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LFA 45 Results: Erick Silva Returns with a Dramatic Armbar, 7 Finishes in 7 Fights!

Cabazon, California – After 15 fights inside the hallowed Octagon, perennial welterweight contender Erick Silva returned to action in the main event of LFA 45 with the kind of exciting roller coaster battle that earned him 7 UFC performance bonuses.  During a competitive first three minutes of their welterweight clash, Silva and Nick Barnes (12-4, #327 World) showed diverse skills including a takedown apiece and dueling solid punches on the feet.  Perpetual regional contender Barnes seemed to be on the cusp on victory when he dropped Silva with a huge punch late in round 1, but “The Phoenix” made a huge mistake when he dove on top of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and tried to finish with hammerfists. Silva absorbed a few solid shots but swiveled to armbar position with under 30 seconds left in the round. Barnes tried to gut out the submission, but the pressure on his elbow was too much and he tapped out with about 20 seconds left in round 1!  It looked dodgy for the Brazilian for a minute there, but in the end Erick Silva (20-9, #93 World) pulled it out with a flash of genuine BJJ brilliance.  The 34 years old “Tiger” finds himself squarely in the LFA welterweight title picture after one fight in the promotion – could a shot at the LFA belt be the platform that Silva needs to convince the UFC to give him another chance inside the Octagon?


LFA 45 Undercard:  Read on for Recaps & Clips of 6 finishes in 6 fights!


135: Ryan Lilley (9-3, #445 World)  KO1  Jordan Winski (9-2, #179 World)

One of the Immutable Laws of Bas reads “Don’t throw single kicks.”  Jordan Winski paid the price for breaking Rutten’s edict, as Ryan Lilley saw an early body kick coming and countered with a crushing right hand-led combo that crumpled his man to the mat.  “Ryan the Lion” followed up with vicious GNP to put Winski out cold – massively impressive performance from Ryan Lilley in his LFA debut, which he took on just two weeks’ notice.  Lilley stretched his active win streak to 3, while Winski’s 5 fight run of success was snapped in brutal fashion.


185: Moses Murrietta (7-1, #309 World)  TKO2  Casey Ryan (9-4, #25 California)

Great LFA debut here for top California middleweight prospect Moses Murrietta, who used a fundamentally sound gameplan of body work and leg kicks to break down Casey Ryan early and set up the eventual finish.  Despite giving up height and reach to Ryan, Murrietta bounced in and and out of the pocket expertly and connected with plentiful shots while eating little in return.  Ryan briefly scrambled to the back after pressing the fight to the cage, but the M-1 Global vet Murrietta showed off opportunistic ground striking after he scrambled over to half guard.  Back on the feet, Murrietta closed out round 1 with a knockdown from a crushing leg kick. He repeated the feat with another leg kick knockdown in round 2, before wisely refusing to follow “The Spider Monkey” Ryan down to the mat.  The Strikeforce alum showed off great toughness as he gamely weathered Murrietta’s flurry of power punches in the final minute of the 2nd round. But ref Frank Trigg had seen enough after checking on Ryan at his stool between rounds, awarding the round 2 TKO to the heady and skilled Moses Murrietta.


205: Blake Troop (8-5, #14 California)  TKO1  James Cannon (7-3, #11 California)

Popular local Blake Troop showed off his self-proclaimed “big brother jiu-jitsu” in this quick finish of James Cannon.  Cannon found himself on the mat in Troop’s clutches in the opening moments and he was never able to recover.  Troop strayed sticky as Cannon scrambled, eventually taking the untested Gladiator Challenge alum’s back. From there “Bulletproof” Troop smashed away with ground strikes from back mount until ref Jason Herzong was forced to intervene.  The 6’4″ Troop has now won two straight in LFA at light heavyweight after coming up short in two RFA bouts back when he was cutting to middleweight.  Post-fight the chain-wearing Troop called for a shot at the LFA light heavyweight title, which is vacant after Ryan Spann’s recent promotion to the UFC.


135: Vince Cachero (5-0, #396 World)  Sub2-RNC Carlos Puente Jr (6-2, #34 California)

Carlos Puente Jr tried to keep distance with high kicks, but Vince Cachero simply stepped forward with relentless pressure in round 1.  Cachero unloaded with everything in his arsenal as he battered Puente around the cage, but the underdog showed serious toughness as he withstood Cachero’s fists and scrambled his way out of a dangerous-looking mount predicament. Puente landed a single strong head kick in round 2, which was enough to convince “The Anomaly” to wrestle him back to the mat.  The tiring Puente didn’t have have the same energy for scrambling this time, and Cachero expertly advanced to back mount before squeezing the RNC finish to stay perfect:


185: Taylor Johnson (4-0, #359 World)  TKO1  Luc Bondole (5-3-2)

Luc Bondele’s return to action following a 2.5 year absence from the cage didn’t last long.  Taylor Johnson immediately scored the takedown and advanced to mount.  From there, the explosive “Tombstone” put the nail in Bondele’s coffin with a crisp ground elbow followed by huge haymakers that earned the TKO stoppage from ref Frank Trigg. Nasty work from Taylor Johnson, who took out 3 fight Bondele in a breezy 96 seconds and kept his 100% KO rate intact.


185: Kailan Hill (2-0)  KO1  Alex Thompson (2-1)

A quartet of kicks was all it took for Kailan Hill to render Sam Alvey protege Alex Thompson stone cold unconscious early in round 1 of their AXS TV show opener.  Hill perfectly timed the fourth and conclusive head kick off the break:


205: Herdem Alacabek (5-0, #198 World)  Sub1-RNC  Dejon Daniels (1-3) – Untelevised Prelim


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