Road to Italian Fighting Championship 2: interview with Dez Parker

The British athlete will face Angelo Rubino on March 10th at the PalaDolo in Venice

His great passion for Mixed Martial Arts led him to attend several stages around Europe, from Great Britain to Germany, going through Russia. This Saturday Dez Parker (9-7 MMA) will add another stamp to his fighter passport, agreeing to challenge Angelo Rubino on Italian soil, during Italian Fighting Championship 2.

A few days before the fight at the PalaDolo in Venice, the British athlete has answered MMA Today’s questions.

MMA Today: You’ve accepted this fight on short notice. This is not the first time you’ve done it, since it did happen to you before against Matt Inman in FCC. What persuaded you to repeat on this occasion? Were you already preparing for a match at the time of the call?

Dez Parker: I’m always ready to fight, most of my MMA competitions have been on short notice, it’s no problem for me.

MT: Have you got the chance to study Angelo Rubino’s fights? What kind of a fighter do you think he is?

DP: My opponent looks tough but I’ve fought against some of the best guys around, I’m not too worried.

MT: Before IFC 2, what did you know about Italian MMA and its athletes? At what level are we on the international scene, in your opinion?

DP: I don’t know much about the Italian MMA scene but, if Pietro Menga is anything to go by, the standard will be high. (Menga is a fighter born and raised mainly in Great Britain, ed).

MT: From 2015 onwards, you have had between 4-6 matches a year. Would you try to keep this average even in 2018, maybe with some other visit to Italy?

DP: I probably fight more than I should but I love this sport!

MT: In the last match you had, you faced Roberto Soldic, one of the most interesting European prospects. Do you think he’s ready for the UFC?

DP: Soldic was tough but I made it too easy for him. I had him worked out, I should have given him a much closer fight!

MT: Our final question: where does your nickname come from, “The Arm Collector”?

DP: The Arm Collector…it’s self explanatory, bro. I collect arms! (laughs, ed)

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