RUF MMA 27 Results & Clips: Joel Champion annihilates LFA contender Matthew Frincu, Ed West rolls

Tucson, Arizona – A new welterweight contender announced himself to the MMA world in the main event of RUF MMA 27, as Tucson’s Joel Champion annihilated LFA contender Matthew Frincu with a massive right hand in front of his hometown crowd. Frincu appeared to be in control at striking range after effectively defending Champion’s early takedowns, but he got too comfortable standing in front of his foe and ate a massive bomb that knocked the Aussie cold for a few minutes. What a huge win for Joel Champion (5-1), who will burst into the next set of world rankings after taking out his highly-regarded foe in short order. Meanwhile, Matthew Frincu (13-4, #184 World) suffered the indignity of missing weight by 11 pounds and then took it on the chin to end a brief two fight winning run.


RUF MMA 27 140 Pound Title Bout:

Ed West (24-10, #411 World)

Submission – Armbar, Round 1

Daniel Soto (4-3, #43 Mexico)

Former Bellator contender Ed West took this fight to the ground within the first 5 seconds and had absolutely no problem cutting through Daniel Soto on the mat. West took the back with ease, switched to an arm triangle, and then expertly sunk in a fight-ending armbar when Soto defended. Pure dominance from 34 year old Ed West, who has now run through six straight regional opponents with ease since his last big show appearance at WSOF 19 three years ago.



RUF 27 MMA Pro Undercard:


135: Arturo Guzman (2-2)  KO1  Ralph Pacheco (0-2)

After a few minutes of technical kickboxing, Arturo Guzman suddenly landed a bomb of a right hand that brought this one to a screeching halt by round 1 KO:


135: Rafael Montini (5-2, #16 Arizona)  Sub1-Arm Triangle   Jesus Orta (0-7)

One-handed Texan Jesus Orta looked to be on the verge of a shocking upset when he dropped onetime LFA fighter Rafael Montini with a perfect spinning backfist in round 1. Montini reversed position as soon as Orta jumped on top looking for the finish, and it wasn’t long before he sunk in an arm triangle choke for his 3rd career submission.


Check out the RUF MMA 27 Main Card here


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