Brady vs Urbina battled at LFA 49

LFA 49 Results: Sean Brady stays undefeated in LFA’s Atlantic City debut

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Legacy Fighting Alliance made its debut in the state of New Jersey with LFA 49, a card packed with notable East Coast veterans and prospects alike. Read on for recaps & clips of the LFA 49 welterweight main event pitting undefeateds Sean Brady vs. Gilbert Urbina, along with the rest of the action from the undercard.


LFA 49 Main Card on AXS TV


170: Sean Brady (8-0, #228 World)  UD3  Gilbert Urbina (5-1, #336 World M185)

Popular CFFC champ Sean Brady faced heavy fire on the feet against fellow undefeated prospect Gilbert Urbina, who got his attention with well-educated boxing. Brady did a nice job of ducking under and taking the fight to the ground, a tactic that gave him a chance to smash Urbina with punches when the Texan desperately scrambled. With Urbina wearing down slightly, Brady started scoring with big right hands late in round 1. The Pennsylvanian went right back to work with a double leg one minute into round 2 before taking the back. But Urbina toughed out the RNC try and again powered to his feet. That gave Brady a chance to show off his step-in and counter left hooks during the round’s final 2 minutes on the feet. With 5 minutes to go, Urbina was clearly down on the scorecards and he knew it. The brother of UFC’s Hector Urbina seemed to be turning the tide as he absolutely smashed Brady with a pair of crushing right hands. But Brady’s chin held, and he used his takedown game to control the latter portion of round 3 until both men ended the fight winging haymakers. Urbina showed nice toughness and cardio in this entertaining LFA 49 main event. But Sean Brady’s technical skills and ability to pass the late chin check led him to a 30-27 unanimous decision victory.  Solid LFA debut for Brady, who called out LFA welterweight champ James Nakashima in his post-fight interview.


170: Jonavin Webb (11-2, #157 World)  UD3  Tanner Saraceno (7-3, #272 World)

Former WWE trainee Tanner Saraceno used his ammy wrestling skills to shoot in but found himself defending an early D’Arce try from two-time UFC vet Jonavin Webb. Webb came back and scored a takedown, only to see Saraceno scramble and finish the first round with a takedown of his own. The grapplers started throwing hands in round 2, with Saraceno pressing forward and landing fists until Webb countered with a takedown 2 minutes in. “The Spider” worked to the back and stayed sticky to the bell despite Saraceno’s efforts to buck him off. After coming short on his round 2 RNC efforts, Webb tried for a leglock but ate some hammerfists from Saraceno. The UFC vet wisely chose to work to abandon that and work to top position instead. From there, Webb used an arm triangle attempt to advance to mount. Webb stayed conservative until he went for a late armbar that came up short. Either way, nice grappling from Jonavin Webb, who clearly outworked Saraceno en route to the 30-27s unanimous decision and his third win in three post-UFC appearances.


145: Andy Main (12-3-1,#502 World M155)  UD3  Saul Almeida (19-10, #430 World)

One of the most-well traveled veterans on the LFA roster, Saul Almeida entered this one with 18 combined fights in top-line promotions ACB, WSOF, Bellator, and CES. His opponent, former King of Pancrase Andy Main, also has plenty of stamps in his passport book courtesy of an undefeated 5 fight run in Japan. Both men typically make their living on the ground, but the first round saw the BJJ aces stand and trade with Main getting the better of the action. Main continued to express his advantage early in round 2 with a knockdown off a sharp left hand. Almeida fought back and managed to get the fight into grappling range later in the second but ate an illegal knee to the face from Main that briefly halted the fight (and his progress). “The Spider” Almeida persisted and managed to dominate round 3 with clinch control and a late takedown. Main did a nice job of locking up an inverted triangle and hacking away with elbows from the bottom late. That was enough to keep the decision in Andy Main’s corner, as he picked up a unanimous decision victory – his first since winning the King of Pancrase title in late 2015.


175: Stephen Regman (9-3, #333 World)  KO1  Will Santiago (9-6, #320 World)

This bout was marred by two eye pokes from Stephen Regman in the first minute. Contender Series alum & CES regular Will Santiago chose to keep fighting and set about trying to close distance and land a bomb against the much taller Regman. The former ROC champ Regman did a good job of playing matador and keeping his man away with leg kicks. Then in a flash, Regman scored the crushing KO with a nose-shattering jump knee/right hand combo! Great LFA debut for the 27 year old “Predator” Stephen Regman, who has finished 8 of 9 wins.



145: John de Jesus (10-6, #256 World)  UD3  Adi Alic (7-4, #46 US Southeast)

Battle-hardened East Coast vet John de Jesus used impeccable movement and perfect cardio to frustrate Adi Alic over the course of this 15 minute kickboxing affair. De Jesus scored a brief knockdown, and otherwise kept the conflict to a minimum en route to a less-than-thrilling but technically proficient victory.


135: Ahmet Kayretli (9-2, #318 World)  UD3  Andrew Salas (5-2, #25 US Northeast)

31 year old local Andrew Salas never backed down in his first fight versus quality competition, and he even had success with takedowns when he could press Muay Thai practitioner Ahmet Kayretli into the cage in round 1. But once Kayretli started stuffing Salas’s shot in round 2, he found increasing opportunities to tenderize the body and show off his potent standup skills. Once he opened Salas’ defenses, Kayretli landed just about everything in this fight including spinning elbows, slick punches and sharp kicks. Salas tried hard to make it a brawl in the final minutes but ended up eating more than he could land on “The Turk”, who walked away with a clear 29-28 unanimous decision.


160: Dakota Bush (5-1, #503 World)  Sub3  Patrick Rivera (2-2)

Almost 15 minutes of wrestling domination earned Dakota Bush a late submission to kick off LFA 49 on AXS TV. Patrick Rivera landed a punch or 2 on the feet, but this was all Bush, who landed an increasing barrage of legal ground strikes (and plenty of hammerfists to the back of the head) as round 3 wore down. Bush finally locked in the RNC and squeezed out a sub with just 12 seconds left, in a fight he would have easily won if it had reached the cards.



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