Three Prospect to Sign for UFC Czech Republic

On November 22ns in was announced the UFC is coming to Prague, Czech Republic on February 23rd in the O2 Arena. With a few good prospects out of Czech Republic, I will give three who could make the jump to the UFC

Light-heavyweight, Jiri Prochazka (22-3-1)

When you hear about Czech Republic fighters, most will thank of Jiri Prochazka. Jiri is an experienced fighter who has fought very good competition and is only 26-years-old. Jiri is currently with the Rizin promotion but with a good offer from the UFC, he could sign with them. At 6’4″ he is a massive fighter and he uses it to his advantage using leg kicks and knees at various ranges. Prochazka is a very dangerous fighter, finishing 20 of his 22 wins with only one going out of the first. He is really good at putting pressure on his opponents with a lot of volume, and really putting his kicks and punches together fluidly. Being such a dangerous striker, Prochazka is extremely athletic as he loves to launch himself in the air with flying knees. He is arguably the best light-heavyweight prospect world-wide.

Flyweight, David Dvorak (14-3)

With the UFC closing out the flyweight division early 2019 you won’t see many flyweights signed by the UFC unless they move up to bantamweight. Dvorak hasn’t fought at 135 but has fought at a catchweight of 130 so I don’t think he would be too small for 135. Dvorak has been dominating the last couple year as he is currently on a ten-fight win streak. On the feet, he’s dangerous at the range with the angles he cuts is always using a large arsenal offense attack with the teep kick being highlighted. He does a great job keeping range with his kicks and footwork but he also cuts his opponents off and explodes in when need be. In the clinch, he is lethal with his knees and elbows. He hasn’t shown much wrestling but has shown solid takedown defense and is a threat if he ends up on top where he has fight stopping ground and pound.

Heavyweight, Michal Martinek (7-0)

Martinek is a nice prospect out of Czech Republic who is still very young at 26 but is still very green. Martinek is a heavyweight though and the UFC needs heavyweights and being young with an undefeated record may get the UFC’s attention. He doesn’t throw a lot of output nor is he too aggressive. He’s not much on the feet as he has a knockout victory but he throws a lot of single strikes and holds his hands low. “Blackbeard” is a good wrestler who is physically strong who is at home on the mat. He’s really heavy on top and moves well as he finds dominant positions pretty easily to unleash ground and pound. It wouldn’t hurt at all for Martinek to get more experience first outside the UFC but he could develop with the right opponents.

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