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LFA 47: Live Results/Clips from Damon Jackson’s Nasty KO of Nate Jennerman and the rest of the AXS TV Fights action

Dallas, Texas  –  The birthplace of the LFA was rocking when two of the most accomplished featherweights in the Legacy Fighting Alliance battled for the belt at LFA 47, live from the Bomb Factory in Dallas.   Read on for recaps and clips from the LFA 47 featherweight title headliner pitting Damon Jackson against Nate Jennerman, LFA debuts from UFC veterans Sean Spencer & William Macario, and highlights from the rest of the action from the AXS TV Fights undercard!


LFA 47 Main Event

Featherweight (145 lbs) Interim Title Fight:


Damon Jackson (16-2-1, #76 World)

KO2-Right Hand

Nate Jennerman (12-4, #70 World)

If you remember Damon Jackson from his early-career UFC run, you might think that “The Leech” is largely a one-dimensional grappler. Jackson immediately blasted that notion out of the water with a picture perfect combo that stunned Nate Jennerman within the first 10 seconds of their LFA 47 interim title fight. From there Jackson lived up to his nickname by tripping Jennerman to the mat and grinding from top control. Jackson was all action as he advanced position, smashed with elbows, and threatened with D’Arce attempts. After surviving the first round, Jennerman stood with Jackson early in the second and got faceplanted by a mammoth right hand! What an all-around performance by Damon Jackson, who already owns an elite grappling game and proved here that he’s added knockout power to his arsenal. Jackson walked away with the LFA interim featherweight belt, and it’s hard to name anyone on the regional circuit who is more qualified for a promotion back to the Octagon than the Fortis MMA ace.



145: Levi Mowles (10-3, #239 World)  Sub2-RNC Charles Cheeks III (13-7, #269 World)

Levi Mowles has been an all-action warrior throughout his LFA & LFC career, and the brawler showed that his chin is still strong as he ate early heat from fellow Texan Charles Cheeks early in the LFA 47 co-main event. Cheeks cracked his man with a couple of big right hands and a nice head kick, but the ever-hittable Mowles kept on coming forward with steady pressure. The pressure paid off as Mowles smashed Cheeks with a staggering right 2 minutes in. Mowles punctuated the round with two more huge rights, and one minute on the stool wasn’t enough for Cheeks to recover as he ate canvas courtesy of a right cross moments into the second round. As soon as Levi Mowles smelled blood he dove in and applied the RNC; Cheeks fought briefly, but was forced to tap 17 seconds in round 2! The 23 year old Venus, Texas native now owns a career-best 4 fight win streak and could find himself in line for an LFA title shot, or chance to fight in front of Dana, before long.



170: Ramiz Brahimaj (7-1, #505 World)  Sub2-Guillotine  William Macario (9-4, #215 World)

Yellow-haired welterweight William Macario entered this one with some momentum following his 2016 UFC release, as he returned to Brazil and scored a pair of solid regional wins. 25 year old Fortis MMA upstart Ramiz Brahimaj looked for the takedown early on, but Macario was unbudgeable in the clinch and scored takedowns of his own in round 1.  On the feet Macario looked defensively aware and dangerous, especially with his sharp right uppercut. Just when things seemed to be going Macario’s way, Brahimaj took advantage of a slip from Macario and jumped on top of his foe.  After settling into half guard, the Fortis MMA rep whacked Macario with intermittent ground elbows while focusing on maintaining top control. After some time on top, Brahimaj snagged the neck and squeezed a guillotine that left Macario out cold on the mat!  Huge win for 25 year old Ramiz Brahimaj, who bounced back from his first career loss by taking out the UFC veteran in opportunistically violent fashion!


170: Bilal Williams (9-7, #647 World)  TKO2-Punches  Sean Spencer (12-7,  #295 World)

Eight-time UFC vet Sean Spencer showed off his skills in round 1 by pressuring Bilal Williams on the feet throughout before punctuating the frame with a thunderous slam.  Making his 12th appearance in LFA/Legacy FC, Williams was game as he circled away looking to land a big counter. Williams touched Spencer a few times early in the first, but ate a right hand 2 minutes into round 1 that may have been the biggest strike of the first 5 minutes.  After surviving the first round, Williams loosened up as round 2 started and suddenly started looking like a world class MMA striker. Spencer ate a jab early and was dropped by an even better jab moments later. When the UFC vet stumbled toward the cage, Bill Williams pounced and finished the fight about a minute into round 2 for the biggest win of his career!  Huge upset for the +360 underdog Williams, who snapped a 4 fight losing streak and picked up his first win in the LFA cage after recording 5 wins in the old Legacy FC.


W115: Valerie Soto (1-0)  UD3  Cristina Crist (0-1)

Johnny Bedford trainee Valerie Soto didn’t finish fellow pro debutante Cristina Crist, but she made sure that every round was sufficiently dominant that no judge on earth could have possibly scored a round in Crist’s favor. Soto appeared to have solid hands during the moments when the fight was at range, but she chose to rush into the clinch and controlled Crist against the cage.  From there Soto took Crist down, fended off leglock and armbar attempts, and dropped ground-and-pound while Crist left her face undefended going for subs. That was the recipe for all three rounds, and it was enough to earn Soto her first pro win by 30-27 scorecards.  Crist walked away with a smile on her face and a black eye for her efforts.


145: Eddie Brown (5-1, #14 Oklahoma)  SD3  Elijah Johns (2-1, #30 Texas)

Fortis MMA rep Elijah Johns, 22 year old brother of undefeated LFA bantamweight contender Miles Johns, showed why he was happy to take this fight on short notice as his gas tank held up while “Downtown” Eddie Brown’s started dipping after the first round of their LFA 47 undercard clash. Part of that was due to Brown’s intense style, as he used all his energy taking Johns down and controlling him across the first 4 minutes.  Yet Johns was the one who ended up on top, smashing away as round 1 ended. Round 2 took place on the feet, with Johns seemingly doing the better work and scoring a knockdown while remaining defensively sound. Johns’ coaches were unhappy as round 3 started, demanding more volume from their charge. Johns responded with increased energy, more feints, and a few nice shots landed early in the third. But late in the round Johns’ output slowed and Brown picked up the pace with some decent strikes late.  UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich had this one scored 30-27 for Elijah Johns, which seemed about right to me, but the judges disagreed and gave the fight to Eddie Brown by 29-28, 29-28, 28-29 cards.

Johns Knockdown:



135: Evers Anderson (2-0)  SD3  Devin Miller (3-1, #12 Texas)

A grinding first five minutes against the cage led to a tired, fairly low-output round 2 and early round 3 for both of these bantamweights. Guy Metzger protege Evers Anderson, 33, appeared to be cruising toward a lowkey decision in the LFA 47 opener when Devin Miller kicked it into third gear with 3 minutes to go. Miller nearly finished a guillotine from mount before ending the fight punching away from back mount. Anderson survived the assault, and that was good enough for him to sneak off with the 29-28, 29-28, 28-29 win on the strengths of his early kickboxing & takedowns.


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