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Road to Italian Fighting Championship 1: interview with Virgiliu Frasineac

"The Iceman" will be in his second co-main event in a row at the Teatro Principe, his opponent will be Angelo Marchesani

The audience at the Teatro Principe in Milan discovered him at Venator Kingdom 2, seeing him triumph in the co-main event against Marco Saccaro. The same audience will have the opportunity to admire him again at Italian Fighting Championship 1, always in the match before the main fight of the evening, this time against Angelo Marchesani. We are talking about Virgiliu Frasineac (7-1 MMA), one of the most interesting prospects in the Italian scene, with all the right credentials in order to make 2018 his year.

Coming close to Sunday night appointment, “The Iceman” accepted an invitation to converse with MMA Today.

MMA Today: You’re coming back after a great victory at Venator Kingdom 2 against a rising athlete like Marco Saccaro: what memory do you have of that match? Do you think it was the turning point for your career?

Virgiliu Frasineac: I keep a good memory of it, actually I think it was an important step in my career.

MT: A new one-night-only tournament for the allocation of the welter belt has been announced for IFC 3. Do you think that, beating Angelo Marchesani, you will tear up a ticket for such a titled competition? (It was later specified that the one-night-only tournament will involve the bantamweight title, editor’s note)

VF: We are used to evaluate one match at a time, so for now let’s think about Angelo Marchesani. Then we will evaluate the future proposals at the appropriate moment.

MT: Speaking of Marchesani, have you had the opportunity to study it in a particular way? What kind of wrestler did you think?

VF: As usual, I focus on training. I leave the analysis of my opponents to my coach.

MT: About IFC, what do you think of the project as a whole?

VF: It’s an excellent initiative and is presented as one of the top events in Italy. I think it can become a prestigious stage for all our fighters.

MT: IFC recognizes as its own rankings those produced by MMA Ranking Italia. At the time of Venator Kingdom 2, you were in tenth place and you beat Saccaro, ninth. Do you think you can enter the top 5 by the end of 2018?

VF: Honestly, it is not up to me to decide which position to put myself in, I leave it to journalists to do their job.

MT: In several public outings, the strong bond with your coach Luca Cardano often comes up: how did you manage to have such a close relationship?

VF: My coach is like a father to me, I see that there is no other purpose in his work that is not to do me good. There is simply a relationship of mutual respect, trust and reciprocal benefit.

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