Prospect of the Week: Strawweight Slugger Priscila Cachoeira

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Priscila “Pedrita” Cachoeira
Fighting out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
28 years old
Fights out of Parana Vale Tudo
Undefeated at 7-0
3 TKOs


Breakdown on each fight:

-7th pro fight (Marta Souza, 6-9): Souza really didn’t want to brawl with Cachoeira, but that didn’t stop the Parana Vale Tudo talent from coming forward and swinging for the kill – finding the jaw a couple times with her right hand. Souza landed some shots as she was sucked into a slugfest, causing blood to stream from the nose of Cachoeira. But Sozua kept her chin straight up in the air, and Cachoeira continued to land her jab and big hooks over and over. Cachoeira continued taking the fight to Souza, landing massive punches that forced Souza to grab the clinch and hold till the bell. 2nd round, Cachoeira started to work the body in more with her combinations going to the body and head. As usual, it was all-action from Cachoeira as she kept moving forward even when Souza landed shots.  Cachoeira finally dropped Souza in the second round with an overhand left followed by a straight right. Souza got back to her feet but Cachoeira followed up with a massive right hook and didn’t let off till the bell. 3rd round, both were very tired but Cachoeira is like a robot always moving forward and dishing out punishment. She couldn’t get the finish in this one but she kept landing at high volume throughout the road, which is simply what she does.

-6th pro fight(Karoline Martins, 4-2): This was supposed to be a pretty tough test for Priscila, but it took her 49 seconds to wipe the floor with Martins. As usual, Cachoeira came out swinging lefts and rights and as soon as she stunned Martins with a left hand she didn’t let off the gas and kept connecting with everything she was throwing. Finally a right hand concluded the flurry and put Martins down for the quick TKO. Really impressive stuff from Cachoeira in this one, as you don’t see these kind of finishing skills on the feet at 115 pound very often.

-5h pro fight (Laisa Coimbra, 0-6): Cachoeira came out hot to start this mismatch, swinging wild overhands and landing huge punches from all angles. All Laisa could do was curl up and try to circle out. Cachoeira was all over her with heavy leather and eventually landed a left hand on the chin that put Laisa down and forced the ref stopped the fight.

-4th pro fight (Alexandra de Cassia, 3-2): No video footage but Cachoeira won by TKO in round 2.

-3rd pro fight (Amanda Torres, 7-4): Cachoeira took no time trying to open up and brawl, but Torres was able to take advantage of her aggression to clinch and score a takedown with an inside trip. Cachoeira quickly got back to her feet and both slugged it out for a moment with both landing on the chin. Cachoeira continued to land big lefts and rights but Torres grabbed a kick and again got the fight to the mat. Cachoeira tried to get to her feet but Torres took the back and decided to transition to an armbar – although it was very deep, somehow Cachoeira survived till the bell. 2nd round, Torres was exhausted.  Cachoeira showed fatigure too, but she thrives in these situations. The key to the second round for Priscila was constant forward motion and dealing constant punishment with a variety of kicks and punches. 3rd round saw the pace slow quite a bit, but Cachoeira was still moving forward landing the right hand and defending Torres’ takedown tries.  Cachoeira finally went off on a flurry of right hands, left lands, and head kicks as the clock ticked down, and she didn’t let up til the bell. Nice comeback by Cachoeira after a tough first round, as she kept her undefeated record intact by decision.

-2nd pro fight (Paula Baack, 2-5): Both these fighters started off brawling on the feet throwing and landing big wild punches, with Baack actually getting the better strikes in but Cachoeira landing as well. Baack’s bombs busted Cachoeira’s nose wide open, but the pace slowed as they tied up against the fence. Once her opponent slowed a bit, Cachoeira showed off a strong head kick and followed with her typical flurry of punches. Both continued to attack with leg kicks and landed big punches to cap a crazy and close round. 2nd round was a more technical performance at first, with Cachoeira keeping distance and landing with her kicks. Cachoeira landed well as she used her jab some, and each time she got in distance she forced brief but wild exchanges. Baack had some success in the short brawls but Cachoeira was doing well at countering, landing that jab, tagging her foe with leg kicks, and defending Baack’s takedown tries. By the 3rd round, Cachoeira was really attacking the left leg of Baack over and over. Cachoeira sometimes doesn’t show much head movement, but in this fight she showed some defensive skills by moving just out of reach of Baack’s fatigued flurries. Late in the fight Cachoeira landed a right hand and a left hook that dropped Baack briefly. Cachoeira turned up the offense looking for the finish toward the end, but Baack survived and Priscila earned the decision to cap a very entertaining fight.

-1st pro fight (Kakau Costa, 4-7): In her pro debut, Cachoeira kept pressure throughout the first round but stayed on the outside beating Costa up with kicks. Cachoeira really kept Costa off-balance as she went high, to the body, and to the legs, but it was the outside leg kick that was doing the most damage. Costa didn’t do much as every time she tried to get in range Cachoeira would counter. Toward the end of the first round, Cachoeira started to let loose with her hands and defend a takedown attempt from Costa. 2nd round, Cachoeira returned to her patient gameplan of attacking Costa’s left leg over and over. Cachoeira didn’t have much luck with her trademark overhands but she caught Costa with a short right hand hurting her a bit. Cachoeira stayed with solid shots as Costa turtled up against the fence and shot for desperate failed takedowns. 3rd round, Cachoeira continued to attack the legs and started to buckle the knees of Costa. By this point Cachoeira was landing cleaner strikes as she did a great job throwing Costa off with feints.  Finally in the third Costa made her first real move with a successful single leg takedown, but she could do nothing on top as Cachoeira held a guillotine for the rest of the round. Even though this fight happened just 14 months ago, she’s already improved a ton since this debut and become much more comfortable in the cage.


Overall Assessment:

Cachoeira’s style is sort of like a female Chris Leben – exciting, aggressive, great chin, violent, and focused on offense. If Cachoeira’s goal is to put on exciting fights for the fans then she is doing some fantastic work. The technique isn’t at world class level but a constant pressure and volume are what she does more than anyone in WMMA about it. What she does is break her opponent down with fearless, nonstop pressure and varied striking. She kind of reminds me of a female Justin Gaethje, swinging hard wide punches and taking the legs out of opponents with huge leg kicks. Priscila does get tired, mainly because she starts off trying to force the brawl and usually succeeds in getting it there.  Once she starts exchange that’s where she thrives, as very few women are as tough as her. I fear once Cachoeira fights a wrestler she will be controlled because she has been taken down before against lesser fighters. Also, once Cachoeira fights a more quicker and technical striker I feel she will struggle to get inside to do any damage, unless she works on refining her technique.

Where I think Priscila Cachoeira should fight:

With the UFC bringing in the Womens’ Flyweight division, Priscila Cachoeira would be a perfect pick up for the UFC. Many of the women who are going to be signed for the division will be green and trying to settle into the UFC, whereas Cachoeira has a well-defined style and even at her current level of technique could beat a lot of the rank-and-fileon the TUF 26 roster.



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