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Road to Venkon Fight Night 2: interview with Chase Gamble

The American athlete will face Leon Aliu at middleweight on January 21st

So many goals to accomplish in the future of Chase Gamble (4-3 MMA), the athlete who will represent the United States of America in the middleweight fight against Leon Aliu at Venkon Fight Night 2. The fighter from North Carolina outlined them in the following interview granted to MMA Today.

MMA Today: As an amateur as well as a pro, you have alternated several streaks of victories to as many made of losses: what do you owe to your discontinuity of results in the course of your career? You are known to have fallen victim to a frightening slam at the hands of Allen Crowder, how difficult was it to recover from that hard defeat?

Chase Gamble: Without those losses, I would not be where I am right now. I have fought tough opponents and took the fight with Crowder on 8 hr notice, against a guy who has fought in Bellator and the UFC now. I gave him all he could handle until the slam…but it was lights out, nothing I could do about it. After that fight, all of the doors that have opened led me to Italy.

MT: You have fought in different weight classes, including light heavyweight and heavyweight: does middleweight represent your ideal size or do you think you can still have your chances in the other 2 divisions?

CG: I think I will win titles at 185 and 205. I see maybe some fun fights in Japan at heavyweight at some point in my journey, but I believe 185 is my home.

MT: With a success at VFN, in which direction would you want to steer your career?

CG: By winning at Venkon against the tough 5-0 Leon Aliu, I would hope to be back on this show in the future. I am fighting on March 9th against a tough opponent as well.

MT: In your lifetime, you have also experienced the hardness of American football: in your opinion, is this a more dangerous sport than MMA, as the UFC fighter and former linebacker of Alabama Eryk Anders recently said?

CG: There are so many dynamics to the dangers of each sport, that is a hard question. They each have their dangers.

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