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ROAD FC 43 Recap and Results: Yui-Chul Nam hammers away, Kil-Woo Lee pulls the upset

ROAD FC 43 went down at Jangchung Arena in Seoul, South Korea on October 28, 2017.

The Interim Middleweight Title was on the line in the headlining bout but it was the least exciting matchup that went down on the night. Former ROAD FC title-holders Yui-Chul Nam and Kil-Woo Lee showed that they still have something left in the gas tank and Seung-Yeon Kim along with Jeong-Yeong Lee reeled off powerful performances that were stopped in the second round.

Young Choi Survives and Wins Title

Young Choi overcame two swollen eyes and an early flurry by Kim to snatch up the title in the main event.

Kim rushed in and clobbered Choi with haymakers and staggered him along the fence at the onset. Choi pulled through and clinched to slow down the pace and got his bearings. He then got double under hooks and pulled Kim down to the canvas but did not do any damage since the rubber guard was used effectively.

The rest of the fight Kim was running on fumes and therefore Choi outlasted him to the final bell. Kim put together some more bursts of energy and hurt his adversary yet Choi had his moments and the end of the third round when he had the back working for the choke was the highlight.

It was a sloppy affair and makes you wonder what these two were doing fighting for a title in the first place, let alone, headlining an event. Yet someone had to win and with the 10 point deduction for missing weight by Kim, the decision was definitely in his hands.

Kil-Woo Lee Stifles Mikuru Asakura

Although Kil-Woo Lee came into this matchup with all the cards stacked against him, he used an intelligent strategy and outlasted the younger and more skilled striker Mikuru Asakura to give him the taste of defeat.

To start, both are leaping around trying to gauge distance and Lee landed first with a leaping right hook while Asakura was circling away. Then, the South Korean pancaked his foe with the same punches and swarmed. Asakura was in survival mode while Lee was pounding away. Lee shifted to mount and took the back for a brief moment even attempting a rear-naked choke. However, Asakura got out and they stood and exchanged until the bell rang.

The second and third had the same theme with Lee either attempting or finishing a takedown. On a few tries, he passed the guard but Asakura escaped and got back to his feet.

Lee makes a successful return at a weight class above his original which is very impressive. He gives Asakura his first professional loss and proves that he still has what it takes to compete.

Yui-Chul Nam Is Not Finished

Nam was very tentative to begin the fight but gained some comfort when the scrambles got cracking. After a low blow by Nam, Jung rushed in with a flying teep that luckily grazed Nam on the forehead.

They clinched up and when Nam threw a knee Jung grabbed it and pushed Nam all the way across the cage. On impact, Jung bounced flat on his back and Nam jumped on top. Although Jung tried for a kneebar, Nam defended well and rained down hammers to end the fight with authority.

Nam prolongs his career by getting an undisputed win after losing four in a row. It will be interesting to see what is next for this former lightweight champ and UFC veteran in the promotion.

Seung-Yeon Kim Weathers and Whacks

Kim came into this fight with his back against the wall and took some punishment at the start but came through after Merezhko gassed in the second round.

Merezhko came out displaying an array of strikes and landing them more often than not. He threw in some flying knees and had Kim hurt on several occasions throughout the first round. Constant pressure with many flurries had Kim back peddling and fleeing for cover.

During the break, Merezhko was visibly gassed so the second frame was a different story. Even though Kim entered the next round the more beat up fighter, he was fresh enough to reverse the roles and push forward with his combinations. The straight right and left hook repeatedly landed, as a result, Merezhko was dropped along the fence and finished.

“The Keyboard Warrior” literally punches his ticket to become a reserve for the $1 Million Dollar Tournament. However, more important than that, he regains his confidence by earning a hard-fought victory.

Jeung-Yeong Lee Batters Marcio Cesar

It was apparent from the beginning that Cesar could not handle the angles that Lee was throwing his punches and was taking shot after shot without landing anything to counter which lead to the doctor’s stoppage.

Lee started fast with combos and a couple got through that bruised up Cesar quickly. After a few exchanges, Lee rocked Cesar with two right hands that had him on queer street. They went to the mat for a short period and swept each other but nothing was really done as in damage.

