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Road to The Golden Cage 2: interview with Manolo Zecchini

The athlete from Venice ready to redeem himself after his first career defeat in a clash with implications for the Italian lightweights top 10

Manolo Zecchini (5-1 MMA), as we all know, is a fan favorite. Whether it’s because of his young age, his physical appearance or his aggressive style in the cage, everyone is always eagerly waiting for Angelo Veneziano’s fights. Therefore, you can imagine the disappointment of his fans after his match against Gert Kocani at Italian Fighting Championship 2 which cost Zecchini the first loss on his record after years of being undefeated.

Having put aside the setback, Manolo is ready to get back into action at The Golden Cage 2 in Sesto San Giovanni, where he will face another young prospect, Francesco Moricca in a potential Fight Of The Night.

A few days before this crossroads fight for his career, we contacted Zecchini to hear his thoughts.

MMA Today: It’s inevitable to start from your defeat against Gert Kocani at IFC 2: can you tell us what the defeat meant for you and what were the emotions you experienced after the result in the cage?

Manolo Zecchini: The defeat at IFC 2 certainly was not pleasant, but it helped me for my growth as an athlete and particularly in my fight IQ. After the match I felt angry, resigned, but after a few days I processed the result and said to myself, “Ok, it is what it is. Let’s move on, it’s not the end. ”

MT: How did you deal with the days following your first defeat as a pro? Who has helped you, in addition to your family, to overcome this difficult moment for a fighter?

MZ: I spent the following days together with my family, my three closest friends, my girlfriend and in the various gyms where I go to train. It was not easy, in fact, actually I was hoping to channel my anger in a fight I was supposed to have, but there were some problems and that fell apart. The issue is not so much overcoming the moment, rather learning as much as possible and as quickly as possible from your mistakes of the past is what matters most. Elaborate the setback to turn it into a positive.

MT: Have you made any changes to your preparation after what happened at IFC 2? In general, how did you structure your training camp?

MZ: Actually I haven’t made any changes in my training or in the way I structure my camp at all.

MT: Your match at The Golden Cage 2 against Francesco Moricca is one of the most anticipated by the fans of the Italian scene. What do you know about your opponent? Should we expect a stand-up war between you two?

MZ: When I was offered the match at The Golden Cage 2 against Moricca, I accepted it willingly because I thought it could be a good fight for me. I won’t make any prediction, every match is different, I can’t say what’s going to happen, we will only see it in the cage. The fans are expecting a stand-up war, but I’m not sure, I know that my opponent is mainly a striker but who knows if he has something in store for me. And who knows if I have something in store for him. We will have to find out on fight night.

MT: Depending on the result of this match, how do you think your career will develop in short term? Do you want to continue to compete in Italy or would you like to fight abroad?

MZ: Regardless of how this fight will go, I don’t know how my career will be structured in the future. It always depends on what opportunities I will get and what the future has in store. I will make the best of those chances when they are presented to me.

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