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ROAD FC 41 Recap: Hyun-Man Myung and Bruno Miranda Devastate

In the birthplace of the South Korean promotion, ROAD FC 41 commenced on 12 August in Wonju, South Korea at Wonju Gymnasium. The night was filled with a mixture of mostly knockout finishes as well as back and forth decisions.

The main stars that came out to get the job done in devastating fashion were headliner Hyun-Man Myung, Bruno Miranda and Jung-Gyo Park. In addition to these spectacular performances, Dae-Young Jang ended a feud by choking out Hyun-Guen Park and Jake Heun out-struck the bigger Mu-Bae Choi to get the unanimous decision.

Hyun-Man Myung faceplants Chris Barnett

In the main event, Hyun-Man Myung and Chris Barnett were able to run it back after the unfortunate ending to their first meeting. Both guys are deceptively fast for such large beings and they utilized it well to land one strike at a time. A little past the half way point in the first, Barnett tied up Myung and pushed him against the fence. He was able to use under hooks to control and connect sparse punches.

The second frame started off with Myung throwing hard and connecting to the body but Barnett was hit in the family jewels along the fence and halted any momentum he was building. The TKD master swallowed the pain and continued after a few minutes.

When they started back up, they swung with no worries and Barnett was faceplanted with a punch to the back of the ear. Hyun-Man Myung finishes Chris Barnett with no questions being left unanswered in the rematch.

Tomo Maesawa edges Ye-Ji Lee

The high school fighter, Ye-Ji Lee, displayed a much calmer demeanor and her striking looked a lot more crisper compared to Tomo Maesawa. Lee used the jab to keep Maesawa at the end of her punches and followed up with the right hand to open up her adversary’s face. Towards the end of the first round, Maesawa was able to get Lee to the ground and work some light punches.

Maesawa came out in the second round pushing Lee into the fence but the 18 year-old Korean got the trip and was in mount for a moment. The Japanese vet reversed and even had an Americana locked in. However, Lee flipped over and escaped yet Maesawa landed another takedown and dominated the youngster from side control.

It went to the judges after two rounds and Tomo Maesawa got the split decision. She gets back in the winner’s circle after being TKO’d by Satomi Takano at DEEP JEWELS 17 three months ago.

Jake Heun decisions Mu-Bae Choi

Coming into this bout as the smaller individual, Jake Heun still stood face to face with Mu-Bae Choi and landed some decent strikes to start off the first frame. Being the quicker fighter, Heun did a great job sticking and moving to avoid the clinch to the best of his ability. The American’s confidence rose as he kept connecting to the body.

The second round began with Choi in desperation mode while Heun landed at will with all kinds of diverse strikes. Out of nowhere, Choi connects with a huge right hand that collapsed his opponent. He jumped on the back and locked in a choke but Heun was able to survive. The rest of the round had “The Heavy Tank” on top controlling and punching his foe in the face.

The final round was similar to the previous with Heun landing more but not doing much damage as it seemed. Choi kept pushing forward taking shot after shot, getting into the advantageous clinch position a few times yet the Tiger Muay Thai veteran escaped and struck from distance to take it to the judge’s scorecards. Ultimately, Jake Heun got the unanimous decision over the Korean MMA legend Mu-Bae Choi to make a successful debut in Asia.

Bruno “Robusto” Miranda wrecks Won-Bin Ki

Both fighters were very timid at the onset of the first round trying to use feints and gauging their distance. Miranda inched his way closer and rushed in with a lunging left hook to drop the South Korean. He instantly grabbed onto the guillotine but Ki survived and was able to get upright. Still looking wobbly from the left hand, Miranda chased his adversary around the cage landing with precision and power. Ki took a tremendous amount of punishment before the ref stopped the fight due to the accumulation of strikes.

In the end, Miranda becomes an alternate in the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament and gets a chance to hop back in after being upset by Mongolian powerhouse Nandin-Erdene in the first round.

Dae-Young Jang closes the book on Hyun-Geun Park

With no love lost in the rematch, Dae-Young Jang and Hyun-Geun Park rushed to the center of the cage and threw winging punches with some solid kicks mixed in. After some exchanges on the feet and a failed takedown attempt, a short left punch in combination with a kick to the body dropped Park. Jang rushed in with hammers and his foe turtled up so he snatched up the neck and got the tap pretty easily. This ends the controversy that stems from the last fight where he won via split decision and Park was fairly butt hurt over it.

Jung-Gyo Park pounds out Ji-Hoon Kim

Kim came in on 2 days notice and stood his ground until the leg kicks and combinations added up. The youngster threw bombs and traded on the feet but a clean straight punch from Park put him on his rear. The former special forces soldier followed him to the mat and commenced to pound the living daylight out of him before the ref jumped in the save his life. As a result, Park snaps his three fight losing streak and gets back on track.

Credit to Jonnyboy and Jolassanda for the gifs of the event.

Listed below are the complete results of ROAD FC 41.

-Official Results-

Event: ROAD FC 41
Date: Saturday, 12 August, 2017
Place: Wonju Gymnasium, Wonju, South Korea

Openweight Main Event
Hyun-Man Myung defeats Chris Barnett
KO (Punch) of Round 2 at 1:48

Women’s Atomweight Co-Main Event
Tomo Maesawa defeats Ye-Ji Lee
Split Decision (2:0, 1 Draw)

Openweight Match
Jake Heun defeats Mu-Bae Choi
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Lightweight Tournament Reserve Match
Bruno Miranda defeats Won-Bin Ki
TKO (Punches) in Round 1 at 4:36

Bantamweight Match
Dae-Young Jang defeats Hyung-Geun Park
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1 at 2:12

Light Heavyweight Match
Jung-Gyo Park defeats Ji-Hoon Kim
TKO (Punches) in Round 1 at 3:36

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