MMAWizzard’s Weekly Prospect Report: 8/7/17-8/13/17

This week is a slow week in terms of prospects but be sure to check out the ones that are on display as there’s some good talent lacing up this week.

CES 45, Saturday. (New England)
LW, Nate Andrews (10-1):

Being 31 years old in the Lightweight division is not really considered a prospect but you can’t deny Andrews’ record, nor his abilities. Andrews best weapon is his choke as he holds 5 submission wins finding the choke. In nearly all his fights he has a point in time when he threatens the neck. He is able to be taken down but he has good defense off of his back and solid jiu jitsu of his own, being able to threaten from the bottom. On the feet Andrews has long punches he uses at range, mixing in solid kicks. He even holds a head kick knockout. Overall a really fun fighter to watch with a 100% finish rate. He fights Bruce Boyington (14-10) who shouldn’t be a threat at all.

Fight Exclusive Night 18, Saturday. (Europe Eastern)
-FW, Kamil Lebkowski (16-5):

This guy is really good. He has great TDD with very good balance. He has hand speed showing with his fast snapping jab and throws hard leg kicks. I really like his footwork, it’s smooth and he moves in and out with attacks at ease. I haven’t seen much of his ground game so I don’t know what to expect there. He fights Dagir Imavov (10-2) who is more of a grappler so it should be a good test for Kamil.

Aspera FC 55, Saturday. (Brazil)
-HW, Ricardo Prasel (8-0):

The footage on Prasel is lacking but, being an undefeated HW is hard to come by, especially at 8-0. Prasel is a tall guy at 6’7″ and , he boasts a 100% finish rate. He has 7 wins by submission and 1 by TKO, all finished in the first round. At only 27 years old his record is very impressive. He fights Edison Lopes (8-2) who seems to be a pretty good prospect as well but the footage I found I wasn’t too impressed with him.

FW, Ricardo Sassemann (7-2):

Sasseman has a 100% finish rate with 5 TKOs and 2 submissions. I haven’t got to see a lot of him but of what I havee seen he’s shown he is well rounded. On the feet, he throws a good combination of kicks and punches together. His kickboxing may be his best weapon. I’m not sure on his wrestling but his grappling looked good. He fights Kevin Souza (16-5) who is a former UFC fighter and this will determine how good Ricardo is.

Brave CF 5, Friday.
WW, Carl Booth (7-0):

When needed Booth can wrestle. He has good top control and has shown he is a threat with ground and pound and submissions. On the feet is where he is the most dangerous though. He has knockouts with his right hand, left hand, and a head kick. He’s a very calm fighter that fights at range throwing a lot of front kicks and, Booth relies heavily on his counter striking. He fights Mohammad Fakhreddine (10-1) who I think is overrated and no way I see him winning.

LW, Luan Santiago (11-1):

He was some kind of Brazilian 2016 best fighter of the year award so that being said, he has a lot of hype surrounding him. From what I’ve seen from Luan he likes to stay standing. It appears he has decent BJJ and can hold his own but, on the feet is where he is best. Luan’s best weapon is his kickboxing. He kicks hard, he is versatile with his shot selection on his kicks, and he kicks often. He has a good jab he uses and is excellent when he throws combinations, as well as being proficient at throwing single shots. A solid fighter that is still a bit green. He fights Erick Barbosa (18-7) who is lower level but should still be a good test for Luan.

LHW, Chrisiano Frohlich (7-3):

Frolich is coming off of a huge win against former UFC fighter, Leonardo Guimaraes, knocking him out with a flying knee in the 1st round. I think Frohlich fairs better at Middleweight but he’s only 26 years old so things can change. Frohlich is mainly a grappler that has slick BJJ for a big guy. He has decent wrestling that could be better. His stand up still needs work as he is getting better but he needs to put in combinations. He fights Ediberto de Oliveira (29-16) who is a solid test for Frohlich.

Fly, Rodrigo Melonio (16-2):

Melonio has a lot of experience at only 22 years old. Meloni is also riding an impressive 11 fight win streak. Melonio fights in a karate stance. His kickboxing is his best weapon with the speed and power behind the kicks that he throws. Good footwork and quickness results in Melonio moving in and out with his striking very well. I haven’t seen much of his wrestling but he is good at taking the legs out of his opponent. On top he has solid ground and pound and he has shown a functional submission game in the past. A good record but against low level competition, even still, his record is impressive. He fights Marcel Adul (12-4) who is the toughest test so far in the career of Melonio so it will be interesting to see if he can keep winning.

LW, Killys Mota (11-0):

Motta is coming off a big win in his last bout beating a legend in Akihiro Gono, by TKO in round 1. Mota isn’t very technical, isn’t quick, and his cardio lacks but his pressure and volume striking is what breaks his opponents. Not much power, but he throws constantly and is at his best against the fence where he is strong. By the fence he has good knees, and can dirty box. I haven’t seen much wrestling but his ground and pound is effective with the amount of strikes he throws. He fights Allan Moziel (7-5) who isn’t too good.

Cage Titans 35, Saturday.  (New England)
WW, Joe Giannetti(5-0):

Giannetti went 7-0 as an amateur and is currently 5-0 as a pro. He knows how to use his range, his wrestling is perfect with excellent timing on his attempts and, his finishing ability is perfect as well. His ground game is crazy good. He is always rolling and moving for submissions. He has very impressive submission skills. For more on Giannetti check out my prospect of the week that I wrote on him last week. He fights Keenan Raymond (3-3) who he should run through.

FW, Manny Bermudez (9-0):

With a tough outing in his last fight he is still a good prospect. In 16 fights combined in his career, he has only lost 1, finishing 14 of his 16 wins, with the majority coming from dominating on the mat. Watching some footage he is very smart and has the skill set on the mat to be a top prospect. He moves well on top and he gets dominant positions easy and, his ability to get the choke is top notch. But having watched tape on Bermudez, its his elbows from ground and pound that are brutal and, he uses them a lot to cause opening for the submission. On the feet I haven’t seen much but he does close distance well to get the fight to the mat. He fights Bendy Casimir (20-14) who isn’t really a threat to Manny.

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