Shields vs Terrado at PFL 6

PFL 6: Results/Recaps/Clips from Middleweight & Welterweight Week 2, Kayla Harrison’s TKO

Atlantic City, New Jersey – The PFL rocked the MMA world once more as Ray Cooper III and Kayla Harrison emerged as homegrown stars at PFL 6 with huge TKO finishes.  Read on for recaps and clips from all 12 world class contests, including week 2 of the welterweight and middleweight PFL 2018 regular season.



Women’s 155 lbs Feature Bout:


W155: Kayla Harrison (2-0, Olympic Gold)  TKO3-GNP  Jozette Cotton (8-2, #25 World W145)

If you thought Olympic judoka Kayla Harrison would be in trouble after her first takedown attempt was stuffed by striking specialist Jozette Cotton, you were in for a surprise as Harrison showed some legit skills on the feet. Harrison even cracked Cotton with a left head kick before ducking under for a thunderous takedown to side control midway through the first. Harrison methodically advanced to mount and dropped absolute bombs before running out of time on an armbar try. Round 2 was no better for Cotton, as she was planted early on and ate strikes while holding Harrison in guard through most of the frame. Harrison finally postured and dropped serious bombs with about 70 seconds left, before eating an illegal upkick that went uncalled by the referee and served as Cotton’s only significant strike of the fight. Despite a 20-18 lead (or better) heading into round 3, Harrison aggressively sought the finish as she passed to mount and started wailing away with strikes! Cotton tried to squirm away toward the cage but ended up eating bombs that forced the TKO stoppage early in round 3! That’s 2-0 for Kayla Harrison, who dominated almost every second of this fight and looked like the kind of athlete who could keep dominating WMMA for years to come.




PFL 6 – Welterweight Week 2:


170: Ray Cooper III (15-5, 12 points, #55 World)  KO1  Pavlo Kusch (23-6, 5 points, #110 World)

In a matchup of PFL 3 upset winners, Ray Cooper III proved that his KO of Jake Shields was absolutely no fluke in just 18 seconds flat. Pavlo Kusch ate a body shot that dropped him followed by a series of nasty punches that left the Ukrainian stunned and defenseless at the base of the cage! It appears that the breakout star of the summer Ray Cooper III has peaked at the right time – the Hawaiian heavy hitter will head into the PFL 2018 $1 million playoffs as the #1 seed on the strength of 12 points earned via back-to-back finishes. Meanwhile, Pavlo Kusch should be happy that ref Keith Peterson stopped the fight promptly – hopefully that should help Kusch make it to the playoffs despite getting smashed tonight.



170: Magomed Magomedkerimov (20-5, 9 points, #98 World)  UD3  Bojan Velickovic (16-7-1, 5 points, #105 World)

This matchup of PFL 3 finishers commenced with a disjointed yet oddly symmetrical first round. First, Bojan Velickovic gutted out a guillotine choke after kicking Magomedkerimov in the nuts. Then, Magomedkerimov gutted out a guillotine choke late after drilling the Serbian with a low blow of his own. The Dagestani kept going hard for the guillotine in round 2 but never really threatened and ended up pinned under Velickovic midway through the round as cornerman Khabib Nurmagomedov groaned in dismay. “Serbian Steel” didn’t do a ton of damage on the mat but stayed busy and maintained top control in the face of Magomedkerimov’s kimura and scrambling efforts. Magomedkerimov rebounded nicely in round 3 as he landed the most significant strikes of the fight via head kick and uppercut. The Dagestani followed up with a takedown and top control, before nearly finishing the fight with punches from mount in the final seconds. Grueling fight for both guys, as the playoff-bound Magomed Magomedkerimov emerged with the 3 points via 29-28 unanimous decision for 9 points total. After scoring 5 points at PFL 3, Bojan Velickovic took the loss but seemed to come out of the contest in decent shape with the upcoming $1 million playoffs on the horizon.


