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Road to Italian Fighting Championship 1: interview with Francesco Nuzzi

Wolf Temple's athlete will face Petru Biclea in the main event

Despite his young age, Francesco Nuzzi (4-1 MMA) has already shown that he can take on challenges of a certain importance. He did it in January of last year, when he faced Chengjin Wei in Ningxiang, China. This Sunday he will repeat himself at Italian Fighting Championship 1, during which he will fight against Petru Biclea in the main event of the first show in the history of the promotion.

A few days before the bout scheduled on February 18th, the Wolf Temple’s athlete answered MMA Today’s questions.

MMA Today: You are just 21 years old and you will be part of the main event of the first IFC event. How does this responsibility make you feel?

Francesco Nuzzi: I feel very excited about this great opportunity that was offered to me.

MT: Have you had the chance to attend the match between Petru Biclea and Luca Panzetta at Venator Kingdom 2?

FN: No, unfortunately not.

MT: In regard to IFC, what do you think of the project as a whole? Is its bantamweight belt your short-term goal?

FN: I think it’s a great initiative and it will become one of the most important promotions. For now I focus on this match, then we’ll see.

MT: IFC recognizes as its own rankings those produced by MMA Ranking Italia. Currently you are in ninth place among bantamweights: do you think that, winning against Biclea, you can climb up to the top 5 in this weight class?

FN: I think so.

MT: You fought your fourth pro match in China; how did this experience come about and what memories do you have of it? How much did it help you in your growth path as a fighter and as a person?

FN: The match in China was a great opportunity, which helped me a lot in my growth path as an athlete.

MT: You train at Wolf Temple, a gym located in the heart of Puglia. In one of our interviews, Gianni Melillo talked about a situation that was not exactly excellent in Southern Italy for MMA, both because of the public perception of the phenomenon and the level of structures/coaches. Is Wolf Temple the exception to the rule or the first sign of a trend reversal?

FN: I do not care what he said or what others say, the facts will speak.

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