At the beginning of the second, Cesar’s left eye was almost swollen shut, his nose was bloodied and his lip was split badly. Although Cesar wanted to push forward and fight, the doctor was called in two times throughout the round and stopped it on his second trip.

“The Korean Tiger” gets back to his winning ways after losing for the first time in his career against Se-Young Kim at ROAD FC 39.

Evgeniy Ryazanov Spins to Victory

This fight was a tale of two rounds with Ryazanov clearly taking the first while Min dominated the second on the ground. But the last-ditch effort by Ryazanov to get out and stand back up won him the fight on the judge’s scorecards.

Most of the first round was uneventful with both fighters just dancing around. However, the last two minutes Ryazanov used a superior striking attack to hurt Min on several occasions. He razzled and dazzled with leg kicks, switch kicks, spinning kicks and a failed axe-kick. Toward the end of the round, Min got him to the ground but nothing came about.

The Russian started the second with a left hook, left head kick combo that dropped Min. Ryazanov rushed in and commenced to pound on Min. His opponent recovered and tried for a few submissions. Oddly, the ref stopped the action and then immediately started it again allowing Min to get back to his feet.

They scrambled around and Min somehow got the back to drag Ryazanov to the mat. He locked up a body triangle and worked for several chokes to no avail. Ryazanov escaped and finished the round on top working offense.

In the end, Ryazanov got the unanimous decision and bounces back after having his 7-fight win streak snapped back in August at ACB 68.

In-Su Hwang Pounds Out Zdenek Polivka

Hwang came in with another knockout on his mind and got it with ease against the young Polivka. Initially, they both landed some solid punches on the feet yet a kick sparked the finish.

While Polivka threw a wild overhand right, Hwang landed a kick to the upper thigh that threw his foe off balance. He spun around and was met with a left land on the ground by up with some hammerfists that had the Russian covered up and nowhere to go.

Hwang stays undefeated and gets his second straight knockout but this time without any controversy.

Won-Jun Choi Dips and Rips

Ho-Jun Lee made his debut and was looking to brawl but Won-Jun Choi did not oblige and showed patience to frustrate and falter his opponent.

Choi kept his distance and used head movement to get out of the way of multiple overhand rights. Eventually, Choi seemed to get his timing right and snuck in a straight right that dropped Lee to the mat. A few more punches and it was all over.

Credit to Jonnyboy and Jolassanda for the incredible gifs and clips from the event.

Listed below are the results for ROAD FC 43 and Young Guns 37.

-Official Results-

Event: ROAD FC 43
Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017
Location: Janchung Arena, Seoul, South Korea

Interim Middleweight Championship Main Event
Young Choi defeats Hoon Kim
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Featherweight Co-Main Event
Kil-Woo Lee defeats Mikuru Asakura
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Lightweight Match
Yui-Chul Nam defeats Doo-Jae Jung
TKO (Punches) at of 2:49 Round 1

$1 Million Lightweight Tournament Reserve Match
Seung-Yeon Kim defeats Alexander Merezko
TKO (Punches) at of 4:20 Round 2

Lightweight Match
Kyeong-Pyo Kim Arman Tsarukyan defeats Kyeong-Pyo Kim
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Featherweight Match
Jeong-Young Lee defeats Marcio Cesar
TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) at 1:44 of Round 2

-Official Results-

Event: Young Guns 37
Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017
Location: Jangchung Arena, Seoul, South Korea

Featherweight Match
Evgeniy Ryazanov defeats Kyeong-Chul Min
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Women’s Strawweight Match
Yun-Ha Hong defeats Yu-Ri Shim
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Flyweight Match
Sung-Jae Kim defeats Won-Hee Jeong
Unanimous Decision (3:0)

Middleweight Match
In-Su Hwang defeats Zdenek Polivka
TKO (Punches) at 2:17 of Round 1

Flyweight Match
Gi-Won Go defeats Dong-Hyeok Ko
Split Decision (2:1)

Heavyweight Match
Won-Jun Choi defeats Ho-Jun Lee
TKO (Punches) at 1:56 of Round 1

Featherweight Match
Tae-Sung Kim defeats Kyung-Min Min
Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:32 of Round 2

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