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Road to Venator Fighting Championship 4: interview with Rafael Torres Henrique

After the great win at Praedator FC 4, the Brazilian-born fighter will return to action against Paata Tschapelia

After a prolonged absence from the Italian scenes, Rafael Torres Henrique (10-3-1 MMA) made his return at Praedator Fighting Championship 4, triumphing sharply against Sheval Elezi. At Venator Fighting Championship 4, the Brazilian-born fighter will try to impress the fans once again, facing the Georgian Paata Tschapelia (7-3 MMA).

A few hours before the fight, MMA Today offers you his words.

MMA Today: The first of the 2 “tests”, as you have defined them, at Praedator FC 4 went very well: after some time, how do you evaluate your performance against Sheval Elezi? What did you like in particular, on what do you think you still have to work on?

Rafael Torres Henrique: The fight against Elezi went as planned: I brought him to the ground at the first opportunity and then Jiu Jitsu did the rest. I continued to work on athletic training, the fatigue in the cage is different from any training as hard as you can undertake it.

MT: At Venator FC 4 you will face Paata Tschapelia, a fighter with a good record but recently with two defeats in a row, never submitted in his career. What do you know about him? What kind of a challenge do you expect against him in Milan?

RTH: I don’t think anything about him, I respect his qualities and his record but I concentrate on myself. I know what I have to do, I have trained for this and I will go there to finish the job. The fact that he has never been submitted doesn’t weigh on me, there is always a first time for everyone.

MT: How did you structure your training camp for this fight? We saw you at Stabile Fight Team and Renato Subotic’s Family Fight Team.

RTH: I prepared at the Belluno Fight Academy with my gym mates, always followed by coach Stabile. I was also able to train with Subotic, who has always been very helpful.

MT: In case of victory, do you already have in mind what will be your next moves in the sport or you’ll stay at the window waiting for an opportunity you can’t refuse?

RTH: After the fight we will see what happens, I have nothing planned. I want to understand how I feel in this weight class, it’s the first time I’ve gone down at 145 lbs.

MT: You’ve already fought abroad in the past, do you think and hope you’ll have important opportunities outside Italian borders with a win at Venator?

RTH: Every offer is welcomed. It makes no difference to me where I will fight, until I feel competitive and I will have fun inside the octagon I fight in Italy or anywhere.

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