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Road to Venator Fighting Championship 4: interview with Ivan Musardo

The Italo-Swiss athlete in his first defense of the title in a long-awaited rematch

When we think of Italian MMA, one of the very first names that come to mind, if we exclude compatriots who are or have been in the UFC, is Ivan Musardo (25-11-1 MMA, 1-1 Venator).

The Swiss athlete, clearly of Apulian origins, after having conquered the prestigious Cage Warriors lightweight belt in 2011 against a tough Joe Duffy, is the current holder of the weight class belt of the most renowned Italian promotion, Venator Fighting Championship. The gold was won by “The Terrible” at Venator Fight Night, after his opponent Leonardo Zecchi suffered an injury during the third round.

After a year, the two will meet and clash again in the cage set up in the Fabrique of Milan at Venator Fighting Championship 4, in order to finally settle the score.

MMA Today contacted the Venator champion, who did not hesitate to answer all our questions.

MMA Today: At Venator FC 4 you will face Leonardo Zecchi again for the lightweight belt. What persuaded you to accept the rematch? Do you think there was a settle to score between you the two of you?

Ivan Musardo: Surely there is a settle to score. I wanted the rematch strongly, I’m the one who wants to face him again, because the first time didn’t end up as it should have.


MT: You’ve have already got the chance to know your opponent in a cage, what is your relationship with him outside?

IM: I didn’t get to know Zecchi thoroughly outside the cage, but from what I saw he is a simple, respectful and calm guy.

MT: You have recently fought in FNG, a promotion of great prestige at the European level, now you are back in Italy. What should we expect from the future of Ivan Musardo, other matches abroad or a prolonged stay in Italy?

IM: I will certainly fight again abroad and I sincerely hope I’ll be back in Russia. The last fight didn’t go as I wanted because of an injury that took place two weeks before the match, specifically concerning the meniscus. It was bad to face such a strong opponent in those conditions, because if I had been 100% it would have gone quite differently. Obviously I will also fight in Italy to defend the belt again.

MT: You have recently also had a boxing match, will you often engage in other combat sports or was it a hit and run in boxing?

IM: My boxing match was roughly an “official sparring session”. It was a Friday night, I had my sparring session to do on the weekend and we thought of turning it into a public meeting. In the future I think I will compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and in wrestling, instead of taking on boxing or kickboxing fights.

MT: Daniel Weichel, whom you have faced in the past, will be in the main event of the show that Bellator will hold in Rome. What memories do you have of that match and your opponent? Would you like to face him again?

IM: I remember that we were both in good shape, I had trained a lot in boxing and I had every intention of knocking him out. In the first round I caught him with a good left hook, so that I saw his eyes roll over, then he was good at closing the distance and to take me to the ground, thus winning by decision. It’s a fight that “itches me”, I would have liked a lot a rematch against Daniel Weichel. In Rome I think he will have a lot of trouble against Patricio Pitbull, because he is in a crazy shape.

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