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Levi Mowles Looks to Finish Dominant Year on Top at LFA 55

Texas native knows a win may bring UFC calling, ready for fireworks.

Not many professional fighters fight 5 times a year, and if they do not many of them succeed in going 5-0. This is exactly what Mowles looks to do at LFA55 (Legacy Fighting Alliance). “My goal to start the year was actually 6-0 but whatever I’ll take 5-0” Mowles stated laughing.

The 135lb. fighter is making a return after a dominant stint up at featherweight, he believes bantamweight is where he belongs. “It took discipline, 145ers are big, I’m not small but at 145 I was not big.” Mowles made his case at 145, winning both of his featherweight bouts. “In the grand scheme of things, my motor runs better at 135, it just makes more sense for the future.”

Mowles believes now is the time to fight often, it creates a sense of respect and noticeability. ” I’m young, I have a lot to give in this sport, now is the time to fight as much as my body allows me.” Mowles is, although not overlooking his current opponent, already excited to continue this momentum into 2019.

At LFA 55, Raufeon Stots is the opponent on the other side of Mowles, a 10-1-0 top bantamweight of the Midwest. “[Raufeon] is good man, plenty to be worried about, great wrestler with some good striking.” Stots last two wins have come via the ground, and he has shown a dominance when taking the fight to the bottom. “I think he is overlooking my wrestling, I’ve put in a lot of work this camp for wrestling, I’m the better striker, he knows it, his gameplan is the ground.” Mowles believes as an MMA fighter he has an advantage in nearly every aspect of this fight, that is why wrestling was such a focus in camp.

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“At 135 I don’t feel sluggish, I feel big, fast and precise.”

LFA 55 falls on November 30th, only about a week out from the biggest feast holiday, Thanksgiving. Something that maybe doesn’t cross the minds of most, is for those fighting so soon after the holiday how does it weigh on their bodies and minds. “My family is so supportive, they know I can’t over indulge, especially a week out weight is always super important.” While the Texas born fighter knows this is the career path he chose he does admit it’s tough at times. “It can suck around the holidays, especially for my girlfriend who wants to do things visit family and such, but man she is so supportive, everyone around me is.” 

Top ranked Texan bantamweight Levi Mowles is currently a winner of 9 of his previous 11 bouts, many consider him only a win or so away from a major call from Dana White. ” I think I’m on the radar, Raufeon Stots, he is a major prospect for them, so I think they will be watching closely in this one.” Mowles believes that a win could certainly garner him a contender series shot, or more. “I wouldn’t be surprised to be on Contender Series or to be a late notice call up, I’ve been working for this my whole life.” 

Not only is a perfect record for the year on the line November 30th, but a legitimate UFC offer may be awaiting the winner. “We are both doing big things, I think they are watching us both closely, and whoever wins this one will prove a lot to the UFC.” Knowing that hype is surrounding this fight, on a big card for LFA, Mowles understands the added pressure but thrives in it. “Anytime you advance in life the pressure adds up, I never negate the pressure I know it is there, but the true greats of our sport use it as fuel for the fire, I want that.” 

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“I’ve trained for a reason, coming in to do a job, the pressure is there, time to thrive.”

The LFA55 card is headlined by a bantamweight title fight, for those who may not be intensely following Mowles or the LFA, you may be asking why he isn’t involved in that fight, it is due to a stint at featherweight, Mowles feels no resentment toward the title fight. “People expected me to stay at 145, can’t fault LFA, although I do believe if I am still around and the champ is around that belt is next for me.” As we have seen throughout this interview, Mowles is very focused on the task at hand, but also not afraid of speaking on his future, and goals.

Although Mowles knows that he stands in a huge position for his future, he defines himself as a student of the sport, and is always learning. “In sparring, I improve every technique I can, always willing to try new things or be criticized.” Many fighters are one-dimensional, find their strength and stick with it, this is a situation Mowles never wants to find himself in. “So many fighters only work on one or two things, to be a martial artist you’ve got to work on it all, improve, I never want to find myself focusing on one dimension, my coaches and I study and try new things daily.”

Mowles thanks his brother for the lifestyle he has today, the sibling rivalry. The two would wrestle around the house, try to out-strength each other in every form. Although his parents loved the healthy competition they never in those moments expected what Mowles has become today, but are proud of his every step on this journey.

When asked for a prediction, the answer was simple, “Just expect fireworks.” Mowles again was quick to throw respect towards his opponent, and promised that it’ll be a fan favorite when these two step into the cage come November 30th at LFA55. The journey is only beginning for this elite bantamweight prospect.

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