RIZIN 11 winner Diego Brandao (pic @Jolassanda)

RIZIN 11 was Awesome: Recaps & Clips of Horiguchi, Gomi, Brandao & all the Rest

Saitama, Japan –  It was another can’t miss night of action for RIZIN fans as every fight that mattered at RIZIN 11 delivered violence for the appreciative Saitama Super Arena crowd & fans watching worldwide on Fite.tv.  Read on for recaps and clips from this spectacular show including decisive wins for Japanese stars Takanori Gomi, Kyoji Horiguchi, and Kanna Asakaura – plus a ton of straight-up crazy action on the undercard.  RIZIN!!!!


RIZIN 11 Main Event @ 108 lbs:

Kanna Asakura (13-2, #5 World Atom)

Unanimous Decision

Rena Kubota (7-2, #14 World Atom)

Just like the first time these two met, 20 year old wrestling phenom Kanna Asakura used her core skillset to simply overpower Shootboxing star Rena Kubota en route to a decision in the RIZIN 11 main event. Kubota managed to last all 15 minutes and she had her moments, including a handful of nice punches and liver shots on the feet and a slam early on. Kanna also worked for the finish at times, including a close armbar try, but this fight was all about her wrestling domination.  Can anyone stop RIZIN’s premiere atomweight terror, who is now on an eight fight win streak?



RIZIN 11 Co-Main Event @ 132 lbs:

Kyoji Horiguchi (25-2, #9 World)

Unanimous Decision

Hiromasa Ogikubo (17-4-2, #26 World)

After blasting through his last six RIZIN opponents in overwhelming fashion, Kyoji Horiguchi faced a lot more resistance in his rematch with Hiromasa Ogikubo but still found a way to come out on top. Horiguchi dominated on the mat in their 2013 meeting, but Ogikubo took the initiative this time by pressing forward into an immediate clinch. After expending a lot of energy pushing Horiguchi into the ropes, the two men broke apart and Ogikubo scored a knockdown with a short right! The TUF 24 alum Ogikubo jumped right on top but couldn’t control and found himself contending with Horiguchi on the feet before long. Once Ogikubo’s initial burst passed, the 2017 RIZIN Grand Prix champ started going to work with lightning fast punches. Takedowns in the second half of the 10 minute first round gave Horiguchi a chance to do serious damage, and he obliged with brutal grounded knees to the face and soccer kicks. By the end of round 1 Ogikubo was a bloody mess, but the gritty Shooto champ kept on working hard to grapple with The Gooch in round 2. Ogikubo never came close to threatening Horiguchi in the second and found himself again on the wrong side of the champ’s wrestling game and boxing attacks. Kudos to Hiromasa Ogikubo for avoiding the finish this time, but at the end of 15 hard fought minutes Kyoji Horiguchi was the clear winner by unanimous decision.  The Gooch is one of the best in the world, period – hopefully we get to see him rematch Demetrious Johnson someday, in ring or cage.



RIZIN 11 Undercard Greatness

163: Takanori Gomi (36-15, #368 World)  KO1  Melvin Guillard (32-21-2, #327 World)

Erstwhile world #1 Takanori Gomi dialed back the clock and delivered a classic performance against onetime prolific knockout artist Melvin Guillard. Both guys came out brawling wildly, with Gomi landing more but Guillard landing harder. After they settled down from the initial maelstrom, Gomi staggered from a knee injury midway through round 1 and Guillard started swinging for the kill. But the Pride legend ate Melvin’s best and responded with a crushing KO of his own! What a roller coaster ride for the “Fireball Kid”, who scored his first finish since taking out Eiji Mitsuoka way back at UFC 144. Gomi’s career worst six fight losing streak came to an end, while Melvin Guillard’s hard times continued as he lost out on purse due to missing weight by 2 pounds and then suffered his eighth consecutive defeat in cranium-rattling fashion.

205: Jiri Prochazka (21-3-1, #23 World)  KO1  Bruno Cappelozza (10-5, #138 World)

One of the most highly touted and imposing talents on the RIZIN roster, Czech light heavyweight Jiri Prochazka found himself stumbling to the canvas when Bruno Cappelozza cracked his jaw early in round 1. Prochazka weathered the incoming finishing assault from the former Jungle Fight champ, before firing back with a pistonlike short right to put Cappelozza down! The Brazilian tried to stay in the fight but was pretty much out on his feet, which allowed Prochazka to send his dazed foe to dreamworld. Getting cracked early isn’t the greatest look when you keep your hands as low as Jiri does, but otherwise this was another violent performance from the consistently entertaining 205 pound slugger and another wild brawl on a weekend filled with real crackers.


155: Diego Brandao (23-12, #70 World)  KO1  Satoru Kitaoka (41-17-9, #161 World)

In a brief battle of crazy-faced veteran finishers, TUF 14 winner Diego Brandao was lured into a grappling battle with JMMA legend Satoru Kitaoka. No big deal for Brandao, who shucked off a leglock and put Kitaoka out cold in the opening minute with murderous hammerfists! Perfect debut for the Brazilian:


155: Daron Cruickshank (21-10, #94 World)  Sub3-Strikes  Tom Santos (9-6, #151 World)

ROAD FC $1 Million tournament quarterfinalist Tom Santos had little to offer beyond toughness in this one-sided clash with 12 fight UFC vet Daron Cruickshank. Cruickshank punched, kneed, hook kicked, stomped, soccer kicked, and generally brutalized Santos on the feet for the first 2 and a half rounds. When the Brazilian wouldn’t go away after eating everything in Cruickshank’s aresenal, the moustachioed Michigander surprised everyone by taking things to the ground. Moments later he forced Santos to tap to hacking ground elbows with 50 seconds left in the fight – awesome work from Daron Cruickshank, who added all sorts of great stuff to his growing RIZIN highlight reel:


130: Topnoi Tiger Muay Thai (6-1, #10 SE Asia)  KO1  Tadaaki Yamamoto (15-10-3, #169 World)

Crazy, crazy, crazy one minute fight. Topnoi Tiger Muay Thai got knocked down early by a Tadaaki Yamamoto left hook, but he kept his bearings when the Japanese fighter flurried to finish. Topnoi ate a couple of shots but lined up a bomb of a left hand. A gnarly followup soccer kick and a finishing punch put Yamamoto out cold in the corner to cap this brutal 60 seconds!


Rest of the RIZIN 11 Prelims

W108: Miyuu Yamamoto (2-3) UD3  Saori Ishioka (15-12, #15 World)

The 43 year old matriarch of the fighting Yamamoto family, Miyuu Yamamoto brings impressive ammy wrestling credentials to the ring and never has trouble scoring takedowns. Against Saori Ishioka, Yamamoto showed that she’s getting better at defending against submissions while she’s dominating top control – a problem in all three of her pro losses. Miyuu fought off armbar and triangle choke tries and made Ishioka pay with a handful of stomps and knees on the ground.


265: Unurjargal Boldpurev (2-0)  UD3  Shoma Shibisai (7-2 incl Ganryujima)

No grounded knees allowed in this particularly ugly heavyweight fight at RIZIN 11 – three time Ganryujima Moat winner Shoma Shibisai earned a yellow card for this one in round 1. Mongolian wrestler Boldpureev spent almost the entire fight squashing the smaller fighter into the mat. This one was so lousy it earned some boos from the crowd. In Japan!


RIZIN 11 Kickboxing




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