Sebastian Kotwica talks about his career and upcoming fight at Thunderstrike League on June 16

I spoke with standout Polish fighter Sebastian Kotwica. He is fighting on June 16 for Thunderstrike Fight League against Marlon Sandro.


Where are you from?

I come from Poland, from a small town called Krasnik.


How did you get started in MMA?

After many years in freestyle wrestling, I decided to try in MMA. It always inspires me because I knew that wrestling is so important in Mixed Martial Arts.

Are you a full-time fighter?

Yes, now I am full-time fighter. I devoted myself to this in 100%. It’s necessary if you want to improve all the time and be the best in the world.


You have great wrestling, is that your foundation and when did you start training wrestling?

Yes, I started wrestling in 2001 when I was 10. I trained in this sport for 12 years. So I have trained MMA for only 4 years 😉


You are training at JacksonWink for this camp, when did you start training there and how did you end up there?

My first camp in JacksonWink MMA was in May 2016. We found a contact here and they help with all details. I am happy that I can train here and represent JW Academy. It was a good move for my career.


Do you plan on moving their full time?

I want to prepare here for all my fights and spend in JW more time but it depends how purse I will get from my fights and sponsors.


There is a proud history of Polish fighters, do you take pride in how Poland fighters have represented themselves around the world and do you think you are the next Polish MMA star?

Yes, I am proud of Polish fighters in UFC. They inspire me but I know for sure that I am the future star and will do everything to prove that in my fights.


Tell me about your upcoming fight, where is it? Which organization and who is your opponent?

My next fight will be for the title in TFL – of the Polish federation. It will be my first belt in MMA and event will take place in my hometown so I’m very excited for that. I wait for my opponent. Promotors said that he will be UFC veteran or some big prospect like me.


After the bout, where do you see your career going? Is the goal to fight in the UFC or does that not matter to you?

Of course, I want to fight with the best fighters so my main goal is UFC. I know I am ready for them. My coaches in JW knows that. But if I need to win some more fights, get some more belts, I will do this. Its only matter of time. I see it. It’s my vision. Step by step it will come true.


What are your career goals?

My goal is to proudly represent myself, my team and my country in all fights and finally take UFC belt in 145 lbs division.


Any message to the fans, opponent or in general?

Kotwica in translate means Anchor. Remember this name because you will hear them a lot in future. It’s only the beginning.


Where can we find you on social media?


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