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Road to Venkon Fight Night 2: interview with Valeriu Mircea

A month removed from Magnum FC 3, the former Bellator fighter will get back into the cage facing Gregor Weibel

Valeriu Mircea (13-5 MMA) is a fighter who has no fear. Neither inside the cage, where he can lose but not without having given it all, even in the worst physical conditions. Nor outside of it, proving not to be afraid of pulling any punches. For him, words will leave room for action on January 21th, when at Venkon Fight Night 2 he will face the Swiss Gregor Weibel.

Coming into the second fight in two months, with his next bout already set in March, the athlete of Moldovan origins has spoken to MMA Today.

MMA Today: How are you from the physical standpoint? It is not the first time that you have a new fight a month away from the previous one, the next one will be your 19th match in less than 3 years. What is the secret to maintaining such a high pace?

Valeriu Mircea: I feel physically fine, the secret is to keep yourself always fit and maintain the right training regimen.

MT: Did you see Gregor Weibel in action? What did you think?

VM: Yes, I have watched some of his fights, I can say that I’ve had much stronger opponents than him.

MT: You are still very young, nevertheless you are already one of the best lightweights in Italy. What are your goals for 2018? In your post on Facebook to comment on the last match in Magnum, you wrote that you are “thinking” of a change in weight classes.

VM: I aim to win as much as possibile in the new year, in order to get myself much more known. I’m considering a weight class change, I’m thinking of trying to have a match at 66 kg in 2018. If everything works out for the best, I’ll complete said change.

MT: Speaking of Magnum, what didn’t work in the fight against Ibragim Kantaev? You surely didn’t like the result, had your performance satisfy you anyway or did you want to do better?

VM: Nothing to say about it, he was a very good opponent, a Daghestani fighting out of a very famous gym in Russia. I was coming back from a 7-month period of inactivity because of a well-known broken right metacarpus injury, I could’ve done more.

MT: Magnum FC 4 is upon us, would you be interested in taking part in it if you’re feeling good physically speaking? Or do you think that, after these last months of great activity, it is good to take a break?

VM: I already have an opponent for the March 3rd event: I’ll fight against the French Teddy Violet, not bad of a combatant. No pause for me, I am a fighter, as long as I have the strength I will carry on.

MT: In your appearances in Bellator, you always did well, both in defeat (against up-and-coming Goiti Yamauchi, whom you put in trouble during the match) as well as in victory (feeble success against Djamil Chan). Still, your experience in the second American promotion seems to have already ended, apparently for contrasts with Fight1 and Carlo De Blasi, very hard on you in public statements. What is your version of what happened?

VM: I have all the respect for Goiti Yamauchi. After our fight, he approached me and told me he had never met an opponent like me; he told me that he was never put in trouble as I was able to do, then with a stroke of luck he later finalized me with a triangle choke. Instead, against Djamil Chan, another very strong opponent, for my misfortune or I do not know how to call it, I’ve broken the metacarpus during the first round. Nevertheless, I continued to fight for the remaining 10 minutes as if nothing had happened, to prove to someone what kind of athlete he lost… Carlo Di Blasi is out to ruin athletes, instead of helping them grow he damages them for 100€. With him it works like this: if you are up to his rules, everything is fine, otherwise he tries to close all the roads. In my case, he could not get me to sign a shit management contract, which he had proposed to me for 5 years. I sent them to hell and what did he do? He threw out the only athlete who could do something. I’ll be back in Bellator even without Di Blasi, you’ll see.

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