Fries rebuffed a kimura attempt and retaliated with 30 seconds of damaging hammerfists.  The Polish challenger found himself back on canvas for all of round 2, as the larger De Fries simply had more strength and gas at his disposal. After smothering Bedorf for several minutes, De Fries passed to side control and isolated an arm with a minute to work.  Moments later the Brit forced a tapout via Americana to tally his 1st KSW title defense and his 12th submission as a pro.



KSW 45 Welterweight Title:


Roberto Soldic (14-3, new KSW champ, #93 World)

TKO – Round 3

Dricus Du Plessis (12-2, was KSW champ, #67 World)


Round 1 of this welterweight title rematch played out much like their first meeting at KSW 43, with Roberto Soldic controlling range and dealing damage to Dricus Du Plessis via razor left hands and crushing body kicks from southpaw stance.  Unlike that first encounter, which saw Soldic suffer his first KO defeat, the Croatian never got overconfident and maintained his strong defensive shell as the fight progressed. The former EFC Worldwide champ Du Plessis tried to switch gears and wrestle to no avail, after eating staggering shots late in round 1 and midway through the 2nd.  “Robocop” stayed patient but potent in round 3, and he was ready to pounce when he hurt the champ with a body kick & punches; moments later Roberto Soldic finished the show with a knee to the body plus crushing left hands that sent the defending champ down and out.  Perfect performance from 23 year old Soldic, who got his belt back and earned sweet revenge while looking more technical & dangerous than ever.




KSW 45 Main Card:


265: Erko Jun (2-0)  TKO2  Popek Monster (3-4)

The lone carnival attraction of KSW 45 matched up Polish rap star Popek Monster against recently converted bodybuilder Erko Jun.  Bodybuilders don’t have a great history of transitioning to real sports, but Jun once again proved that he’s a serious athlete by putting on a pretty solid performance for celebrity MMA.  Jun showed off quick hands in the opening moments, which motivated Popek to push him into the cage for much of round 1 before landing a solid left at the bell. Unfortunately for Popek, all that grinding taxed him more than it bothered Jun.  The bodybuilder had a bit more gas left for round 2 as he stuffed Popek’s takedown and got on top.  Moments later, Erko Jun flattened Popek out and slugged away with massive, tired arms en route to the merciful round 2 stoppage.

Post-fight, 6’8″ actor Martyn Ford of Kingsmen fame was introduced as KSW’s newest celebrity heavyweight.  Alrighty then.



185: Michal Materla (27-6, #31 World)  TKO1  Damian Janikowski (3-1, #147 World)

Olympic bronze medalist Damian Janikowski immediately served notice that he wasn’t all about wrestling, as he got the attention of Polish ace Michal Materla with sharp punches and wild flying knees in the opening minute.  That success may have imbued a false confidence in Janikowski, who continued to stand with Materla and barely survived a crushing left hand to the jaw moments later.  The dazed grappler managed to get to his feet only to eat canvas again courtesy of a perfect lead left hook from Materla.  Follow-up ground strikes sealed the deal for Michal Materla, who celebrated an 18th win in his home KSW promotion.  The former Olympic wrestler Janikowski showed promise and fought with absolutely no fear, but he’ll need a lot more seasoning (or a lot more focus on wrestling) before he can contend at Materla’s lofty level.  Meanwhile, Materla learned his next challenge post-fight, as he faced off center cage with fellow KSW 45 knockout winner Scott Askham – the very man who put Materla down by round 1 TKO back at KSW 42.



185: Scott Askham (17-4, #26 World)  TKO1  Marcin Wojcik (11-6, #96 World M265)

Six-time Octagon competitor Scott Askham ran his KSW record to a perfect 2-0 with this early demolition of slimmed-down ex-heavyweight Marcin Wojcik.  Perfect liver kick from the Doncaster denizen, who used the same approach to slay KSW elite Michal Materla seconds into his promotional debut at KSW 42:




265: Thiago Silva (21-7, #64 World)  UD3  James McSweeney (15-17, #141 World)

This battle of UFC alums saw undersized globetrotter Thiago Silva eat fists, head kicks, and knees from “The Hammer” James McSweeney for the better part of round 1. Silva, who competed down at 185 in his last bout, had trouble dealing with the kickboxer’s power in round 1 but turned the tide and starting finding the mark with punches when McSweeney wore down early in round 2.  McSweeney rallied late in the second with a head kick, but Silva’s chin held up and he immediately retaliated with a flurry of punches that sent his foe pinballing back against the cage.  Silva didn’t have the power to finish the titanic Brit. But the Brazilian’s cardio held strong as he bloodied & battered the retreating McSweeney up until the final bell.




KSW 45 Prelims:


265: Wagner Prado (16-3, #75 World LHWKO1  Lukasz Parobiec (13-8-1, #8 UK/Ireland, short notice)

When ACB vet Max Nunes failed to provide medicals in time to compete, Lukasz Parobiec stepped up on short notice to battle three-time UFC light heavyweight Wagner Prado at the Brazilian’s walking weight.  Courageous, sure, but it proved to be a painful decision for Parobiec, who ended up KO’d stiff courtesy of a right hook to the jaw 40 seconds in.



205: Jamie Sloane (8-5, #20 UK/Ire)  NC1-Eye Poke  Akop Szostak (3-2, #44 Poland M265)

An eye poke in the opening seconds made Jamie Sloane’s eye swell up and forced the officials to wave this contest off before it really got started.


155: Leszek Krakowski (13-1, #185 World M145)  SD3  Alfie Davis (10-3, #421 World)

There are few men who wield feet as lethally as UK knockout artist Alfie Davis, but he didn’t have the grappling game to keep Leszek Krakowski from grounding things in all three rounds.  Davis had a big moment when he wobbled the Pole in round 1 but spent much of the frame dominated on the mat.  Davis finally got his kicking game going in round 3 as the musclebound Krakowski tired, but never closed in on a finish. Following a solid clash-of-styles matchup, the judges favored Krakowski’s positional control over Davis’s damage.



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