Road to Venator Fighting Championship 4: interview with Matteo Minonzio

One of the pioneers of Italian MMA will return to the cage in Venator to face Giuseppe Ruotolo

Venator Fighting Championship 4 will be a night of comebacks. Among these, one can include that of Matteo Minonzio (21-20 MMA), again in a cage after almost 3 years, for the first time in a Venator one against Giuseppe Ruotolo.

A few days before the fight, MMA Today offers you his words.

MMA Today: You’re coming back to fighting after a while away from the cage: in the meantime you had received some offers or only Venator has come forward with one?

Matteo Minonzio: Before Venator I had received other offers. In some cases I had to give up because of injuries, in others those weren’t satisfactory in terms of money and prestige.

MT: After Franco De Martiis’ forfeit due to injury, Giuseppe Ruotolo has come forward: do you know him well? If so, what kind of a fighter do you think he is from what you saw?

MM: I didn’t know Giuseppe Ruotolo, who proved to be a brave and respectable fighter. It wasn’t easy to find a light heavyweight with a month’s notice.

MT: You are considered one of the pioneers of this sport in Italy, with numerous fights abroad: based on your experience, how do you judge the development of the discipline in our country (athletes, coaches, gyms)?

MM: It seems to me that things are going quite well. We have three fighters in the UFC and at least a couple with good chances to get there. There are several events and some gyms capable of producing high-level athletes.

MT: We have seen that you have trained at the Khalid Fight Team, along with other participants in Venator FC 4 such as Mattia Schiavolin and Pietro Cappelli. How did you find yourself in that environment? Is there any training partner that impressed you in particular?

MM: The Khalid gym is one of the most professional in Italy. There are excellent athletes and good coaches. I believe that soon, some of their fighters, we will see them in the most prestigious events.

MT: After the match against Ruotolo, how many MMA fight do you feel you still have inside yourself? Will you go back to BJJ competitions or do you have other projects in perspective?

MM: After the match with Ruotolo I will return to devote myself mainly to jiu jitsu, if then come some really interesting offer, you will see me in a cage. In the meantime I will devote more and more to my gym, which is giving me great satisfaction.

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