ROAD FC 47 stars Gabi Garcia & Aorigele

ROAD FC 47: Aorigele, Yvel, Barnett, Oli Thompson Advance in the Openweight Grand Prix; Gabi Garcia Dominates

Beijing, China – The most massive openweight tournament in recent memory produced exactly the kind of spectacle that ROAD FC 47 fans were hoping for, with early finishes in most of the feature bouts and an entertaining showing from wacky Chinese superheavyweight Aorigele in the main event. This ROAD FC 47 event featured an incredibly colorful cast of international characters top-to-bottom ranging from Gilbert Yvel to Gabi Garcia to Kaz Fujita and Sandu Lungu – read on for highlights from ROAD 47’s titanic clashes, including the four openweight tourney quarterfinal bouts.


ROAD FC 47 Openweight Grand Prix #4:

W: Aorigele (7-3, The Chinese Heavyweight Supernova, #177 World)
L: Jae Hoon Kim (0-4)

At the opening bell, charismatic heavyweight Aorigele backed up to the cage and demonstratively called former foe Jae Hoon Kim forward with a one-fingered “come on!” waggle. The South Korean briefly obliged but spent most of the fight circling away. Aorigele taunted his retreating foe by standing still mid-cage, then as soon as Kim echoed the taunt, the 350 pounder charged forward full speed and put his man on the cage for much of the round. Aorigele ended the round swining offense and narrowly missing with a surprisingly smooth head kick try. The Chinese fighter continued to play in round 2 as he plodded forward and threatened Lobov-style standing hammerfists. 90 seconds into the second Aorigele landed his first flush punch of the fight before once more controlling Kim in the clinch.

The “Heavyweight Supernova” was clearly saving his gas tank for round 3 as he exploded forward with a standing knee followed by a powerful high kick that felled Jae Hoon Kim against the cage! Referee Herb Dean gave Kim every chance to recover, but Aorigele kept the pressure on and finished with ground-and-pound! The Beijing crowd went home happy as their larger-than-life Chinese MMA superstar Aorigele completed the ROAD openweight tourney semifinals field.


ROAD FC 47 Openweight Grand Prix #3:

W: Gilbert Yvel (40-16-1, Infamous Ref Puncher, 3-6 Pride, 0-3 UFC, #82 World)
L: Mighty Mo Sialaga (12-6, 3-1 Bellator, #65 World)

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on either of these grizzled veteran heavyweights, both men entered the Road openweight tourney on a good run of form – six straight wins for promotional champ Mighty Mo and three straight wins for the genuinely notorious Gilbert Yvel. Yvel wasted no time ducking under Mo’s first punch and putting the ex-kickboxing champ on the ground. From there Gilbert was simply took good, as he advanced to mount and tapped the 47 year old with an armbar that bent Mo’s arm horribly out of place. Can anyone in this openweight tourney field contend with Yvel’s violent jiu-jitsu game?

ROAD FC 47 Openweight Grand Prix #2:

W: Oli Thompson (18-10, #69 World)
TKO2-Knee to the Ribs
L: Xiaolong Deng (3-5)

UFC and strongman veteran Oli Thompson looked hyped to be competing on such a big stage again, but his enthusiasm nearly got the best of him as charged forward blindly and ended up pinned against the cage seconds in. The partisan Chinese crowd rallied behind Xiaolong Deng as he tagged Thompson with a few decent punches. But before long the Brit powered up and scored a takedown of his own. Deng managed surprisingly well on the ground against his powerful foe, even sweeping to top control at one point in round 2. But the Chinese fighter’s night ended early when Thompson used a Hulk Hogan style powerslam to work straight to side control and blast his enemy with a fight-ending knee to the ribs. Your winner via TKO is the favored British strongman, Oli Thompson.


ROAD FC 47 Openweight Grand Prix #1

W: Chris Barnett (17-6, #215 World)
L: Sandu Lungu (16-5, #169 World)

The first of four bouts in the Road Openweight Grand Prix matched two of the most heftiest competitors in the draw, 5’9″ 275 lb tae kwon do artist Chris “Huggy Bear” Barnett and pelt-wearing behemoth Sandu Lungu from Romania. While neither man wore his trademark costume to the cage – ROAD appears to have some sort of Reebok-esque boring-clothes-required deal – this fight turned out to be as quick and fun as you could have hoped. Barnett slapped away with leg kicks early on, before trying one of the slowest spin kicks I’ve ever seen out of the 31 year old Floridian. Lungu took advantage by charging forward and squashing Barnett down to the mat. A 350 pound back mount from Lungu ensued, but the squat Barnett tripoded up and shook the Romanian off the top! With the ancient Lungu now face-first on the mat, Barnett, who’s put a massive amount of work in to trim down since his 300+ lb days, hopped on to back mount and pounded away until ref Herb Dean halted the bout for a round 1 TKO.


ROAD FC 47 Openweight Grand Prix Alternate Bout:

W: Kazuyuki Fujita (16-14, 0-2 Rizin, 7-4 Pride, broke 8 loss streak)
TKO-Nut Shot
L: Handong Kong (3-6, #17 China)

Yep, you read that result correctly. At the end of an extremely uneventful contest, much of which was spent in the clinch, faded Pride veteran Kaz Fujita drilled Hadong Kong with a solid nut shot. When Kong wasn’t able to continue at the end of what seemed like less than 5 minutes to this admittedly sleep-deprived observer, the bout was mysteriously awarded to Fujita by TKO. That’s one way to help Fujita to his first win in over a decade!

ROAD FC 47 Womens’ Openweight Feature:

W: Gabi Garcia (5-0, brobdingnagian BJJ champ)
Sub1-Mata Leon
L: Veronika Futina (0-1)

After a few moments of striking that saw Gabi Garcia show off incrementally improved hands, the BJJ impresario used her size advantage to plow forward and tractor Veronika Futina to the mat. The Russian hand-to-hand combat champ found herself planted facefirst to the ground as Garcia worked for straight armbars and eventually sunk hooks. At 3:48 of round 1 the inevitable tap came via Mata Leon, awarding Gabi Garcia her fifth pro win in five official decisions – this time against an opponent whom she only outweighed by about 45 pounds.

ROAD FC 47 Undercard Results:


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