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Road to Italian Fighting Championship 1: interview with Francesco Moricca

The MMA and K1 veteran will challenge Eduardo Barreda on February 18th at the Teatro Principe in his hometown Milan

Francesco Moricca (2-1 MMA) is a polyhedric athlete in the panorama of Italian combat sports, ready to accept important challenges both in kickboxing as well ad in Mixed Martial Arts. Because of this, his response could only be enthusiastically positive to the offer of Italian Fighting Championship, a fight at the Teatro Principe in his hometown Milan against Eduardo Barreda.

A few days before his appointment on February 18th, the veteran of K1 and MMA has answered MMA Today’s questions.

MMA Today: The fact that you’ll be fighting at the Teatro Principe, the temple of Italian boxing and MMA in your hometown Milan, is something special to you or you don’t pay too much attention to it?

Francesco Moricca: Surely fighting in my city is a source of responsibility and pride, I hope to repay everything with a good performance!

MT: What do you know about your opponent, Eduardo Barreda? Do you think it’s the right one for your career at this point?

FM: I don’t know much about him, I think that the promoters and managers have chosen a right opponent for my situation, since it’s been a long time since I’ve been in MMA. If they believe it’s right one for me, that’s okay. I just have to give my best.

MT: You should have participated in Thai Boxing Mania 2018, but your match against Giuseppe Mancuso was called off due to an injury. How are you feeling physically? Will you continue to fight in different disciplines other than MMA?

FM: Yes, exactly, I had to give up the match because of an elbow tendinitis. Nothing serious, but I risked having to undertake both fights while affected by this problem. Among other things, during the technical conditioning sessions in the last days, I felt a strong pain while extending my arm, I could not roll it out. So, I gave priority to my city and to an event dedicated to MMA, since it is currently the only road I want to take!

MT: You were one of the protagonists of the first Golden Cage, during which you defeated Jose Yepez in one of the most fun matches of the evening. Are you planning be on the second edition of the event?

FM: I really believe and hope I can participate in it!

MT: In regards to IFC, what do you think of the project as a whole?

FM: I really like the project, I hope and I am convinced it will work. I admire Dandi’s work! I think he’s has helped increase interest in Italy for MMA.

MT: IFC recognizes as its own rankings those produced by MMA Ranking Italia. After beating Barreda, do you think you can immediately get into the top 15 of lightweights or have to make your way with other victories?

FM: I believe that, regardless of how the match goes, the work I am doing is excellent. I’m not really interested in these things, what interests me is personal growth. I believe that, at the end of this season, thanks to Superbia Management, Milanimal and Fitsquare I will be competitive in MMA on an international level! If this doesn’t happen, I will continue to work in order to make it happen. I learned to get slapped around in the figurative and literal sense, I never stopped and until I breath I will never do it.

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