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Road to The Golden Cage 2: interview with Danilo Belluardo

After the excellent win at Venator FC 4, "Caterpillar" will fight in the main event against Dragoljub Stanojevic

The overwhelming run of Danilo Belluardo (9-3 MMA), started in the Austrian Cage Fight Series, then going through Praedator and Venator, finds its first ideal finish line this Saturday at The Golden Cage 2. In the event scheduled at PalaSesto, the Milanese fighter will be protagonist of the main event, in which he will face Dragoljub Stanojevic (6-5 MMA) in place of the injured Dominic Schober (6-4 MMA).

2 days before the match, “Caterpillar” answered MMA Today questions.

MMA Today: We saw you in action just a few weeks ago at Venator FC 4, during which you soundly beat Marco Manara. Did the match go exactly as you imagined it or even better?

Danilo Belluardo: It went as I thought, that is with my victory. Many expected a different fight, they thought I would keep it standing knowing that he is a BJJ brown belt, but this doesn’t matter to me. The belt is only useful for holding on the pants and I think I have shown it, keeping him on the ground all the time with my pressure and my ground and pound.

MT: A performance like this would almost certainly give you another chance at Venator FC, probably a title shot. Is it something that attracts your interest or do you see yourself projected towards other places, perhaps on foreign soil, in the future?

DB: My interest is called UFC. If I need to win the Venator title in order to get there, it will be done.

MT: Your match won the contest organized by the promotion to decide what would have been the main event of the evening: has this “success” assumed an important meaning for you?

DB: Yes, for me it’s a great opportunity to fight in the main event and show what I can do. So I thank all those who supported me by voting and making me win this contest.

MT: Your opponent will be the Bosnian Dragoljub Stanojevic instead of the Austrian Dominic Schober. Did the opponent change make you modify something in your preparation? Did you see something of Stanojevic, what did you think?

DB: I train in all aspects of combat, so I am prepared for anyone who has the courage to face me. It means nothing if you call yourself Stankovic, Schuber or Stufinho, I’m always ready!

MT: On Facebook you have published a long post in which he told about your judicial problems and those of your brother, relating them to your path in the MMA. What prompted you to open up in this way and what reactions did you receive from friends and colleagues?

DB: It was simply a moment of outburst, I wanted to share with the people who follow me my experience!

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