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KSW 43’s Norman Parke Looks to Dominate in Last Fight on Contract

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, Norman Parke will take on Lukasz Chlewicki at KSW 43 in Worclaw, Poland. The event will be available to watch on iPPV at and

Coming off a controversial two-fight series with the KSW champion Mateusz Gamrot, Parke will be looking to get back on track as he takes on Chlewicki at KSW 43. Originally, Parke was considering moving up to welterweight, however, when that didn’t materialize he was more than happy to stay in his current weight class.

Parke has recently missed weight twice, prior to his title fights in BAMMA and KSW. However, with an increased focus on his diet and weight management, Parke is confident that he will not have any more issues making weight. Come fight week, he will be 2.5kg (5.5lbs) lighter than he was the last time around.

Parke feels that he still has unfinished business with Mateusz Gamrot. Their first fight ended in a controversial decision for the Pole whilst their rematch did not answer the remaining question as it was ruled a no contest due to an eye poke from Gamrot.

“If we had to do it all over again in Poland, I’d make sure I would make 155lbs for the belt and just take the fight to him for 5 rounds solid because I think I could break him, to be honest. (…) He knows it too, I think that secretly he knows it, that’s why he doesn’t want to fight me again. So if it came up again, I probably would take the fight.”

With his fight against Lukasz Chlewicki being the final one on his KSW contract, Parke is aiming to make a statement. Having turned down a contract extension prior to the fight, Norman is confident that betting on himself will prove to be a success. Should he win his fight and receive the desired contract, Parke’s wish of another showdown with the champion may become a reality.

As for the fight itself, Parke feels he matches up well with Chlewicki. Although his opponent has dropped three straight fights, Parke is not writing him off as he believes that his strength of schedule is more than admirable.

“I’m not really too worried about him but I’m just going to go out and be dominant, just be the stronger boy on the night. (…) If any submissions show up, I’m going to hunt for the finish but I have a nice long reach against him too so I’m going to use that to my advantage.”

Parke has also been in negotiations with the newly formed Professional Fighter’s League, however, the discussion did not materialize for a number of reasons. Most namely, Parke had concerns about the exclusive nature of the contract in addition to the tournament format where you are required to win in order to keep fighting. However, Parke is not ruling out fighting for PFL in the future with potentially season two of PFL being an option.

Having been scheduled to fight or fought in six different promotion since leaving the UFC, Parke is enjoying being a nomad fighter. Japan is one destination that has avoided him so far but according to Parke he has offers from there which he is willing to explore.

“I love just getting about and fighting in different places, I thrive for that.”

Parke stepped up to fight the much avoided Rustam Khabilov and put on a good fight but the decision did not go his way. After the fight he was released from the promotion and felt that it was somewhat of a low blow, considering the quality of his opposition and the close nature of his losses. Parks does understand that his style of fighting may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that the UFC prefer younger, flashier fighters instead. He is no rush to get back to the UFC but would consider it if they came calling again.

“If I ever got an opportunity again maybe I would but right now I’m happy enough doing what I’m doing.”

The Northern Irishman is no stranger to being on the wrong end of close and controversial decisions. Parke believes that judging in MMA has to be looked at and improved. With potentially going back to the days of Pride in terms of scoring fights being an option as well as more promotions taking a page out of Absolute Championship Berkut’s book and implementing five judges instead of three and thus reducing the effects of a poor scorecard. Ideally, Parke would like to become the type of fighter who doesn’t need to worry about the judges.

“I would rather not be talking about judges, I wish I could just get the job done before that. (…) Once it comes (finishing fights) I think that’s going to stay.”

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