Steven Siler wrapped up the #1 seed at featherweight (pic: PFL MMA)

PFL 4 Results: The Featherweight and Heavyweight playoff fields shake out, recaps/clips from all 10 fights

Long Island, New York  –  The heavyweights and featherweights threw down for their second regular season fight at PFL 4 as the cream of the crop started rising to the top of the PFL $1 million playoff standings.  Read on for recaps & clips from stellar performances by Lance Palmer, Andre Harrison, Francimar Barroso, and all 10 fights that went down at PFL 4!


PFL 4 Featherweight Regular Season Week #2


145: Lance Palmer (14-3, #26 World)  Sub3-RNC  Jumabieke Tuerxun  (20-8-1, #497 World)

Oddsmakers pegged former WSOF champ Lance Palmer as a -1650 favorite in this battle with UFC vet Jumabieke Tuerxun, and he played the part to perfection with just under 15 minutes of wrestling-based domination.  Tuerxun had few answers for Palmer’s expertly honed takedown game, and in the few moments it was on the feet he couldn’t make any headway there either.   Palmer assumed dominant positions several times in the fight, including a couple of stints in back mount and full mount, and just when it seemed that he was headed for a decision the American sunk in an RNC with about 25 seconds left!  4 points for Lance Palmer, who finished the regular season with 9 points total and settled as one of the top seeds in the playoff hunt.   Tuerxun fell to 0-2 after losing to Andre Harrison at PFL 1.


145: Andre Harrison (19-0, #19 World)  UD3  Nazareno Malegarie (35-5, #53 World)

Featherweight tournament favorite Andre Harrison has built his perfect record on the strength of a domineering grapple-first gameplan. In this contest versus featherweight King of Pancrase Nazareno Malegarie, Harrison reminded fans that he’s also capable of winning a standup battle in convincing fashion.  Harrison tested the waters with an early takedown, and when he felt some resistance from Malegarie he decided to keep the hometown crowd entertained by throwing fists.  Harrison used a strong kicking game to score plenty of points early, and he was close to a finish in round 2 when he cracked Malegarie with a right hand off the break.  The Argentine hung in there as Harrison swung uppercuts and hooks toward his face, but he never managed to get any threatening offense going.  This was another one-sided performance from Andre Harrison, who walked away with the 3 point decision win and nary a scratch on him.  Malegarie finished the regular season with 3 points thanks to his PFL 1 decision over ex-Bellator champ Marcos Galvao.



145: Steven Siler (31-17, #37 World)  Sub1-Ref Error  Alexandre de Almeida (19-8, #78 World)

This one barely got started before “Super” Siler drilled and dropped ex-WSOF champ Almeida with a wicked short right hook. Siler latched onto a guillotine choke and ref Dan Miragliotta stopped the fight despite the fact that the Brazilian never tapped.  Rough luck for Alexandre de Almeida, who was victimized by the bad stoppage but will still advance in the playoffs after earning 6 points with a finish of Lee Coville at PFL 1.  Meanwhile, Steven Siler got the first round finish – though he said it wasn’t the way he wanted to win in his post-fight interview.  Either way, Siler walked away with 6 points to earn 12 total and secure the #1 seed in the PFL featherweight playoffs.


145: Max Coga (20-5, #132 World)  TKO3  Marcos Galvao (18-11-1, #171 World)

After suffering a close decision loss to Timur Valiev at PFL 1, Max Coga kept this bout with ex-Bellator champ Marcos Galvao in his comfort zone on the feet and managed to show a lot more of his potent offensive skillset. Coga’s speed and length edges added up to a massive advantage as he popped Galvao with an array of crisp offense. The Brazilian tried to fire back with homerun swings but was way behind on everything he threw. Midway through round 3 the beatdown culminated with a Coga TKO – that’s 4 points for the German after coming up short in the first week of action. Galvao was eliminated from playoff consideration with 0 points over 2 weeks.


145: Timur Valiev (14-2, #52 World)  UD3  Bekbulat Magomedov (19-4, #232 World)

This battle of highly touted Dagestanis materialized at the last minute when their original short notice opponents Carl Deaton and Darrick Minner came in overweight. With just 24 hours to prepare for a new foe, Timur Valiev proved that he’s a class above Bekbulat Magomedov via thorough 15 minute domination. Valiev used catlike movement and a variety of kicks to keep Magomedov guessing on the feet. Bekbulat tried to fire back with punches but was never able to find the target versus the evasive Valiev. Timur showed superior gas tank and grappling as he finished the fight on top in round 3. 3 points for Timur Valiev, and a total of 6 points factoring in his PFL 1 decision win over Max Coga. Bekbulat Magomedov was eliminated with 0 points.



