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ACB 88’s Tanner Boser is ‘Looking For Violence’

Sitting at 14-4 and currently on a two fight win streak, Tanner Boser is currently the number three contender in ACB’s heavyweight division. Hailing from Canada, and with ACB being predominantly Russian, “The Bulldozer” is accustomed to bringing the pain. His fight with Chase Gormely (14-7) is sure to be a slug fest.

Growing up, Boser started age of 11. Then in high school, he started watching a bunch of UFC, which was the point where he decided to get into MMA. The guy that got Tanner hooked was “easily Lyoto Machida.

In addition to being the third ranked heavyweight in ACB, Boser is also the former Unified MMA heavyweight champion.

Most of you have probably seen the fight by now, but I haven't posted anything on Instagram yet. So if you're a weirdo who only has Instagram; here it is. I won by KO in round 2 against a blue collar beauty in Dave Cryer. It was a good fight. Having my coach Jeff Montemurro there in my corner made a huge difference for me in this fight and I'm thankful he was able to take time off work to corner me and that his wife let him leave for a few days. Thanks guys. @monkemurro You too @patpyt lol #ACB #ACB72 #MMA #heavyweights #montreal #Edmonton #yeg #BlueCollar @thinkwerx @knorthcreativeco @dangercats69 #genmecacl #Rockwell #tanlanenterprises #bonnyvillewaterconditioning #tapsforeffectsgames @frankleesgym @hayabusa_tc @little_sweatshop

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The Bulldozer gives credit to his success in ACB to his title reign in Unified MMA. “My last several fights in Unified were all against pretty tough guys. They were good about bringing me good title challengers. Joey Yager, Tony Lopez, the late Tim Hague. Those guys were all and tough challengers. But ACB has been a step up for sure. We got real world class guys in there. I don’t think, necessarily, it’s taking getting used to, although I lost my first two fights in ACB. One was a split decision. A lot of people think I won that, myself included. The other was a short notice fight against [Denis] Smoldarev, and that guy’s a giant. So there’s probably a bit of talent differential of who I was fighting and who I am fighting now but I was prepared for it and I found my stride.”

“Training my ass off…”

Boser is no foe of hard work. In preparation for his upcoming fight Chase Gormley, Boser is “training my ass off like normal.” And although Boser’s ranking is so high, he is still realistic in his goals. “I still think there are people in front of me that deserve a shot more. If I do emerge with a win in this fight, which I expect a tough and grueling fight, [Chase] Gormley is super tough.”

“If I’m relatively injury free, I would like to fight Frank Mir in August. I’m not allowed to call out Frank Mir though, man. He can tell me to ‘Fuck off’ if he wanted to. It’d just be a dream come true. I grew up watching Mir. He was one of my favorite fighters to watch. It would be an honor to share the cage with him and it would make my career. That’s why I want to fight Frank Mir. It’s purely out of respect.”

During his stint at ACB, after his two back to back losses, Boser said he learned a lot. “I definitely didn’t want to lose three in a row. I would have been cut if I lost three in a row. Even though I lost those fights, I was still getting better in between, before and after each fight. I’m still getting better at everything.”

As for his future, The Bulldozer is happy where he is. “I have one more fight after this on my ACB contract, barring anything terrible this fight or the one after that, they’ll resign me. I’m looking forward to resigning with ACB, I love the way they treat me and I get to fight all over the world. I tried to get into the UFC before I signed with ACB and they weren’t having it so, that’s fine. They don’t want me? Cool. I like being in ACB and I plan to stay with ACB.”

Boser’s next fight is this weekend at ACB 88. Be sure to check him out on Twitter and Instagram.


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