Wanderlei Silva with protege Luiz Gustavo

RIZIN 12: Recaps & Clips of all 7 World Class MMA Bouts (6 Finishes!)

Nagoya, Japan – Catch recaps and clips from Japan’s top fight promotion as RIZIN 12 produced 7 thrilling MMA bouts, to go with a handful of exciting kickboxing contests on the prelims. Read on for recaps and clips from the big wins by Luiz Gustavo, Yuki Motoya, Kanako Murata, and more!


155: Luiz Gustavo (9-0, #293 World)  KO1  Yusuke Yachi (20-7, #55 World)

Wanderlei Silva promised us violence when his undefeated protege Luiz Gustavo was promoted to the RIZIN 12 main event versus streaking slugger Yusuke Yachi. Wanderlei wasn’t kidding, as Gustavo literally leapt across the ring swinging wild hooks and launching jump knees with reckless abandon. Several of those bombs landed against Yachi, who fired back gamely for a while before starting to shoot for the takedown as the short fight progressed. Gustavo’s potent offense bloodied Yachi in the first, and a big right hand opened up a nasty cut above the Japanese lightweight’s eye midway through round 2. The doctor cleared Yachi to continue, but moments later he ate another monster right that sent him crashing down to the mat! What a RIZIN debut for Luiz Gustavo, who lived up to the hype and then some against one of the best fighters that Japan has to offer in Yachi.


135: Yuki Motoya (21-5, #66 World)  Sub2  Kazuma Sone (23-16-1, #194 World)

In a fight dubbed the “Kyoji Horiguchi sweepstakes” by announcer Joe Ferraro, Shooto champ Kazuma Sone outpaced three time RIZIN vet Yuki Motoya for the first half of the fight with varied offense and timely takedowns. Motoya spent most of the first 7 minutes on his back with little offense. Just when it seemed like Motoya might have met his match, Sone slowed and began to allow Motoya an edge in the grappling exchanges. Motoya worked hard for a guillotine. When that didn’t present itself, the favorite snagged Sone’s back during a scramble and sunk in an RNC that put him out cold late in round 2! That’s exactly the kind of grit and opportunism that Motoya will need if he indeed gets his rematch with Horiguchi, who is the only man to defeat Yuki in the last 5 years.


170: Kiichi Kunimoto (20-7-2, #133 World)  Sub1   Ryuichiro Sumimura (13-7, #110 World)

This grudge match ton paper urned into a one-sided grappling exhibition as UFC vet Kiichi Kunimoto demolished upstart Ryuichiro Sumimura on the mat. Kunimoto tagged Sumimura with a couple of right hands in the opening seconds before taking the underdog to the mat and never letting him back up. Kunimoto ground away in half-guard for most of the first frame before finally passing to mount with 30 seconds left. With about 10 seconds to go in the first Kunimoto swung to the side for an arm triangle choke, and that was enough time to put Sumimura out cold!


W145: Kaitlin Young (8-9-1, #73 World)  UD3  King Reina Miura (9-2, #26 World)

After spending the past four years focused on Muay Thai and matchmaking for Invicta, Kaitlin Young returned to MMA at RIZIN 12 and looked better than ever against King Reina Miura. The slimmed-down former openweight competitor Reina wanted to get this fight into the clinch, and she managed to score several throws and trips takedowns but could never control Young or do much damage. Most of the fight took place on the feet where Young flicked headkicks and cracked punches that put Miura on rubber legs in round 2. Reina managed to rally late and end the fight in back control, but she was never close to a finish and this was a clear cut decision win for Kaitlin Young. Great return to action for Young, whose grappling and striking looked sharp and showed no signs of ring rust. Meanwhile the once hot prospect King Reina fell short in a second straight RIZIN contest following her loss to Cindy Dandois last December.


145: Mikuru Asakura (7-1, #81 Japan)  KO1  Hatsu Hioki (29-12-2, #307 World)

JMMA legend Hatsu Hioki suffered a quick and brutal fate in his RIZIN debut, as he simply couldn’t match the speed and athleticism of 25 year old striker Mikurua Asakura. Asakura touched Hioki early and even scored a takedown against the once-formidable grappler. Back on the feet, Asakura caught Hioki with a crushing left head kick just as he was ducking for a takedown! Wicked stuff from Mikurua Asakura, who debuted in style and sent the vet to his third straight round 1 KO loss.


265: Roque Martinez (12-3-2, #96 World)  TKO1  Samurai Mark Hunt (11-11, #38 Japan)

Talk about dedication to your idol: 5’9″ former middleweight Kiyoshi Kuwabara not only gained a ton of weight and started fighting at heavyweight, he legally changed has name to Samurai Mark Hunt! Samurai Mark never hit the canvas but he didn’t have much of a chance as the deceptively athletic and slightly larger Roque Martinez beat him down for one wild round. Samurai Mark was more than willing to throw in the pocket, but his punches had a lot less effect than the bombs that the Guam native landed in return. As the Japanese fighter faded, Martinez sealed the deal with a shoe-clad head kick and some nice uppercuts against the ropes that brought the ref rushing in to save Samurai Mark. Martinez is now 2-0 in RIZIN after submitting Jerome La Banner last fall, and undefeated in his last 9 pro fights.


W115: Kanako Murata (8-1, #45 World)  Sub2  Angela Magana (11-10, #75 World)

Angela Magana stole the show during the pre-fight festivities with her bloody samurai outfit, but she had nothing to offer star wrestler Kanako Murata. Murata offered a cornucopia of offense on the feet including a knee to the face and some nice body kicks. Murata did her best work on the mat, naturally, where she assailed Magana from dominant positions and eventually finished the fight with a modified Von Flue choke from mount. That’s four wins in five RIZIN starts for the 25 year old budding strawweight star. Magana remained winless since 2011.


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