PFL 4 Heavyweight Regular Season Week #2


265: Francimar Barroso (21-7, #66 World)  Sub1-Arm Triangle  Jack May (10-4, #56 World)

At PFL 1, 6’8″ behemoth Jack May looked like a world-beater when he brutalized Josh Copeland with a round 1 liver kick.  UFC vet Francimar Barroso brought the big man back to earth, literally and figuratively, by catching one of the first kicks May threw and dumping him to the mat.  From there Barroso patiently advanced position and sunk in the arm triangle submission just 96 seconds in.  Francimar Barroso brought his total up to 12 points with a second straight first round finish – that’s good for #1 seed in the upcoming PFL heavyweight tournament.  Jack May fell well short but will still advance thanks to the playoffs courtesy of the 6 points he earned versus Copeland.



265: Philipe Lins (10-3, #142 World LHW)  TKO2  Alex Nicholson (12-6, #69 World)

These two former light heavyweights entered this bout with their playoff spot already secured, but that didn’t keep Alex Nicholson from going all-out trying to stalk and KO Philipe Lins from the opening bell. Lins stayed out of range skillfully and used his superior technique to peck away with kicks and jabs as “The Spartan” advanced. Nicholson had trouble cutting off the cage early but started slowing the Brazilian with front kicks to the knee and thigh in round 2. The UFC vet appeared to turn the tide when he started a flurry with a flying knee – shades of Nicholson’s PFL 1 KO of the night win over Jake Heun. Nicholson smelled blood when Lins backed up to the cage, but the American completely abandoned defense end ended up paying the price when a huge Lins right hand rocked him! Philipe Lins followed up with ground strikes to secure the TKO win and 5 points, for a total of 8 on the PFL 2018 regular season. Alex Nicholson was very unhappy about the stoppage, but it seemed fair and he’ll have to settle for 5 regular season points.


265: Kelvin Tiller (10-1, #46 World)  Sub2-Guillotine  Jared Rosholt (16-5, #35 World)

For the first five minutes this contest looked a classic Jared Rosholt fight, as he grounded “Mama’s Boy” Kelvin Tiller and maintained top position. But after chilling on his back for much of round 1, Tiller kicked it into gear and stuffed Rosholt’s first couple of takedowns in the second. When the tiring Rosholt finally got in on Tiller’s hips it gave the underdog a chance to wrap up a fight ending guillotine that forced the early round 2 tap! 5 points for Kelvin Tiller, who totaled 11 regular season points following his PFL 1 1st round KO of Caio Alencar. Despite the loss, Rosholt squeaked into the PFL playoffs with 3 points earned via decision versus Valdrin Istrefi.


265: Josh Copeland (17-5, #74 World)  UD3  Shawn Jordan (19-9, #50 World)

After eating a KO liver kick from Jack May at PFL 1, the “Cuddly Bear” Josh Copeland rebounded with a grueling yet effective-enough 15 minute performance against fellow UFC veteran Shawn Jordan. Jordan is best known for his athletic question mark KO of top contender Derrick Lewis, but he’s expanded and slowed a bit since then. After controlling much of round 1 against the cage, Jordan ran out of gas and found himself at the mercy of Copeland’s combinations in rounds 2 and 3. Cuddly Bear’s superior cardio helped him to 3 points, while Jordan scored 0 points in the 2018 PFL regular season (he didn’t make weight for his PFL 1 contest).


265: Valdrin Istrefi (13-2, #161 World)  TKO2  Daniel Gallemore (7-6, #164 World)

“Big Kansas” Daniel Gallemore is always game and powerful, but he found himself battered and bleeding for a second straight PFL bout thanks to a skillful striking performance by Valdrin Istrefi. The Swiss heavyweight kept his head out of the way of Gallemore massive punches and fired back with crisp jabs and crosses. Leg kicks were a huge part of Istrefi’s attack, and by the end of round 2 he had severely hampered the American’s movement. After Istrefi landed a series of head and leg shots midway through round 2, including a stunning question mark kick, ref Dan Miragliotta had seen enough and waved the contest off to minimal protest from Gallemore. 5 points for Valdrin Istrefi, while Gallemore exited the competition with 0 points.


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