Prophetic Prospects: UFC 229 Predictions

Ryan MacDonald (10-0) Bantamweight prospect out of 
North Platte, Nebraska

155, Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov
155, Tony Ferguson vs. Anthony Pettis
205, Ovince Saint Preux vs. Dominick Reyes
265, Derrick Lewis vs. Alexander Volkov
115, Michelle Waterson vs. Felice Herrig
Tony Ferguson. Ferguson takes it based on his bulletproof mindset and will to win. Although Anthony should win the exchange’s on the feet. 
Khabib Nurmagomedov.  I think Khabib wins by letting Conor come at him the first couple rounds and being patient than using his timing on takedowns.
Ovince Saint Preux. OSP should have the edge because of more experience with higher level competition.
Alexander Volkov. I got Alexander Volkov because he keeps good range and is a lean fast heavyweight.
Michelle Waterson. I’ll take Michelle Waterson because I think she is diversifying her game and adding more wrestling.



Kay Hansen (3-1) Strawweight prospect out of 
Fullerton, California

I got Conor in the first two but if it goes past that I lean khabib
Tony Ferguson
Ovince Saint Preux
Derrick Lewis
Felice Herrig



Calen Born (6-0) Welterweight prospect out of  
Kansas City, Kansas

Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov’s wrestling and smothering style should prevail. Conor won’t be able to stop his takedowns after the 2nd.
Tony Ferguson. I got Ferguson even though he is kind of a tool.
Dominick Reyes. Reyes because he’s talented and confident.  
Derrick Lewis. Volkov and I bet Lewis uses his back or some other injury as an excuse.  
Felice Herrig.  Karate Hotties is cute but hasn’t really fought the competitions and won where Herrig has.



Johnny Munhoz (7-0) Bantamweight prospect out of  
Norco, California

Conor McGregor. Stylistically Khabib is the worst possible match-up for McGregor. However, based off Khabib’s last performance I’m leaning towards McGregor. Khabib comes in going forward, and as we see in his past fight he is not afraid to take hits coming in. If he does this with McGregor, he’ll be floored. McGregor is good at timing people coming in, so that’s where I give him the advantage. Wouldn’t surprise me if Khabib wins though.
Tony Ferguson.  I’m going with Tony Ferguson on this one. Pettis hasn’t been the same guy in my book since he lost the title. I feel the pressure of Ferguson will overwhelm Pettis and will finish him by submission
Dominick Reyes. Reyes is on the rise, and a win over OSP will get him in the title picture. I’m going with Reyes.
Alexander Volkov.  This will be a good one, but I’m going with big Alex. His reach will be a factor in this fight.
Michelle Waterson. I got Michelle Waterson because who doesn’t like the Karate Hottie?



Raufeon Stots (10-1) Bantamweight prospect out of  
West Allis, Wisconsin

Khabib Nurmagomedov. I believe Khabib will win due to his cardio and pressure.
Anthony Pettis. Pettis is more dynamic on his feet and that leads people into his subs on the grounds.
Ovince Saint Preux 
Derrick Lewis.  Lewis cause he from da H.
Felice Herrig. Felipe has better grappling.


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