MMA Weekly Prospect Report: Steve Kozola, Omar Nurmagomedov, and More

Kunlun Fight MMA 15, Tuesday (China)

-WSW, Weili Zhang(15-1): First her record is impressive, her only loss is her first professional MMA fight and has won her next 15 fights finishing all but one which is very rare in WMMA. She is very solid, on the feet she has good kickboxing she can attack everywhere and even has a head kick finish in her career. Zhang is always moving forward landing a lot of elbows and when she is in clinch she is excellent at tripping her opponent to the mat. She is very dominant on the mat she moves well on top she always gets into mount and her ground and pound is brutal. She throws heavy punches but it’s the elbows that do most of the damage she can win by TKO or Submission. Maybe just maybe she is the best WMMA prospect. She fights Bianca Sattelmayer (7-8) who is on a 2 fight skid.

WFCA 43, Wednesday (Russia)

-WW, Beslan Ushukov(15-2): He trains out of the famous Russian camp Akhmat Fight Club. Beslan has beat stiff competition including a win over ex UFC veteran Ildemar Alcantara. A very well rounded and smart fighter that waits for openings but still has 12 finishes to his credit. When you watch Beslan Ushukov you are watching a top-notch young impressive fighter that will only get better. He fights Abubakar Vagaez (15-2) who is another good prospect but Beslan already beat him almost a year ago.

-FW, Felipe Froes(16-2): He is solid all around, his stand up he throws a lot of kicks to keep distance but his hands are where it is at. He has a very nice straight right hand that he lands more than anything but still throws with both. His wrestling is good he can get the double leg or the trip in the clinch and on the mat he has good ground and pound and is excellent at taking the back mainly when he gets on top. He is always the one in control, the only thing he needs to work on is his TDD. He fights Salman Zhamaldaev (14-1)

-FW, Salman Zhamaldaev(14-1): After losing his very first professional bout, Salman has gone on to win his next 14 straight. Salman has beat very good competition proving he is a top 145 pound prospect in Russia. If the fight isn’t being finished in the first two rounds, Salman has no problem going the distance doing it in his last 5 bouts. Salman is well rounded and very dangerous and has a solid gas tank. He fights Felipe Froes (16-2)

-LHW, Magomed Ankalaev(9-0): He is good all around as on the feet he doesn’t have a lot of output but he has some power and impressive accuracy. His kickboxing is solid though as he has finished fights with his kicks but everything he does on the feet is to get in the inside and get the fight to the mat. On the mat, he is good he stays heavy and knows how to pass guard which is a plus for an HW and has fight-ending ground and pound He fights Paulo Bueno (25-8) who is on a 7 fight win streak but is 41.

-LHW, Shamil Abdulaev(9-0): I haven’t got to see too much of Shamil as much as I wanted but being a young(27) undefeated Light Heavyweight that is enough. Shamil trains out of an awesome camp Krepost Fight Club with amazing talent. Of what I’ve seen from Shamil he seems to be a fighter to take the fight to the mat and use his effective ground and pound and has shown a good submission base. He fights Evsaio D’Onofrio (12-6) who is on a 6 fight win streak but shouldn’t have much to offer.

-Fly, Irman Bukuev(5-0): Another fighter training out of Akhmat Fight Club I really like Bukuev. He does need to work on his striking but he is incredibly quick with his movement. The dude has awesome jiu-jitsu as he is top notch on the mat with his grappling and dangerous submission game where he can lock up any submission from anywhere. He fights Sotir Kichukov (13-5) who is coming off 3 losses.

-HW, Khusein Adamov(3-0): He is only 3-0 but he has easily run through all his opponents so far. Adamov hasn’t shown much on the feet as he likes to get the fight to the mat to use his effective ground and pound but has all 3 wins by submission in the 1st round. When watching footage of Adamov and see his scrambling ability and just his movement on the mat you would think it’s a lightweight with how quick he moves. Also, Adamov is another fighter out of the Akhmat Fight Club. He fights Jose Rodrigo Guelke (19-14) who has tons of experience but is not high level.

