One Pride MMA 21: Gunawan defends his men’s strawweight belt in violent fashion

Jakarta, Indonesia – The top two male strawweights in Indonesia threw down at One Pride MMA 21 and managed to deliver an even more exciting, violence filled fight than their first championship meeting in late 2017. Read on for recaps & highlights of Brando Mamana’s chance at revenge on Gunawan in the headlining 115 lbs title fight. Plus highlights from an undercard that crowned two new One Pride MMA title contenders and saw a very odd finish in the televised opener.


Strawweight 115 lbs Title Fight:

Gunawan (7-1, defending champ)


Brando Mamana (5-3)

Both Brando Mamana and Gunawan marched straight ahead from the opening bell, slinging leather and knees in the clinch early before engaging in a very high energy MMA grappling match for much of rounds 1 & 2.  Former champ Brando Mamana had the early edge on the man who took his belt back in 2017, scoring a takedown and landed some heavy ground strikes. But an all-advised guillotine attempt gave Gunawan top position, which he used to take mount and nearly finish with hammerfists of his own before whiffing on a late guillotine. The pace didn’t slow any in round 2, with both men tussling in the clinch and hunting for the neck. This time Gunawan was the man who scored the first takedown, but once against Mamana showed off strong scrambling skills as he wriggled back to his feet. Gunawan was persistent, though, and seemed to have the bigger gas tank as he executed another takedown and controlled the back late in round 2. With five minutes to go in their rematch, Gunawan’s superior conditioning really shined as he bullied Mamana into the cage and unloaded with gutbusting clinch knees. With half a round left, Gunawan began unloading with an endless stream of nasty knees to the face and finished with punches that finally felled Mamana late in the third! Credit Gunawan for actively seeking and finding the finish when he easily could have cruised to a decision, and look out for this one-named Indonesian MMA star whenever he decides to take his talents to the global scene.


Bantamweight 135 lbs Title Eliminator:

Eko Priandono (4-1)  TKO2-Punch  Saepul Anwar (3-1)

The second #1 contender bout of the evening saw another One Pride MMA title contender crowned in violent fashion. It was evident from the start that Eko Priandono had Saepul Anwar outgunned on the feet, as every punch landed drew a notable reaction from Anwar. An eye poke gave Anwar a moment of recovery late in round 1, but to his credit he chose to keep fighting on. That proved to be a headache-inducing decision as Priandono put him down with a beautiful right hand for the round 2 TKO and #1 contender status:


Flyweight 125 lbs Title Eliminator:

Erpin Syah (4-1)  TKO2-GNP  Iwan Hermawan (4-3)

On paper it was a matchup of #1 and #2 contenders in the One Pride MMA flyweight rankings, but this title eliminator turned into a complete blowout as Erpin Syah used his ground skills to obliterate Iwan Hermawan. After some range-fighting on the feet, Syah scored a takedown and passed to side control. From there Syah used hacking elbows to the body and grounded knees to the head (legal in One Pride) to advance to mount. Hermawan tried to defend, but it was no use as Syah smashed him with an increasingly violent array of elbows and hammerfists en route to the late round 1 TKO. Impressive work from Erpin Syah, who sent a message to his competition that they’ll need to bring top notch grappling skills to the table if they want to contend with the Granat Fighting Club rep.


125: Galih Tornado (3-2)  Sub2  Yacub Christ Nugroho (2-2)

The main card opener of One Pride MMA 21 on TV One saw Galih Tornado dominate over the first round of action. His opponent, Yacub Christ Nugroho, had second thoughts about stepping off the stool for round 2 and chose to verbally submit as the round started – but not before Tornado landed a final flying knee for good measure. Not a finish you see every day!


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