MTK MMA 1 Recap and Full Event Video: Alex Montagnani Headlines with a Comeback TKO

Boxing giant MTK made the transition to mixed martial arts with their first event on Sunday, May 13th with MTK MMA 1.

The card featured both amateur and professional contests with 19 fights overall. Despite a large number of fights on the card, the whole event went quickly with approximately five hours between the start of the first fight and the end of the main event. This was mainly due to the action-packed nature of the fights, with only five going the full distance, as well as the quick pacing in between them.

The fight of the night undoubtedly was a featherweight contest between Laith Al-Wan and Kingsley Crawford. The first two rounds were back and forth with both fighters having their moments. However, Crawford started to really pour it on in the third round which led him to secure two knockdowns. The end came after Crawford landed a beautiful spinning elbow which dropped Al-Wan for the third time and forced the referee to step in.

In the main event, dangerous finisher Alex Montagnani took on the experienced veteran Shah Hussain. Hussain surprised everyone as he dropped Montagnani with a left hand, however, he was unable to finish the fight and thus allowed Montagnani to recover. From there, Montagnani started to take control of the fight. The end came after Montagnani dropped Hussain against the cage and finished the fight with some ground and pound.

Overall, the night can be considered as a success for MTK MMA, especially considering it was their first venture into the world of mixed martial arts. The production value was a level above most regional shows, which isn’t surprising if you consider how well established MTK is. The event was also streamed live by iFL TV on YouTube which is also a huge plus since a lot of smaller promotions are hidden behind a paywall or aren’t available to watch at all. Most importantly, however, the fights were fun, fast-paced and full of spectacular finishes.  Enjoy the full event below, currently wound to the start of the Montagnani/Hussain main event.

Full Results:

Professional Fights

Alex Montagnani def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Shah Hussain

Luis Gonzalez def. (UD) Daryl Grant

James Reedman def. (Submission via kimura in RD2) John Nicholls

Wendle Lewis def. (T/KO via knees in RD2) Kes Mamba

Tony Hall def. (T/KO via leg kicks in RD1) Lewis Beadle

Richard Edwards def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Olsen Hayley

Kingsley Crawford def. (T/KO via spinning elbow in RD3) Laith Al-Wan

Rico Biggs def. (Verbal submission in RD1) Linas Mesitivicius

Festus Ahorlu def. (T/KO via injury in RD1) Will Cairns

Amateur Fights

Tayo Odunjo def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) Jake Watkins

Omar Sargent def. (UD) Sam Gibson

Tariq Khan def. (Submission via rear naked choke in RD1) Martin Gavin

Tommy Clarke def. (Submission via armbar in RD2) Ellis Thomas

Joe Draper def. (Submission via arm triangle choke in RD1) Dontel Forrester

Craig Benjamin draw (MD) Darren Busby

Shiv McDonald def. (MD) Jim Chappel

Humza Raja def. (Submission via rear naked choke in RD1) Billy Clarke

Ollie Gibson def. (T/KO via punches in RD1) John Spencer

Kamil Uchman def. (UD) Aaron Bulpit



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