Road to Venkon Fight Night 2: interview with Giuseppe Ruotolo

The Italian middleweight is ready to get back into the cage against Cody Jones

Giuseppe Ruotolo (3-4, 1 NC MMA) is ready to get back into the cage eight months after the last time. He will do it in Trezzo sull’Adda at Venkon Fight Night 2. The opponent will be the American Chad Jones, an athlete already very active among the semi-pro circuit. The new team seems to have given the right boost to “Ares”, ready for this new challenge.

A few days before the match “The Italian Hendo” has found some time to answer some of our questions. Here are his words:

MMA Today: Where did you have the training camp in preparation for this match?

Giuseppe Ruotolo: My camp took place between Asti and Turin. I prepared this match with my teammates (my brother Loris, Ismael Foscarini and Giovanni Luciani), great professionals and friends.

MT: Have you got the chance to study Cody Jones? What kind of a fighter did you think he is?

GR: I know that Cody Jones is a very strong opponent in the ground game and that he has finalized many opponents, I know he has a brown belt in BJJ. It will be a good fight.

MT: What does this match represent for your career? In case of victory against the American, which direction would you want to impress on your path in this sport, try to become a big name in Italy or have other experiences abroad?

GR: Fighting at Venkon is an honor for me. I thank Luca Panseri for giving me this great opportunity to represent my country in an event so important and full of big names. This is a very important match for me, doing well would mean having important calls, we’ll see. Surely I will fight tooth and nail .

MT: In the past you denounced a certain difficulty for Italian athletes to get a chance to show their value: do you think the situation has improved recently or do you think it has remained substantially the same?

GR: Yes, a few years ago it was really hard to find the matches because unfortunately, when you’re self-taught, it becomes much more difficult and in order to fight you accept any match, even with very little notice. Then, at the end of 2016, I was lucky enough to get into Legio’s Team Pretorians. My trainer Marco and my manager Romina are putting me in the most important events around and I will always be grateful to them for this, wonderful people and great friends. Thanks to them I regularly participate in Alessio Sakara’s mini camps! An idol for me before I met him, when I saw him only on TV, even more so now that I met him and I saw what a great person he is. In Italy something is moving in recent years and personally things have changed. What I would like to say to the young people who look out on this world is to rely on serious people, real professionals, with a solid base behind them.

MT: In closing, a curiosity: well known databases indicate several nicknames for you, including “Ares”, “The Headhunter” and “The Italian Hendo”. Which is the one you like the most?

GR: My nicknames? So, these have been part of my career from the beginning to today. Ares and The Italian Hendo are those whom I like a lot and the last one, in particular, was given to me by my teammates. For me it is an honor to be called that way (Dan Henderson has always been the best for me). Specifically, it was Giovanni Luciani who attributed it to me (he smiles, ed).

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