170: Abubakar Nurmagomedov (15-2, 3 points, #146 World)  UD3  Jonatan Westin (10-4, 0 points, #336 World)

Khabib’s cousin Abubakar Nurmagomeov entered the PFL 2018 regular season with a ton of hype but ended up tapping out to Pavlo Kusch as a massive -1600 favorite at PFL 3. Abubakar was a huge favorite again at -878 for his PFL 6 elimination match versus unheralded Jonatan Westin, and this time he managed to do enough to avoid another monumental upset. After standing with the Swede for 90 seconds and eating a nut shot, Nurmagomedov scored a takedown and kept his man on the mat with classic Dagestani wrestling. Round 2 was more of the same, as Abubakar bloodied the Allstars Training Centre rep with a cracking left in the opening moments before scoring the takedown. Westin tried a few triangle chokes, but never came close as Abubakar controlled posture from guard without much trouble. An early round 3 takedown off of a naked kick sealed Westin’s fate, as Nurmagomedov rode out top position and drew some blood with ground punches.  Westin finally scrambled up with a minute to go after threatening an armbar, but he couldn’t land the big shot needed to take out the gassed Dagestani. This was easy for the judges as they rendered the unanimous decision and 3 points for Abubakar Nurmagomedov, who rebounded with a conservative outing after getting rocked and finished last time.  Westin was eliminated after going 0-2 in his first world stage opportunity.


170: Joao Zeferino (23-9, 10 points, #60 World)  Sub3-RNC  Yuri Villefort (11-7, 0 points, #134 World)

“The Brazilian Samurai” Joao Zeferino lived up to his nickname with a murderous KO of Paul Bradley at PFL 3 that knocked the American out of the PFL regular season entirely, and he looked just as sharp in his second PFL outing against UFC vet and Victory FC champ Yuri Villefort. Zeferino smoothly evaded the bulk of Villefort’s strikes before stepping inside the pocket and cracking his man with power punches in round 1. After a rough first frame, Villefort tried to switch to wrestling at the start of round 2 but ended up on his back following a slick reversal. Back on the feet, the two Brazilian sluggers traded uppercuts as Zeferino showed some signs of fatigue. Villefort tried to take advantage with a takedown but got smooshed to the mat by a nice sprawl. The Victory FC champ Villefort had to settle for clinch control in the second half of a very close round 2. All that grappling gained him little advantage and seemed to wear Villefort down, as he appeared gassed near the end of the second and ate an uppercut bomb as he relaxed in the final moments. With Yuri now tiring, Zeferino was the one who closed distance and secured the back early in round 3 before cinching in a standing RNC! That’s two impressive finishes in two PFL fights for Joao Zeferino, who earned 4 points for 10 points overall in the competition. Villefort appeared crushed post-fight as he failed to advance with 0 points.


170: Rick Story (21-9, 8 points, #23 World)  Sub2-RNC   Carl Minus (9-1, 0 points, #297 World)

Carl Minus was up for a fight as a mid-season injury replacement, but perennial UFC contender Rick Story walked through the Alaska FC star’s jabs and served notice with snappy punches early in round 1. After establishing early dominance on the feet, Story switched gears with a takedown to side control and brutalized Minus for much of round 1. “Clutch Carl” struggled gamely and managed to avoid Story’s early RNC and arm triangle efforts. But Story took things right back to the ground in round 2 and squeezed his man out cold with an RNC for the 5 point finish! Rick Story advanced to the playoffs in fine fashion with 8 points total, while Minus came up short in his first foray into the big leagues.


170: Jake Shields (33-10-1, 3 points, #76 World)  UD3  Herman Terrado (15-5-1, 0 points, #136 World)

Jake Shields isn’t done yet!  For the first 11 minutes of this PFL playoffs eliminator, vintage Shields showed up and used his legendary striking-free American Jiu-Jitsu to ground and neutralize Guamanian banger Herman Terrado. Shields worked clinch takedowns and high IQ ground work to neutralize Terrado and build a clear 10-9 lead. But the wheels came off the bus in round 3 for the 39 year old ex-Strikeforce champ, as he gassed with four minutes to go and ended up serving as a punching bag for the slightly-less-tired Terrado. Herman managed to knock the wobbled Shields down to the mat but made the mistake of following him down and getting stuck on top in guard for the last minute-plus of the fight. Jake Shields hung on for the 29-28 unanimous decision and 3 points. Terrado was eliminated with 0 points.




