Prospect of the Week: Miranda Maverick

Miranda Maverick
“The Maverick”
20 years old
Trains out of Springfield Fight Club
Undefeated at 3-0
2 Submissions (RNC, Armbar)

Miranda Maverick’s Career So Far:

-3rd pro fight(Gabby Romero, 2-2): Maverick would start by showing improvements on the feet using side-to-side footwork landing strikes while moving in-and-out. Romero would go for the outside-trip takedown but Maverick would stay heavy and gain top position. Romero uses a leg lock to get top position, where she would lock up an armbar that Maverick was able to survive in until the bell. 2nd round starts and Maverick again is looking good striking while defending takedown attempts from Romero. Maverick would start to let her hands go landing big uppercuts hurting Romero, as Romero would go for another lazy trip takedown. Maverick would threaten with a second armbar but transitioned to land effective ground-and-pound. Romero managed to get back to her feet right at the bell. 3rd round, Maverick’s striking is precise but is a bit slow. However, she continues to land while cutting angles and throwing combinations. Romero would continue to try and get this fight to the mat, where Maverick would hook the leg and put Romero on her knees as she landed a knee to the body before getting on top. Romero would throw her legs up and get in a better position where she took the back and transitioned to an armbar but Maverick was never in trouble.

-2nd pro fight(Kal Holiday, 1-1): Holiday is aggressive, walking down Maverick as Maverick would try to use leg kicks and side kicks to the body to keep distance. Holiday though would get Maverick against the fence, hook her leg and slam Maverick down landing into side control. Maverick works back to full guard, as she would control the wrist of Holiday and throw up a triangle but immediately switch to an armbar. In trouble, Holiday would try to lift Maverick and drop her on her head, Holiday would survive then go belly down and try to roll out. She is unable to escape and forced to tap.

-1st pro fight(Samatha Diaz, 0-2): About 1:30 into the fight, Maverick closed the distance, where she successfully worked a body-lock takedown. Diaz would immediately lock up an Armbar but Maverick intelligently defended.  In the exchange, Diaz intelligently worked back to her feet to get top position. As Diaz stood up in the guard of Maverick, Maverick would grab the legs and sweep Diaz to her back. Maverick would take the back and eventually lock in the rear-naked-choke where Diaz would tap.

You can watch all her fights on UFC Fight Pass.

Overall: With three fights, I am confident that Maverick is going to be a household name in the future. While her opponent’s record isn’t the best, people forget that her opponents were highly-touted at the time. Not to mention, Maverick defeated them all with ease. Maverick has stellar jiu-jitsu and is so physically strong that once she is in a position, she isn’t coming out. She is strong on top with effective ground-and-pound and even off her back, she is the one in control threatening with reversals and submissions. In her last fight, she moved to Flyweight and looked much improved with her striking as her angles and footwork showed improvement. She does have power in her hands so as she becomes more comfortable on the feet, her future opponents might be in trouble.
Where Miranda Maverick should fight:

Maverick should stay where she’s at for now. While the UFC now has a Flyweight division, the better choice for Maverick is to stay in Invicta for the time being. Maverick is still young and has not reached her peak yet.Perhaps three more fights in Invicta would allow for a more seamless jump to the UFC.

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