RCC 3: Aleksander Emelianenko KOs a 5th straight big show vet, Klidson Farias taps out Viktor Nemkov

Yekaterinaburg, Russia – Five fight Octagon veteran Viktor Pesta made it tough on resurgent heavyweight Aleksander Emelianenko in the main event of RCC 3, but in the end the Pride alum scored another impressive knockout to stay undefeated in his 2017-18 comeback tour. Fedor’s brother marched forward hunting for the knockout from the get-go but found himself on the wrong end of sharp counter punches from the 27 year old Pesta. Things looked even better for Pesta in round 2 when he found the takedown and controlled from top position for the first half of the frame, but he never managed to free himself from guard or do much damage. Once Emelianenko received a referee standup, he got a second wind and immediately stormed forward with an extended flurry of punches and knees that forced a TKO stoppage!  The impressive TKO was reminiscent of Aleksander’s win over Gabriel Gonzaga in May, another bout where he spent significant time on bottom before punching his way to the KO in round 2.  With the defeat, Viktor Pesta (13-5, #47 World) saw his win streak end at 3, while 36 year old Aleksander Emelianenko (28-7, #31 World) remained perfect in his post-prison comeback with five straight wins by KO/TKO over big show veterans.


Click here to watch the full RCC 3 event on YouTube, and read on for recaps of the rest of the world-class 10 fight card:


RCC 3 Co-Main Event @ 205 lb:

Klidson Farias (13-2, #80 World)
Submission-RNC, Round 2
Viktor Nemkov (25-7, #20 World)

Fedor Team ace Viktor Nemkov employed a gameplan befitting his mentor in round 1, as he took down Brave CF light heavyweight champ Klidson Farias and smashed him with strikes from inside guard. The Brazilian turned the tides when he anticipated Nemkov’s early round 2 shot and circled around to the Russian’s back. Once Farias got his hooks in, it was only a matter of time before he sunk his arm under Nemkov’s neck and squeezed out the upset win via round 2 RNC! Stunning upset for Klidson Farias, as he stepped into hostile territory and got the job done in conclusive fashion after suffering a rough first round. That’s the first time that anyone has finished off Viktor Nemkov since BJJ wizard Vinny Magalhaes tapped him via gogoplata submission in an M-1 Global light heavyweight title way back in 2011 – very impressive stuff. With this top tier-win Farias is now riding a five fight win streak, and he’s still never seen the judges’ scorecards in victory or in defeat.


RCC 3 Main Card @ 220 lb:

Mikhail Mokhnatkin (11-2-2, #43 World)
Kleber Raimundo Silva (14-9, #75 World)

In his recent wins over Latvian #1 heavyweight Konstantin Gluhov and PFL heavyweight tourney fighter Philipe Lins, natural 205er Kleber Raimundo Silva served notice that he punches well above his weight. Technical talent Mikhail Mokhnatkin seemed to have that in mind as he chose to duck under Silva’s shots and toss this fight to the mat at every opportunity. Silva struggled to his feet multiple times but didn’t have an answer for Mokhnatkin’s well-timed level changes. Once he had Silva flat on the mat in the second half of round 1, Mokhnatkin went to work with hacking ground strikes that left Silva a bloody mess by the bell. One round was all that the Brazilian could handle on this evening as he retired on his stool. It wasn’t highlight reel stuff but Mikhail Mokhnatkin took home the TKO victory – his first finish since 2015, following decisions over Fabio Maldonado and ex-WSOF heavyweight kingpin Derrick Mehmen in recent bouts.


RCC 3 Main Card @ 170 lb:

Nikolay Aleksakhin (22-5, #51 World)
Elias Silverio (14-4-1, #98 World)

Both of these credentialed welterweights bounced around on the outside offering feints for most of round 1, though each landed a big right in the last minute. Aleksakhin’s stalwart takedown defense was notable; one of his sprawl-and-circles was so perfectly timed that it earned a high-five of appreciation from five fight UFC vet Silverio. The standup action intensified in round 2 as the Brazilian landed a glancing head kick and Aleksakhin retaliated with a cracking right hand. A pair of low blows broke up the action in a close middle stanza before Silverio punctuated the round with a sharp right hand at the buzzer that had the Russian clutching at his left eye. Both men threw with a bit more frequency in round 3 but unfortunately the fight never broke out of heavy sparring territory. Aleksakhin finally shot for a takedown at the end of the fight and briefly achieved it, but Silverio used a quick omoplata sweep to reverse and end the fight in mount. Solid technical work from both men in a fight that left lots of room for judging interpretation. The cageside officials went with 27 year old Nikolay Aleksakhin, who added Silverio to an impressive hit list that includes wins over former M-1 champ Yasubey Enomoto along with UFC vets Dom Steele and Mike Graves.


