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LFA 31’s Casey Kenney Looking to Take the Judges Out of the Equation

Contender Series veteran talks controversial decisions, LFA 31 and what to expect from him in 2018.

When the final bell rang and the fight was over, flyweight Casey Kenney (7-1-1) could not have been happier for himself.  Just weeks prior, Kenney had won a fight on the inaugural episode of “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series“.  While the performance was impressive, it did not earn him a UFC contract.

Now, Kenney found himself in his second “Contender Series” appearance, going to the judges scorecards once again.  This time, however, Kenney had put on an even more dominant, impressive performance.  A second win on the Contender Series would mean he would almost certainly earn that UFC contract.

When the judges’ scorecards were read, Casey Kenney found himself devastated.  To the shock of most who had watched the fight, Kenney’s opponent Adam Antolin‘s hand was raised.

Following the conclusion of the bout, UFC President Dana White even expressed his discontent with the judges’ decision.  “Adam [Antolin] fought the fight of his life tonight, but I didn’t agree with that decision,” said White.  “That should have been 2-1 for Casey Kenney and he should be 8-0 now.  That’s a tough one.”

Casey Kenney could not agree more with the individual who he believes will one day his boss.  “I dominated in the first two rounds,” says Kenney.  “There was not a question.  Two calf kicks and two spinning back kicks?  I don’t know how that wins you a fight!”

Since that bout this past August, the 26-year-old has been on the shelf healing up a pair of injuries.  Now fully healed up and raring to go, Kenney will be making his return to the LFA cage this Friday night at LFA 31.  Kenney will be taking on 24-year-old Kendrick Latchman (7-3) in a catchweight bout at 130 pounds.  Casey Kenney knows that Latchman will be no easy task to topple, but is confident that his own abilities are on a whole other level.

“He’s fast, southpaw striker and I know he’s going to try to lay hands on me,” says Kenney.  “I haven’t seen a whole lot else from him.  He throws a couple of kicks, but nothing I haven’t seen before.  I want to test [his grappling] out a little bit– drag him to the ground and give him a little Khabib Nurmagomedov show.”

With a bit of a fire ignited inside him from his last fight, Kenney wants to ensure the judges don’t have a chance to screw this one up for him.  “They’re going to need two refs to pull me off of him,” laughs Kenney.  “After the past couple months I’ve had with a few decisions, I’m looking for the ref to come in and check my opponent’s pulse.”

LFA 31 will mark Kenney’s first bout of 2018.  While 2017 was good to him, Kenney believes 2018 will be his year.  “2018 is going to be the year where I finally get on the UFC roster where I belong,” says Kenney.  “I think I belong in the top ten.  I’m watching these flyweights they have on the roster and anyone outside of the top 10 isn’t well-rounded.  I think the UFC flyweight division is weak.”


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