ROAD FC 49: Tatsuya Mizuno reigns supreme on a night of veteran stars

Seoul, South Korea – ROAD FC 49 was good to veteran warriors, as Eastern hemisphere stalwarts Kazuyuki Fujita, Mu Bae Choi, and Tatsuya Mizuno turned back the calendar to put on classic performances. Read on for highlight clips and notes from the five main card finishes at ROAD FC 49 – thanks to @Jolassanda for the clips!


185: Tatsuya Mizuno (19-12-1, #168 World)  Sub1  Eun-Su Lee (16-6, #370 World)

DEEP champ Tatsuya Mizuno began his conquest of another top Asian MMA promotion as he rapidly disposed of Eun-Su Lee in his ROAD FC debut. Mizuno, who has finished the likes of Ilir Latifi and Melvin Manhoef, wasted no time shooting for a takedown and dragged the fight down in the first 30 seconds. From there the ONE and M-1 vet never let Lee back in the fight, as he worked to back mount and squeezed an academic round 1 RNC. The 37 year old Tatsuya Mizuno continues to look reinvigorated 12 years into his pro campaign, and he left the cage on a career-best 4 fight win streak.


265: Mu Bae Choi (13-7, #247 World)  Sub1  Anding Ma (2-1, all in ROAD)

“The Heavy Tank of Busan” Mu Bae Choi has been making waves in the eastern MMA scene ever since his Pride debut way back in 2004. Choi entered on a run of three straight losses to ROAD openweight champ Mighty Mo Silaga (twice) and PFL competitor Jake Heun, but the 48 year old served notice that he’s not done yet in this fight with Chinese rookie Anding Ma. Ma toppled over like a decapitated tree as soon as Choi went for a bodylock takedown late in round 2. From there it was easy work for Choi as the 22 year old didn’t have the ground game to prevent mount or to stop the veteran from punching his way to the late round 1 TKO.


265: Kazuyuki Fujita (17-14)  Sub2  Justin Morton (10-4, #6 Japan)

The trio of veteran headliners kicked off with Kazuyuki Fujita’s second straight win after going on an 8 fight bender from 2008-2017. Fujita, 47, lost those fights to quality opponents ranging from legit heavyweights like Alistair Overeem & Blagoy Ivanov to overgrown monsters Baruto & Aorigele. Fujita looked pretty spry early this year against a low-level opponent, and he turned in a solid showing here against Justin Morton. Some vicious knees to the body from “Ol’ Ironhead” set up a big left hand that dropped Morton and led to his round 2 demise via the rarely seen North-South Choke. Fujita has to feel great to be on a two fight winning streak at age 47 after nearly a decade of coming up short!


135: Hae Jin Park (7-0, #257 World)  Sub1  Evgeny Ryazanov (19-14, #25 Russia)

Jiu-jitsu or die! The top prospect on this veteran-focused ROAD FC 49 card, Hae Jin Park took advantage of grappling mistakes from Evgeny Ryazanov to execute a first round RNC finish. Park shot in 90 seconds in and grabbed a bodylock that he used to bully Ryazanov to the ground. The Russian appeared to panic from bottom, as he recklessly gave his back trying to scramble. Park was happy to snatch the neck, and a few seconds later Ryazanov tapped out to give Hae Jin Park his first career submission win.


155: Zhenyue Huang (4-4)  TKO1  Thirayut Khaorat (3-4)

Zhenyue Huang showed power in his hands in this quick fight with Tiger Muay Thai’s Thirayut Khaorat. Khaorat ate a jab that staggered him early and never managed to get back in the fight as Huang pounced and battered him against the cage. Khaorat never went down, but Herb Dean waved the fight off due to unanswered shots.


W115: Ming Shi (2-2)  SD3  Shiho Harada (0-2)


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