RCC 3 Main Card @ 205 lb:

Artur Astakhov (16-5, #104 World)
Submission-Punch, Round 3
Mikhail Kolbegov (12-4, #45 World)

After RCC 3 kicked off with a series of ground fights, restless striking fans were finally treated to an extended standup battle when Artur Astakhov threw down with Mikhail Kolbegov. Kolobegov entered with a ton of momentum thanks to a decision win over former UFC contender Thiago Silva at ACB 82, and he tried to make headway with the same pressure approach in this fight against Astakhov. But Artur is the definition of a slick striker, and he used subtle head movement and sharp counters to outscore his opponent while moving backward in round 1. Kolobegov turned up the pressure as the fight wore on and started working the body to good effect. But Astakhov consistently made him pay for venturing into the pocket and his takedown defense proved ironclad against Kolobegov’s periodic grappling ventures. The expert counterstriker took his turn moving forward when Kolobegov showed signs of fading at the start of round 3 – a tactical improvement over Astakhov’s often inert decision win over fellow counterfighter and former Bellator champ Emmanuel Newton in 2017. When Astakhov landed a sharp jab to the nose Kolobegov reached his breaking point and tapped out to strikes for the early round 3 finish. Excellent work from Artur Astakhov, who outclassed a very good opponent from bell to bell. That’s a great way for the Stary Oskol native to shake off the sting of sitting on the shelf for 14 months following a 27 second KO loss to FNG prospect Kurban Omarov last May.


RCC 3 Main Card @ 185 lb:

Sergei Martynov (10-2, #136 World)
TKO-Cut, Round 2
Marcio Santos (13-3, #182 World WW)

When TUF Brazil alum Marcio Santos found himself knocked down and eating serious ground elbows in round 1, the Brazilian bit down on his mouthpiece and found a way to grit out the assault. Sergei Martynov’s offensive output clearly wore him down, while Santos showed incredible cardio and somehow appeared to be the fresher man to start round 2. “Pedra” laid the offense on thick with hard left hands, but a growing cut just over his right eye forced the doctor to stop the bout just as Santos was getting his rhythm. Rough luck for the Brazilian – his technique looked pretty sloppy, but there’s no questioning Santos’ physical preparation or heart. Meanwhile, Martynov seemed to be fading when the cut was determined to be a fight-ender – that’s one way to escape with a fourth straight win. Exciting fight while it lasted.


RCC 3 Undercard Bouts:

135: Evgeniy Ignatiev (11-2-2, #524 World)  Sub2-RNC  Vadim Buseev (5-4-2)

23 year old Evgeniy “Grandmaster” Ignatiev showed his precocious talents as he shot in for a lightning quick takedown, controlled position for all of round 1, and nearly finished with an RNC try late in the frame. The bloodied Buseev gutted it out to the bell but had no way to stop the takedown again in round 2. Ignatiev scampered to the back and put it hooks en route to the RNC submission 3 minutes into round 2. Total domination from Evgeniy Ignatiev against the 6 time Fight Nights Global veteran Buseev.


145: Vladislav Parubchenko (16-1,#167 World)  Sub1-Guillotine  Alexey Gannenko (6-7)

After grounding Alexey Gannenko early, Ukarine’s Vladislav Parubchenko silenced the partisan crowd with a round 1 guillotine win. Easy work for Parubchenko, who tallied a ninth consecutive victory – a worldwide run that includes wins in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Brazil, and Azerbaijan.


145: Aleksandr Grozin (10-2-1, #378 World)  Dec  Svyatoslav Shabanov (16-7-1, #306 World)

Not much to see here unless you’re a fan of one-sided wrestling domination. That’s what Aleksandr Grozen used to cruise to a third straight win in the RCC promotion.


170: Artur Karavaev (7-4, #580 World)  Dec  Oleg Dadonov (7-4, 1-0 FNG, #387 World)

All wrestling, all the time – even when strikes were available, neither Oleg Dadonov nor Artur Karavaev seemed interested in punching either other. The fight started as a clinch battle favoring Dadonov, but by the end of round 1 Karavaev was the man who worked for the match’s first takedown. Karavaev maintained control through round 2, until Dadonov found a second wind in round 3. The late run wasn’t enough as Artur Karavaev grinded his way to a decision in the RCC 3 opener.


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