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Mike ‘Scrappy Doo’ Shul returns on September 15 at King of the Cage

After his opponent dropped out for undisclosed reasons at the beginning of May, Mike “Scrappy Doo” Shul was left on the sidelines as he watched his teammates compete for King of the Cage in upstate New York. Now, on September 15, Shul will play the savior as his teammate Ali Rexhepi had to pull out of his fight with Lewis Cassner due to an injury.

Shul said it was an easy decision to jump in and take the fight because he was already in shape helping his teammate train for the opponent, now it’s his teammates helping him.

“The reason I think this is a good matchup is it was one of my teammate’s opponents, so I was helping my teammate train for this guy,” Shul told MMA Today, “So, in a way, I was kinda training for it as well. I think that the matchup is still good. My teammate and I have similarities, we were working on things throughout the camp. The only difference is that I am more of the focus as opposed to my teammate.”

The matchup will be a catchweight matchup at 140-pounds because of the short notice nature of the fight.

One added challenge for Shul will be that he will be in school at the time of the fight. Shul attends the University of Buffalo and also serves in the United States Military. But fighting makes Shul happy, so he likes the challenge of it.

“It’s because I want it, a lot of people see my life and everything I’m doing and they try and exploit that in the martial arts scene, maybe questioning how badly I want it because he’s also going to school, going to honors college and you’re working two to three jobs and you’re doing this and that. But in my opinion, I think this makes me more of a dangerous opponent because I could be doing other things. I could spend all my time on school or I could spend all my time going to work and focusing on a career or something else. Instead, I’m using all my free time to get in the gym, waking up early, doing workouts in the morning, in the evening working out instead of going home.

“I think that’s what makes me more of a dangerous opponent as opposed to someone who is just doing this.” Shul explained, “It’s not something I have to do, it’s something I want to do.”

Though the fight is short notice, Shul believes he can get a finish and will take whatever he can get.

“I really want a knockout or a TKO. I really want to use a lot of elbows but I like chokes too. I would love to get a TKO finish but if he gives me his neck, it will be a choke for sure.”


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