Brendan Allen won gold at LFA 50

LFA 50 Results & Clips: Brendan Allen tops Tim Hiley in a war for the LFA belt

Prior Lake, Minnesota – Brendan Allen’s third try at LFA gold was a charm for the 22 year old, who came out of a premature retirement to claim the LFA middleweight title in the main event of LFA 50.  Check out recaps of all the fights from LFA 50, including finishes from Allen, promising Brazilian heavyweight Raphael Pessoa, and rugged regional prospect Bobby Lee!



LFA 50 Middleweight Title

Brendan Allen (10-3, #143 World)

Submission-RNC, Round 3

Tim Hiley (7-1, #184 World) 


Brendan Allen wasted no time slamming rival Tim Hiley to the mat with ferocity before circling to the back and fishing for an RNC for much of round 1.  After he reversed position, Hiley enjoyed substantial payback with powerful ground strikes and even looked close to finishing when he flattened his man out and blasted him with punches and elbows up to the final bell.  Despite ending the round in a precarious position, Allen set right back to work controlling the clinch at the start of round 1.  A series of punches off the break swung the momentum back in the direction of Allen, and the Louisianan parlayed that success into a crushing knee to the face that dropped Hiley at the end of round 2!    With the victory in his sights, Allen didn’t let up, smashing Hiley with a punch before dumping him back to the mat with 4:30 to work in round 3.  Hiley was game to defend for half of a round, but with just under two minutes left Allen sunk his arm under the neck and earned the belt with a fight-finishing RNC submission.  Just like that, Brendan Allen erased the sting of LFA title losses to UFC talents Eryk Anders and Anthony Hernandez and put himself in line for a callup to the UFC – preferably sometime in early 2019, if Allen has his scruples!



LFA 50 Undercard Results:


265: Raphael Pessoa (9-0, #195 World)  KO1  Brian Heden (31-17, #120 World)

Unheralded Brazilian Raphael Pessoa set to abusing veteran Brian Heden’s legs with kicks from the opening bell, before wobbling the 13 year veteran with his first punch of the fight.  From there the 6’3″ Pessoa opened up with a spinning back kick before finishing the deal with a conclusive right hand under two minutes into the battle.  That’s as good a North American debut as the 29 year old Pessoa could hope for, and with a record like that at heavyweight you can expect him to garner attention from the likes of Dana White.



170: Bobby Lee (9-2, #580 World)  KO2  Ben Neumann (13-6, #232 World)

After a series of difficulties making 155 in the past, Minnesota’s Bobby Lee moved up to welterweight for a hand-picked contest against daytime pastry chef Ben “The Baker” Neumann. Neumann claims he doesn’t even train striking, and he chose to pull guard when he couldn’t crack Lee’s solid takedown defense. Lee was too strong, though, and never let the BJJ specialist ensnare him in any particularly nasty situations. After spending a lot of fruitless time on bottom early in the fight, Neumann used a sweep from his back to attain some top control time midway through round 2. But before long Neumann reverted to his ineffectual guard pulling technique. Just when things were starting to get ugly, Bobby Lee landed a perfectly timed flying knee as Neumann ducked into a shot!  Terrific technical work from Lee, who advanced to 8-2 in LFA/RFA competition and showed off more-than-enough strength to get the job done against a solid grappler at 170 pounds.



170: Jason Witt (14-5, #206 World)  Sub3  Ashkan Morvari (15-8, #649 World)

For the first 10 minutes it looked like 40 year old insurance salesman Ashkan Morvari was primed to add a major win to his resume.  Jason Witt certainly got his attention in the fight’s opening moments as he buzzed Morvari with a head kick and flying knee.  Bell rung, Morvari opted to rush into the clinch and slam his man bellyfirst to the canvas.  Witt wasn’t grounded for long, but found himself bullied around by the stocky, muscular Morvari throughout much of rounds 1 and 2.  Things got better for Morvari when the James Krause protege Witt was penalized a point for a 3rd blatant fence grab.  Witt couldn’t employ many of his tools against Morvari, but he did threatened with head kicks throughout the fight, and in round 3 he finally found the mark with a real cracker that put Morvari on wobbly legs.  Moments later Witt squeezed out the RNC to cap a sudden and shocking comeback victory – good for a second successful outing under the LFA banner for the Glory MMA rep.



145: Josh Marsh (5-1, #52 US Midwest)  UD3  Dima Gerasimov (9-7, #355 World)

Josh “Harsh” Marsh and Dima Gerasimov left absolutely everything in the cage in this 15 minute war that saw Roufusport’s Marsh pull away in the second half of the fight.  Gerasimov was persistent with his wrestling early, but after a few minutes he seemed to tire his arms out a bit.  Marsh pounced and nearly finished in the first round with a right hand that faceplanted Dima and would’ve been enough to take out most men.  Gerasimov is not most men, as he took that bomb and struggled back to his feet to keep up the fight.  The Russo-Californian had one more serious burst in him as he worked to Marsh’s back briefly in the second. But once the gas tank dipped it was all Marsh, who gradually opened up his toolbox to pull off everything from spinning body kicks & back elbows to a late third round cartwheel guard pass.  Well-earned victory for 25 year old Josh Marsh, who moved to 2-0 in LFA and emerged victorious in his first victory against a Fightmatrix world ranked opponent.


135: Oscar Askar (8-0, #163 World M125)  UD3  Derrick Mandell (8-5, #158 World)

Three rounds’ worth of slick movement, stinging leg kicks, and plentiful jabs were the recipe for Oscar Askar to pull off a successful LFA debut. A big left hand bloodied Mandell midway through the fight, and the Michigan native just couldn’t figure out a way to get inside of his technically proficient opponent and fire back or score a takedown. Mandell showed plenty of grit, but that’s just a nice way of saying that Oscar Askar (or Askar Askar, depending on the source) landed a ton of damage en route to an impressive unanimous decision nod.


265: Daniel James (8-3-1, #216 World)  TKO2  Calyn Hull (5-1, #179 World)

Calyn Hull’s undefeated run came to a halt in emphatic fashion in the LFA 50 opener, as Daniel James overwhelmed “The Albino Rhino” with powerful clinch work and opportunistic, intelligent striking.  After wearing his man down in round 1, James cracked Hull with a massive right hook and sealed the deal with conclusive follow-up shots en route to the most substantial win of his three year MMA career.



170: Mike Breeden (5-1, #84 US Midwest)  KO1  Craig Eckelberg (9-5, #599 World) – unbroadcast prelim


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