PFL 6 – Middleweight Week 2:


185: Bruno Santos (17-3, 6 points, #49 World)  UD3  John Howard (26-14, 5 points, #50 World)

In a battle of stocky middleweights already through to the playoffs, John “Doomsday” Howard marched forward confidently and backed Bruno Santos into the cage with a flurry of power punches 90 seconds in. Santos retaliated with a pair of takedowns and over two minutes of top control that probably earned him round 1. Santos looked the fresher party as they kickboxed at the start of the 2nd frame, but just as Howard seemed to be getting frustrated by Santos’ leg kicks he landed a huge series of hooks that dropped the Brazilian against the cage! Howard dove in and controlled on top for about a minute, but Santos once again finished the round strong by reversing position and scoring two late takedowns when “Doomsday” scrambled. Santos tried to ride out round 3 against the cage, but when the ref separated his clinch it gave Howard an opportunity to land several more power punches. Santos was in retreat mode as Howard swung for the fences and landed 2 bomb lefts in the last two minutes. The Brazilian ate them and finished the round in a familiar position on top. 3 points for Bruno Santos, whose chin and grappling dominance were good enough to earn the unanimous decision and 6 points total. John Howard ended the regular season with 5 points.


185: Abus Magomedov (21-3, 12 points, #76 World)  KO1 Anderson Goncalves (11-3, 0 points, #152 World)

After demolishing Danilo Villefort in minutes at PFL 3, Abus Magomedov recorded an even quicker first round stoppage at PFL 6 with a crushing left hook KO of Anderson Goncalves. The German regional MMA champ and Dagestani native comes from a wrestling base, but he’s known for throwing hands and that was good enough to topple the 6’5″ Brazilian in short order. Enjoy the highlight reel KO from Abus Magomedov, who picked up 6 points to finish his PFL 2018 regular season with a perfect 12 points and clinch #1 seed in the playoffs. Goncalves was eliminated after being finished twice in the competition.


185: Shamil Gamzatov (13-0, 6 points, #42 World)  UD3  Rex Harris (11-4, 3 points, #113 World)

Three points was clearly the gameplan for Shamil Gamzatov, who played it cool in this battle of PFL 3 decision winners. Gamzatov hurt Rex Harris with crushing knees to the face from the Thai Plum folllowed by a perfect right hand 2 minutes into the fight. Yet the undefeated Dagestani cooled his jets and chose to return to picking away from distance instead of pursuing the finish – exactly the advice that Khabib Nurmagomedov appeared to be offering in his corner. Gamzatov staggered Harris again midway through round 2 with a perfect punch, but once more he elected to bank the round instead of hunting the KO. Round 3 saw the Russian enact more patient kickboxing and some cage control before he went wild with a jumping front kick and spinning back fist in the fight’s final seconds.  The one-way decision win yielded 3 points for Shamil Gamzatov, who sealed a playoff berth with 6 points total. Rex Harris couldn’t get anything going and will have to wait and see if his 3 points overall will be good enough for a crack at $1 million later this year.  Update:  Rex Harris squeaked into the playoffs with 3 points.



185: Louis Taylor (16-4, 7 points, #52 World)  UD3 Andre Lobato (24-9, 0 points, #252 World)

Louis Taylor’s plan was clear from the outset, as he dumped Andre Lobato to the mat within 15 seconds and enacted violent ground-and-pound. That was a feat Taylor repeated a half dozen more times in this 3 round bout, as Lobato had no answer for Taylor’s outside trip takedowns and even fell prey to a lateral drop at one point.  Lobato has had as much success working leglocks as any pro in the Brazilian regionals, but Taylor easily defended those tries and pounded away from a smothering half guard. Both guys were tired from 1.5 rounds of grappling by the time any meaningful kickboxing exchanges occurred; the herky-jerky American looked to be the better man on the feet as well, at least after beating on his man on the ground for several minutes first. Dominant work from Louis Taylor who scored 3 points via 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 cards to advance to the playoffs with 7 points total. Andre Lobato exited PFL 2018 with an 0-2 record.


185: Gasan Umalatov (18-6-1, 3 points, #128 World)  UD3  Eddie Gordon (8-6, 0 points, #140 World)

This elimination bout started very slowly, with Gasan Umalatov offering leg kicks while Truck Gordon headhunted and mostly-whiffed with single shots over the first four minutes. Both men started slinging in the last 30 seconds of R1, as Umalatov landing a nice spinning back kick and both traded punches. The second round was slightly higher paced, including a couple of big punches for both men but most of the offense coming from the Russian. Gordon slowed substantially by round 3 while Umalatov was just kicking it into gear after 10 minutes. The Dagestani showed off slick boxing and evasion, and he added a couple of brief takedowns en route to a clear decision win by 30-27s.  3 points for Gasan Umalatov after scoring 0 at #PFL3. Will that be enough for Umalatov to advance to the $1 million playoffs? Eddie Gordon was eliminated with 0 points after going 0-2 in PFL 2018.



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