Looking for Revenge in Brave: Interview with Daniele Scatizzi

Tomorrow the Italian fighter will face English veteran Charlie Leary in Brave CF 9

Tomorrow Daniele Scatizzi (8-3 MMA) will fight against English veteran Charlie Leary (13-8-1 MMA) at Brave 9: “The Kingdom Of Champions” in Bahrain. This match will mark the return of the Italian athlete to the lightweight division, in which he has previously competed just once in 2015. It is also his second fight in the ambitious middle-eastern promotion, following the defeat suffered in March at welterweight against Jarrah Al-Silawi (8-2 MMA) at Brave 4. “Scat” has given MMA Today his opinions on his opponent, his training at SBGIreland, his return to the lightweight division and more.

MMA Today: For your next match you are returning to the lightweight division; why did you make this decision? Is it going to be permanent?

Daniele Scatizzi: Welterweight was too heavy for me. Every time I had to work twice as hard to win a match. I’m positive that lightweight is the right weight class for me, I perform much better in sparring and during training sessions in general.

MT: Who’s helping you drop back down to 155 lbs. and how is the weight cut coming along?

DS: The first cut to lightweight was dramatic for me because I did everything by myself, one week before the fight I was more than 20 lbs. above weight and had no idea of what I was doing. Now, with Dr. Capodaglio, we are working very well together and perhaps I could even drop one more weight class. I’m not saying that I will but for sure I am not going back up to welterweight.

MT: Charlie Leary, your next opponent, seems to be a seasoned brawler and has twice as many fights as you have. He has held belts in various English regional promotions. On the other hand, though, he is 11 years older than you. What do you believe will be the deciding factor in the match, youth and athleticism or experience?

DS: For sure Charlie has a lot of experience and he’s an excellent striker. But I can assure you that I’ve changed a lot and have hugely expanded my arsenal.

MT: This will be your 2nd fight for Brave FC. What is your opinion of the rising middle-eastern promotion?

DS: I believe that Brave can become one of the best organizations in the world in the next years. I’m not saying this because I fight for them but because of their professionalism, and because of the great promotion that they do for their events and their fighters.

MT: What advice would you give to the Italian fighters that have been migrating abroad to fight in international promotions?

DS: I can tell them that they are doing the right thing. Fighting and training in different environments can only benefit the growth of an athlete.

MT: In the future, you will probably fight again for Golden Cage, following the cancellation of your fight in their first event. What will it feel like to be back fighting in Italy? Do you think you could be the face of this ambitious (new) promotion?

DS: I can’t wait to participate in the next Golden Cage event. I am excited to fight in Italy again in front of my fans, as well as working with a promotion that I know has done great things and will do great things in the future.

MT: In a previous interview, you talked about your experience training in Ireland, mentioning the difficulties you have encountered living there. Has the situation improved in the last months or has it essentially remained the same?

DS: Not much has changed, living abroad is difficult at times. But to chase my dreams I am willing to do this and more.

MT: You’ve become a testimonial for Timex Watches, and have been featured in a TV commercial for the Italian market. How important has this professional opportunity been for you? Do you think it could open the doors for other similar collaborations in the future?

DS: I think it has been absolutely fantastic. I can’t thank Superbia Management and Timex enough for giving me this opportunity. Timex is not a fighting-related brand, so I am sure that pairing up with a company from such a different background can only benefit my career, as well as other Italian fighters and Italian MMA in general. I hope this will stir the interest of other brands to invest in our beautiful sport.

MT: You’re one of the most recognized fighters in the SuperbiaManagement roster, in which way have they been helping you the most?

DS: Superbia is a complete management. They follow me in each and every way, getting me fights, finding me sponsorships, etc. They are like a big family to me, because they have helped me with many things, even outside of fighting.

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