M-1 Challenge 87 Results, Recap and Clips: Ashimov knocks out Silander, wins interim Flyweight title.

M-1 Challenge opened up their year with their 87th event. The event also marked the grand opening of the M-1 Arena in St. Petersburg, Russia. The card was headlined by an interim flyweight title fight between Kazakh standout Arman Ashimov and Finnish veteran Mikael Silander.

Arman Ashimov (8-2) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Mikael Silander (17-6)

The fight started off slowly with both men being cautious and using a lot of feints. Ashimov was the more aggressive fighter and landed several shots that hurt Silander, however, the Finn was able to control the closing portion of the round in the clinch and eventually get the takedown. In the second round, Ashimov continued to utilise his speed to land the better shots by darting in and out. The finish came after Ashimov landed a crushing uppercut and followed up with hammerfists. With this win, Ashimov will be looking to unify the flyweight belts by facing off against the champion Aleksander Doskalchuk.

Full Results:

Arman Ashimov (8-2) def. (T/KO via punches in RD2) Mikael Silander (17-6)

Timur Nagibin (14-3) def. (T/KO via punch in RD3) Jadison Costa (23-9)

Dimitriy Mikutsa (8-4) def. (UD) Kleber Silva (14-8)

Pablo Ortmann (8-0) def. (Submission via triangle choke in RD1) Ingiskhan Ozdoev (5-4)

Shavkat Rakhmonov (9-0) def. (Submission via triangle choke in RD2) Levan Solodovnik (3-3)

Daniil Prikaza (9-2) def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Anderson Queiroz (17-7)

Pavel Gordeev (10-1) def. (UD) Bobur Kurbonov (5-2)

Jani Salmi (10-4) def. (UD) Nikolay Goncharov (0-1)

Adam Bogatyrev (6-0) def. (T/KO via knees and punches in RD1) Jose Agustin (5-4)

Artem Nenakhov (7-2) def. (UD) Charles-Henri Tchoungui (9-8)

Anatoly Liagu (6-2) def. (UD) Aleksandar Rakas (12-7)

Tino Gilaranz (1-0) def. (UD) Valentin Kryzhanovsky (0-1)


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