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Shooto Brasil 83: Geraldo de Freitas Owns His First Title Defense, Plus Plenty of Clip-Worthy Finishes!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – In the main event of a Shooto Brasil 83 card that was marked by competitive fights and killer finishes, reigning Shooto Brasil bantamweight champ Geraldo de Freitas (11-4, #99 World) had no problems securing a first title defense against previously undefeated Nova Uniao talent Rafael Apocalipse (4-1). Apocalipse wasn’t ready for his opponent’s quick hands, which found the mark early, and once the 26 year old de Freitas worked to the mat it wasn’t long before he secured the round 1 submission via Mata Leon (RNC). The Rio Fighters ace has now won six straight fights since an unspectacular start to his pro career, including decisions over solid regional bantamweights Luciano Benicio and Zeilton Rodrigues. Post-fight, Gerlado de Freitas asked “UFC, what do I need to do?” – if this performance wasn’t enough to get a call-up, more of the same should do the trick before long!


Thanks to South American MMA guru @Barrelelapierna for his assistance, and thanks to @Grabaka_Hitman and @Jolassanda for the clips!


Shooto Brasil 83 Co-Main Event, Middleweight:

W: Hernani Perpétuo (19-6, 0-2 UFC, #419 World)
TKO-Round 1, <30 seconds left
L: Raimundo Reginaldo (1-2)

UFC veteran and Nova Uniao mainstay Hernani Perpetuo was the one who earned the cheers of the crowd on his way to the cage, and on paper he was the huge favorite in a bout that bordered on matchmaking negligence. Yet Raimundo Reginaldo stole the fans’ attention and proclaimed his winning intentions early on with a huge slam. Reginaldo couldn’t keep his man down, and back on the feet it was immediately clear that Perpetuo was the faster pugilist and harder puncher. Hernani swung wildly for the finish in the opening minutes, but as round 1 wore on he staretd to pace himself and measure his shots a bit better. The novice pro Reginaldo was game but totally worn out by the end of the first four minutes. Once his enemy wore down, Perpetuo backed Reginaldo against the cage and flurried with body shots that left him diving-and-whiffing on a desperation single leg. A few more ground shots was all it took for Hernani Perpetuo to earn the TKO stoppage with moments left in round 1. Perpetuo advanced to 2-1 since his UFC run, with the single loss coming to high-level opposition across the world in Russia.

Shooto Brasil 83 Featherweight Feature:

W: Werlleson Martines (10-3, #65 Brazil)
Split Decision
L: Aleandro Caetano (15-3, #171 World BW)

145: This fight nearly ended in the opening seconds when Aleandro Caetano (15-3, #171 World BW) landed a lethal over-the-shoulder Wonderboy-style right head kick seconds in. Werlleson Martins (10-3, #65 Brazil) was dazed but kept composed on the mat, and he threatened well enough with an armbar to survive and get back into the contest. From there, both men engaged in exciting fisticuffs through an action-packed round 1 that saw both have their chins tested. Martins did some great work with leg kicks late in the first, but found himself on the back foot as Caetano ended the first frame with another high-octane flurry. Round 2 was filled with more wild, crowd pleasing offense like spinning backfists, head kicks, and flying knees. These are two seriously talented featherweights, though both men appeared to whiff on available openings when they got a little bit too eager to deal the big KO punch. Just when round 3 looked like it was going to be more of the same, Martins dropped for a guillotine that briefly looked threatening. Unfortunately for him, grappling range proved to be a better place for Caetano who scored a nice single leg takedown and worked his way to Yellow’s back. Caetano ended the bout in back triangle position, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Werlleson Martins’ striking edge as the latter man walked away with a very close decision win – in a pretty big upset, to boot.

Shooto Brasil 83 Flyweight Feature:

W: Jafel Filho (10-2, #248 World)
Sub1-Mata Leon
L: Weder Aparecido (9-7)

Weder Aparecido showed off some nice striking very early in this contest, but as soon as Nova Uniao’s Jafel Filho got the fight to the mat with a single-leg he proved that his foe was way out of his depth. Filho patiently and inevitably advanced to mount before taming Aparecido via round 1 Mata Leon:

Shooto Brasil 83 Undercard Highlights:

155: In a battle of fighters rocking the “Mineiro” nickname, Portuguese for miner, Nova Uniao’s Felipe Jesus (10-3) showed that he was the craftier and more well-honed fighter on all fronts but Andrey Augusto (3-1-1) kept things tight with superior will and cardio. Jesus ensured that this fight took place wherever he liked for the first 13 minutes as he stuffed Augusto’s takedown tries. Jesus’ left high kick was a strong weapon, especially early on, and he invested in the body throughout the fight. Jesus seemed to have the fight near a finish midway through the second when he capped a flurry with a standing knee to the jaw, and again later in the round when he-flat out dropped Augusto with a left hook. Miners tend to be a tough bunch, and these two lived up to that stereotype as they kept things entertaining and offense-oriented. With a couple of minutes to go, Jesus gassed out a bit, which gave Augusto the chance to try to score the miracle comeback win. Although Augusto ended the fight in top position, the finish wouldn’t come and Felipe Jesus was awarded the split decision win at the end of the scheduled fifteen. Great fight – no shame at all here for Andrey Augusto, who took his first loss like a champ by hanging tough with a more experienced and advanced foe.

125: One of several fighters on this show cornered by UFC talent Cowboy Oliveira, Daniel Lacerda (6-0) absolutely demolished with a spinning hook kick/left head kick combination that planted Yarlei Martins (6-4) seconds in. A few follow-up punches put the defenseless Martins out of the fight and earned Lacerda a first round TKO. Keep an eye out on flyweight Daniel Lacerda – if his ground game matches his dancing and striking skills then this guy looks like he could be a future star.

145: Cauata Samuel (5-2) looked tense in the corner prior to his Shooto debut versus Marcos Silva, but as soon as the bell rang the RD Champion team talent showed his class on the feet and in the grappling game. Samuel assumed top position before long, and when Silva swept to top position he immediately cinched in an armbar that forced Silva to tap. Good stuff!

145: Bout #3 of Shooto Brasil 83 started fast, slowed in the middle, then built to a crazy round 3 climax that saw Diego Domingos (3-1) land a crazy KO punch that left weary foe Maikon Ferreira (1-1) splattered on the mat with about 1:20 left in the fight! Cowboy Oliveira protege Ferreira showed off wild-yet-accurate kicks early on before slowing the middle portion of the fight with several minutes of cage control. Domingos was probably down on the scorecards as the third round drained on, but with just under two minutes to go Ferreira totally gassed out and Domingos took advantage with this terrific finish:

155: This slow paced bout saw Milson Castro (2-1) and Junior Luiz (3-3) stand toe to toe and exchange in a Muay Thai match for fifteen technical minutes. Castro was the man moving forward and landing kicks in slightly greater volume, but Luiz landed the biggest punch of the early rounds via crackling counter near the end of the round #1. Both men favored loading up and throwing bombs over working via combinations. In this case, head movement won out and both men safely made it to the final bell showing signs of being in a fight but relatively damaged overall. The judges were impressed with Milson “Barao” Castro’s higher volume approach, as he took home the unanimous decision victory.

135: The opener of Shooto Brasil 83 on Combate was a spirited contest that saw young bantamweights Daniel Hortegas (3-3-1) and Rafael Kamikaze (0-0-1) throw everything they had into a 15 minute war. Roound 2 was particularly exciting, with each man showing off good scrambling ability and taking turns working offense from mount. The fans were impressed but the judges couldn’t pick a winner – the fight result will go down as a draw but this read more like a win for both men.


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