Liu & Bigfoot faced off at Rebel FC 8

Rebel FC 8 Recap & Event Video: Bigfoot Silva Joins Rebel FC, Chinese Talents Dominate Worldwide Competition

Guangzhou, China – The Chinese pro MMA ranks are burgeoning, and several of the nation’s top young talents showed off their stuff against international competition at Rebel FC 8. Prospects like Tang Kai, Kangkang Niu, Chen Rui, and Wu Chengjie demonstrated that the next wave of Chinese talents will be ready to crash onto the global scene before you know it. Plus, appropriately titanic-sized news from heavyweight legend Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva!


Catch the event free via and read on for recaps and top clips from the nine pro bouts on the Rebel FC 8 docket.

Rebel FC 8 World Ranked Bouts:

Main Event @185: “The Fire Kylin” Wang Sai (23-6-1, 1-1 UFC, #215 World) has been on an absolute tear through the Chinese regionals but hasn’t faced a world ranked opponent in over three years. Sai added another quick one to his resume as he easily guillotined Ukraine’s Konstantin Linnik (6-7) en route to the sub in under two minutes. Wang’s next outing should allow the 32 year old to show his stuff against a more credentialed foe – he’s currently slated to fight world #152 welterweight Adriano Balby at a future Rebel FC event.

Co-Main Event @205: Regional tough guy Marcelo Tenorio (4-7) entered as an underdog against Liu Wenbo (11-7-1, #178 World), but he cracked the home fighter with several high kicks and punches in the first few minutes of the fight. Liu ended up on top punching away as the round ended, but probably was down 10-9 after one round. Tenorio called Liu in for a brawl early in round 2. The top Chinese light heavyweight responded with a pair of crackling right hands in the first minute. Tenorio briefly threatened with a triangle choke but ended up pinned under Liu in side control for the rest of the round. Round three saw Liu rush in for the takedown immediately. That’s where the fight stayed as Liu Wenbo overcame some periods of serious adversity to score the split decision win.

Post-bout, Bigfoot Silva appeared out of nowhere to challenge Liu Wenbo to a future bout in the Rebel FC cage! What a challenge that one should be for Liu.

185: Since a win over UFC vet Amilcar Alves in June 2016, former BAMMA middleweight champ Cheick Kone (17-10, #334 World) has suffered the roughest run of his six year pro career. Kone found himself chin checked early on by a huge right hand from California’s Askar Mozharov (12-7, four win streak). Moments later Mozharov unloaded a nasty spinning body kick that Kone ducked into facefirst. Nasty KO from Askar Mozharov, who pulled off the classy Mark Hunt walkoff instead of going in for more damage. Kone dropped his sixth straight with this KO loss to the late replacement, who did miss weight for this contest.

145: WBK 19 one-night tournament winner Tang Kai (8-2) found himself in dire straits early on versus Nikolay Kondratuk (8-3, #520 World) thanks to a tight looking guillotine choke. Kondratuk clung for the submission for two minutes but couldn’t get it done. Once Tang worked back to his feet, he smashed Kondratuk with several gnarly left head kicks that left the Ukrainian down on the mat. Tang Kai leapt in with a brutal Mo/Petruzelli style diving punch before finishing with a ton of GNP for the round 1 TKO.

135: The first of four Ukrainian fighters to fall on the evening, Taras Grytskiv (15-5, #336 World, 0-1 ACB) simply couldn’t stay on his feet versus BJJ ace Renato Velame (23-8, #368 World, 0-1 ACB). That spelled disaster for Grystkiv, who paid the price with a lopsided 15 minute decision loss. Velame threatened with a north-south choke in round 1, but the Brazilian primarily focused on positional control en route to his fourth straight victory. Grystkiv’s winning streak halted at six.

155: Harbin, China’s Wu Chengjie (14-5, #369 World, eight win streak) was originally scheduled to battle Australian regional champ Chris Morris but instead took on heavily sculpted late replacement Jaypee Espinosa (1-4). Wu avoided Espinosa’s tight hooks, and as soon as he got his man to the mat Wu unloaded with powerful hammerfists en route to the win about two minutes into round 1.

Other Rebel FC 8 Pro Bouts:

155: As long as this one stayed on the feet, Phillipines’ Arben Escayo (6-5) swung huge power punches with Bao Yinna (8-5, seven win streak). Neither man connected with the desired kill shot through three minutes. That’s when Bao chose to take the fight to the mat. Escayo’s lack of BJJ training was so evident that announcer David Hollett predicted that the tap was incoming about one second after Bao assumed top control. The Beijing native proved Hollett right, as he worked to back control effortlessly. Moments before Bao actually sunk the RNC, Escayo tapped out to award Bao Yinna the first round submission win – that’s his seventh straight victory after starting his career at 1-5.

135: For three dominant rounds, Wang Yayong (8-5) grounded and pounded Andrey Hohlov (6-5). Wang dug a hole with a one point deduction when he landed an illegal RIZIN/PRIDE style knee to the dome in round 1. That mattered little, as Wang nearly finished the Ukrainian with a left head kick in round 2 before smashing away for the remainder of the bout en route to the decision win.

135: Phuket Top Team’s Yad Singh (5-2) worked hard for the takedown in the first two rounds of his bout with 21 year old striker Chen Rui (6-0). The Indian fighter didn’t get further than some clinch control in round 1, but managed to secure the takedown and dominate much of round 2 from guard. Chen finally kept the fight on the feet in round 3 as Singh never really worked hard for a takedown. Chen showed nice combinations with his hands early in round 3. Just when it looked to be going to a decision, Chen roared forward with a series of overhand rights followed by rapid-fire hooks that forced the TKO stoppage against the cage with just 20 seconds to go!

125: Wang Daoyuan (0-4 official, 4-5 per RFC) plodded forward in this bout with 22 year old Kangkang Niu (4-1) but ate punches and hard body/leg kicks for his trouble. The Wushu Sanda practitioner added in a successful bodylock takedown the as soon as he chose to take things down late in round 1. Kangkang continued to use the mat to his advantage in round 2 with a takedown and GNP near the cage. Wang’s spirit never broke but he simply had no tools to get Kangkang off of him. Kankang nearly finished him a few times in round 2 and earned a crystal-clear 10-8 score for his work. Wang taunted Kangkang’s power as he ate strikes in round 3, but the tough flyweight had nothing to offer behind service as a heavy bag. Niu Kangkang showed off the skillset and athletism that you look for in a young flyweight as he cruised to the unanimous decision win.


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