FNG 75, Friday (Russia)

-Fly, Rizvan Abuev(9-1): Abuev lost his first professional fight but has gone on to win his next 9 and finishing all by KO/TKO. He has a background in Combat Sambo and Wushu Sambo as he is very talented and very well rounded. He fights Tyson Nam (15-8) who is a big step up and has fought great competition.

Bellator 184, Friday (Oklahoma)

-LW, Steve Kozola(8-0): Kozola has shown the ability to find the submission but he is primarily a striker and a nasty one. Though he holds a black belt in Taekwondo, Kozola’s best skillset is his crisp boxing. He has serious power in his hands, enough to put his opponent down in one hit, but he can also rip combinations starting with the body then moving up to the head. He fights Carrington Banks (6-0)

-LW, Carrington Banks(6-0): Banks the product out of Blackzilians is an excellent wrestler. Banks is a naturally athletic guy that is very explosive and strong and once he utilizes his wrestling he is where he needs to be. Banks actually has heavy hands but never want’s to trade but if he learns to let his hands go he will be much better. He fights Steve Kozola (8-0)

-HW, Jarod Trice(2-0): He is a 3x NCAA Div. 1 All-American wrestler. Trice is still green which is understandable with only 2 fights but he has promise. Trice obviously has shown wrestling, even suplexing his opponents showing his strength. The ground and pound is very impressive and on the feet, he still needs some work but he does have power. He fights DeMarcus Simmons (1-0) who Trice should beat.

Chosen Few FC, Saturday (Wisconsin)

-WW, Mark Lemminger(6-0): He is purely a wrestler you can tell he has wrestled his whole life cause it shows in his fights. He has the ability to get the fight down in any position he can shoot from the outside or in the clinch and if he gets his arms locked for the body lock he is very strong enough to toss you on your back with ease. On top, he is really focused on passing guard and getting to dominate position first before letting his hands go and set up a choke which he does so well. His striking does need work he has the power in his hands but is too sloppy at times but if he gets better there no one will stop him. He fights Patrick Delgado (4-2) who is coming off a win but he shouldn’t give Mark a problem.

Caged Aggression 20, Saturday (Iowa)

-LW, Austin Hubbard(7-1): Hubbard is primarily a wrestler but it doesn’t hold him back from standing and trading. He is a good wrestler, he is a naturally strong guy and once he is on top he is excellent at controlling position and can finish with a submission or ground and pound. On the feet, he hits hard and throws a bit of everything but it’s his cardio and the same pace he fights at, where he went 5 rounds twice and the gas tank wasn’t an issue. He fights Eric Wisely (27-9) who is an ex UFC and Bellator veteran on a 5 fight win streak. This is a huge test for Hubbard.

Colosseum Combat 41, Saturday (Kansas)

-LW, Damian Norris(9-2): He has a background in Tae Kwon-do and it transitioned very well for him. So athletic and diverse with his ability to kick fro all angles and have it not being read is so well. The footwork is very good from Norris, the way he moves side to side and stick in his jab and explodes in and out is fantastic. He fights Reggie Merriweather (12-10) who is on a 4 fight win streak.

FNG 76, Sunday (Russia)

Tagir Ulanbekov (6-0): Ulanbekov is a dominant wrestler that is undefeated and really proved his worth when he beat a very good Flyweight in Shadijidul Haque. A very tall guy at 5’7″ and he really used his length on the mat with control and his wrestling. He fights Vartan Asatryan (13-7) who has holes in his TDD where I think Tagir can exploit.

-BW, Omar Nurmagomedov (4-0): The relative of UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov and he fights very similar to him. He has good wrestling and great top control with constant ground and pound with excellent cardio. He not quite as good as Khabib yet but he does have very good kickboxing something Khabib don’t have. He has the speed behind his kicks, not exactly the power but it provides a problem for his opponents. He fights Nauruz Dzamikhov (1-1) who is coming off a draw.

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