Team Oyama’s Blake Bilder looks for another first round finish at CXF 13

On July 6, Blake Bilder will make his return to the cage. Bilder made a statement in his pro debut when he submitted his opponent, Matthew Gomez by inverted triangle in under a minute and a half.  The Team Oyama fighter had waited for his pro debut for some time and was pleased with how it went.

In case you missed it here you go!!!! It will be up on UFC Fight Pass in a month and MavTV in 6 weeks! . . . . . Gauge distance, throw a long range strike, see how they react…. Drops his right hand a little ✔ He pulls his right hand back to load up… lead kick to the dome using my legs as a long range attack ✔ Grabs a guillotine, but doesn't have positioning right so I land an easy double leg and put him flat on his back to immobilize him ✔ I recognize he's gonna walk the cage… I trap his left arm by pinning my elbow to my body, then my left elbow to his hip to stop his sweep attempt ✔ I see an opening for a crucifix or inverted triangle and choose triangle figuring if he got loose I could slide into a crucifix and finish him with elbows ✔ Grab around his body… This simultaneously takes away oxygen as well as stretches his body out, then I push his hips the opposite direction his bodies facing to immobilize the spine paralyzing his movement ✔ Turn back to hit a wide open face with a hammer fist and I feel the tap ✔ Video Credit: 🎬🎥 @bennyandthejets_2 ⚡ I've seen many lucky knock outs, but I've never seen a lucky submission ⚡ #cool #calm #calculated #jiujitsu #mma #breakdown #daydonttinklikewetink #grind #blessed #pro #debut #thebeginning #cali #submission #inverted #triangle #jits #fight #boxing #muaythai #hands #TeamBilder

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“Just reliving it for that second, it’s just a huge breath of fresh air. There’s a lot of pressure, we’re in the fight game to win. I was brought out here from Minnesota by my manager and placed here and put in this camp to win and succeed and do well. There was pressure there but also pressure by myself to win and do well. Not just win but to win by devastating fashion.”

After watching WWF and many fighters before him, winning his professional debut meant a lot to Bilder.

“I had seen it for myself many times as a kid and being able to be an adult and make that kind of vision and dream/fantasy a reality, it meant the world to me. It was an amazing, amazing feeling. I actually strained my vocal chords when I was screaming on top of the cage at the end. It took me like three or four days (to get his voice back). (it was) well worth it, very well worth it.”

Bilder will now face Julian Baez at CXF 13, Heavy Hitters on July 6. They were initially supposed to fight on May 19th for Celtic Gladiator but due to an illness, Baez wasn’t cleared to fight. Now they meet and Bilder still likes the matchup.

“I feel I’ll adapt to his style right away. If he wants to stand I’ll stand with him, if it goes to the ground I feel confident in my ability to get the job done quick and efficiently on the ground. I feel very, very confident in this fight.”

As for how it will end, Bilder feels it will end similarly to his pro debut.

“I see another first-round finish. I see him over committing with a shot on top. Me either catching him and it going it to the ground and cleaning it up there. Or imposing my will on the ground and keeping the top pressure and just striking till something opens up, if I don’t finish him with strikes. Anywhere it goes I feel really confident.”

Blake Bilder trains at Team Oyama and for this fight, he is working with many of his team’s elite fighters. At He regularly trains with UFC and LFA veterans such as: Christian Aguilar, Marlon “Chito” Vera, Fernando Padilla and Alex Perez.

But as Bilder discussed before his pro debut, his goals still remain to inspire others to do well in their lives.

“For me, I have to give all glory to God and let everybody know that my mission is bigger than myself and that I do this for a multitude of reasons. And want to give back and show others that you can start from a bad situation, get yourself on the right path and keep building yourself up on good decisions and a burning desire for what you want to do. With that mentality, it’s almost a given for you to succeed in anything you want to do.”


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